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Operate the controls of the Gripen simulator. Outdoor dining in the summer. Die Sammlung des Museums ist von Weltklasse. There are mini-adventures for the little ones as well as gyms and relaxation centers for the bigger ones. Our centers attract over 1.

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Croco Island has proved to be a popular adventure for the little ones. A top class relaxation area offering sauna, jacuzzi and massage. Our adventure pool attracts all fun-filled adults and children alike. For fans of all types of cars, there is the Motala Motor Museum.

Find more hints for indoor activities at www. Our centers offer wonderful water worlds - Adventure pools with cool water slides, water chutes, caves, and much more. All centers are unique. Welcome to your Adventure Medley - a unique combination of attractions, activities and relaxation. Price 2 days 3 days Family max.

Contact details can be found on p. During the fifteenth century along came Vad- stena, which still retains clear traces of its medieval past to this day. Vadstena In the Middle Ages pilgrims came to Vadstena from many of the countries of the world. The abbey, or Blue Church, which was built on the orders of Saint Birgitta, was inaugurated in and served as an abbey until the sixteenth century. The church was completed by the beginning of the fourteenth century. Living parish church from the early twelfth century.

Welcome to Vreta Abbey! Few cities can boast such a beautiful historical environment as Vadstena. The mighty abbey of Saint Birgitta, and the best preserved renaissance castle of Scandinavia, dominates the skyline of this charming medieval city. Die Klosterkirche, die sog. Deutsche Handelsleute hatten im Die Kirche war Anfang des The harbour was lively and Swedish, German and other languages could be heard in the alleys.

Östgotaguiden 2011 English/German

Out in St Anna Archipelago, islands with swimming bays and natural harbours, sea eagles and seals await. Stroll from the canal harbour over the cobbled streets into the town.

Astrid Lindgrens Welt

Within easy distance of Stockholm and an excellent alternative to the three tradi- tional urban areas. Today the industrial landscape has become a centre for knowledge companies and the university. Here you can find everything. Hier findet man alles. Large and small, from organic goods to crafts and everything in between. Great shopping for all tastes, with over 60 shops all under one roof. Ample parking, places to eat, and many other retail outlets in the near vicinity, makes this pit-stop more than worthwhile. Irrespective of the weather. Find more at www.

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Inside the glasswork area there are a many different companies that put handicraft, design and experiende in focus. Traditional Swedish dishes as well as two- and three menu courses for the special occasion. Beer garden, fireplace, indoor play area, nursing room, conference- and banqueting rooms. Weitere finden Sie unter www. A city that never slows down, where culture and art claim their rightful place and classic theatrical performances rub elbows with cozy little alternative shows in out-of- the-way places. Sweaty rock clubs and smooth jazz evenings contrast with giant arena concerts and glittering gala events.

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Elegant art galleries and design shops offset spectacular exhibitions and traditional artisan shops. If you want to see the city from its best side, visit www. Here you can find everything from theatre, exhibitions and art to alternative music clubs and graffiti art works. Contact details can be found on page On page 48 you will find information about major events in the region. Die Adressen finden Sie auf Seite That gives our food producers and restaurants fantastic conditions for refining the raw ingredients and creating memorable food experiences. At the same time, they take inspiration from other cultures and countries to provide new ideas on how our local ingredients can be used.

All to create a culinary experience for you. Swedish cheese tradition since And when the moon rises let you sleep tight in a comfortable bed in a rented cottage surrounded by nothing but silence. Sommenbygd Travelling in Sommenbygd is to make your way between stretches of water. In the heart of the district lies Lake Sommen. To the east is the Kinda Canal. Im Herzen des Gebiets liegt der See Sommen. A perfect place for outdoor swimming and activities. Varamobaden beach has water chute, windsurfing, pedal boats, miniature- and adventuregolf, cottages, restaurants, tourist office, hostel, heated pool, camping and kids play area.

Glass tour shopping and food in a genuine industrial environment. Nature, the food, the experiences and the people. Experience it for yourself through some of our suggestions for day trips, which you will find below! Here there is every- thing from medieval history to industrial environments, good food and, perhaps best of all, beautiful water- ways. Die Natur, das Essen, die Erlebnisse und die Menschen. For a conference or a celebration, for a short break or a holiday. Hunting and fishing on a conference, spa and pool on a big city holiday, or just peaceful strolls through the woods.

Or you can contact the tourist office in the relevant municipality. Warum nicht mehrere Dinge kombinieren? Die Adressen finden Sie auf S. Warm and friendly atm osphere! Ring 00 www. Every room has as ensuite bathroom with a shower. Conferences Food reservations Party arrangements Excellent quality, affordable prices, unique setting.

We offer plenty of activities such as canoes, bicycles, barbecue evenings and much more. You just have to decide what you want, then sit down at your computer and book the package, activity or accommodation - any day of the week, any time of the day or night. At our hostels, you get comfortable, affordable accommo- dation with all attractions and activities nearby. Ask our hosts for tips on their favourite places. Perfect starting point for fi shing excursions and kayaking.

In Regna, stay in the village centre among the aromatic plants and herbs. Also, enjoy the concerts in the summer. If you would like to fi nd your own bay or islet, venture out into the Sankt Anna archipelago. The cosy hostel in Vadstena is near the monastery.

Booking and information Fully licensed restaurant Tel: With its 8, islands it is easy to find one you love, whether it is relaxation or activity you are looking for. In addition to boat tours, seal safaris and fishing trips can also be arranged. Start by visiting our archipelago page on our website www.

KARSTIG - Definition and synonyms of karstig in the German dictionary

Should you find that your appetite for Valdemarsvik has been whetted there are plenty of plots of land close to the sea for re- sidential and business use. You can find more information about bathing beaches at www. Stay in a hotel near the sea and eat the delicious locally-produced food, go canoeing or hiking, get a thrill out of the action-packed water sports or unwind on one of the small islands, go on a seal safari out at sea, go mushroom and berry picking in the autumn or walk along the beach and admire the spring flowers in the meadows.

BeauTiful scenery is a luxury that is not afforded to everyone. In Valdemarsvik we are privileged to have the sea, fresh air, icy winters, the challenges of nature and end- less forests. We can go Nordic skating in the winter and sunbathe on the warm rocks in the summer, whilst never being far from shops, restaurants and comfortable accom- modation. The unspoilT scenery is perfect for climate- smart tourism with hiking, kayaking and cy- cling. Whether you want an act ivity holiday or a rest, you can come and enjoy the beautiful landscape on your own terms and at your own pace.

I am so lucky to witness the ever-changing view of this archipelago in a sea which stretches into infinity Development of attractive seaside plots, rebuilding of Storgatan. There are restaurants, bicycle rental and swimming facilities. WhaT are The MusT sees? Motala Verkstad, the Olivehult country estate, and the Borenshult Locks.

Folkrace celebrates its 30th anniversary. Trollegater, one of the largest primary caves in the south of Sweden.

The cinema will reopen later on, as well. The Culture House will be finished during the spring , and we will fill its programme up with lots of exciting events. You can check out the events calendar at www. This event specifically targets young people and families with children. Doch es gibt Feuchtbiotope Diesmal allerdings als Bewacher, als G.

Die herzliche Szene spielt sich in Israel ab. Wohin der so nett schmunzelnde alte Herr und Kahl und karstig wirkt die Hochebene der letzten Strecke zwischen St. Projektbesuch bei Aldridge Minerals: Auf dem Weg zur Produktion in Alpen-Drama wie ein klassischer Der erste Versuch, das Hochplateau in den Berchtesgadener Alpen auf zwei Bei Gerede verlassen wir die Autobahn, die Landschaft wird karstig. Load a random word. Discover all that is hidden in the words on.