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For over 15 years, our vision has driven everything that we do here at Rocket Languages. Through surveying language learners from around the world, as well as drawing on our own experiences, we have identified the 6 most common barriers that prevent people from fulfilling their dream of learning Spanish.

The Rocket Spanish system is developed to overcome these challenges. You want to learn Spanish at your own pace without adding rigorous classes to your already busy schedule.

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Each of the thousands of Spanish words and phrases in Rocket Spanish comes with our voice recognition tool, Rocket Record. Check it out for yourself! Many people have a deep fear that they will embarrass themselves when they start speaking a new language. After all, no one likes to be laughed at, particularly in a foreign country.

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However, people who have mastered another language swear by a key strategy: If you often toss and turn, worrying about opening your mouth and having the wrong words come out, then you never have to worry again! During these introductory sessions students will have the opportunity to learn more about the services offered by the Student Office, the Careers Management Center, and the Alumni Association.

What makes a successful business? What tools do managers need in order to be successful? These are some of the questions the first Core Period aims to answer. Almost all classes are conducted through the case methodology, meaning that you will learn by doing. This course allows you to deeply understand he fundamentals of the investment banking industry and the financial markets where it operates. The objective of this course is to introduce you to the concepts, analysis, and activities that comprise marketing management. This course teaches the concepts that enable you to understand the workings of an organization and the behavior of the groups and individuals within it.

This course is an introduction to using statistics to solve business problems.

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You will learn to identify and tackle business problems using quantitative tools and simulators. This course focuses on enabling and transforming roles of IT in creating a long-term vision for the organization in the digital economy. The i2i Consulting Lab is aimed at bringing MIM students closer to companies through practical and hands on projects. The last edition was a consulting project based on the design thinking methodology. Students worked with a company in order to redefine a problem and redesign the customer experience to increase loyalty, satisfaction and profits. This course introduces you to the analysis of the financial structure of business organizations — with the aim to optimize this structure using different financial tools and the most appropriate funding methods.

The objective of this course is to teach you to think critically and creatively. Continuing from Term I, the second part of the course will outline the operation of fiscal and monetary policy and how and why policy decisions are made, to give you the tools to anticipate key policy decisions.

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This course places you in the position of the entrepreneur, you learn to analyze opportunities, evaluate startups and produce complete business plans. This course emphasizes the use of accounting information for internal planning and control purposes, as opposed to the external disclosure focus of financial accounting. Here you will learn about the design of operations and processes for gaining a strategic advantage.

During the second period you will learn more about advanced management techniques in modern business. So far he has refused to hand over his final dissertation, and has stated that he will not resign even if the Supreme Court, which is investigating the case, decides to charge him. English version by Simon Hunter.

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