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A quick overview on all public artworks in the area. Detailed background information on the artist, the story, and it's location. Like and collect street art to plan your next trip through the city. Thousands artworks live in a hundred cities and countries. This is the team that creates the most comprehensive Street Art Collection known to mankind.

Sanne Gijsbers Co-founder streetartheerlen. Tim Marschang Community manager streetartantwerp. Thomas Schoffelen Lead developer tschoffelen. Ana Ramalho Legal advisor. The safest, and most tourist friendly hillside neighborhoods include Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepcion. The art here stands out as different because of how modern many of the pieces are. There are so much amazing street art found around Sao Paulo.

Street art and graffiti from around the world

There are many sights to see in Paris, and street art is definitely one of them. With so much variety, each piece speaks a new message about life while whispering secrets of the city. In the s and s the street art throughout Melbourne took off in popularity. The youth responsible for the original graffiti revolution were largely influenced by the graffiti found in New York. You can find street art all over Berlin. Mentalgassi is one of the street art groups responsible for the unique art all over the city;. Cape Town, South Africa.

Street art is a regular form of expression throughout Cape Town, where some of the most highly detailed, and layered works of graffiti art exist on display. The murals and urban art they have created speak volumes, revealing another world tourists would never get to dive into otherwise.

Artists, activist, writers, and people passionate about politicos all use graffiti art to spread their message in Bethlehem. A number of talented street artists are responsible for the diverse street art found throughout Bristol. The UK artist creates surreal, storybook-style imagery, working solely in monochrome.

Street Art

Each piece of street art forms part of a grand narrative that extends worldwide, from Canada to Australia. MrDheo has no formal artistic training, and it's this that he believes has helped him to develop his own techniques and evolve without direct influences. The Portuguese artist's bold, graphic style lends itself to graffiti art; the bigger the better.

MrDheo's street art appears in over 30 international cities, and he has collaborated with a number of major brands and companies. Everything from my early years of graffiti and street-level art, to my more recent abstract murals. Indoor and outdoor, I've got you covered.

The 26 Best Cities In The World To See Street Art

This impressive piece of street art was created to mark the opening of the Urban Nation contemporary art museum in Berlin. It's the work of visual artist Mademoiselle Maurice, and features a flock of 3D birds brought to life in metal origami.

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Herbert Baglione is a Brazilian street artist. One particularly striking project, entitled Shadows, saw him add his stamp to an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Parma, Italy. Balione created eerie shadows across the floors, walls and doors of the building, often interacting with abandoned wheelchairs for extra creepiness. Page 1 of 3: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. This work in New York's lower east side translates to 'Love thy neighbour'.

Discover the history, location and creators of street art.

This colourful David is painted directly onto the marble in an Italian quarry. Upon the Sighting of New Rendering charts Mobstr's ongoing battle with the authorities. Artist Mario Celedon's intricate paintings can be seen all over the city of Valparaiso.