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Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! How a folk song became a term of derision. The participle made famous by Elvis. And is one way more correct than the others? The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge! Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time.

Examples of cowl in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Those dark- cowl stories have often been celebrated as a welcome evolutionary super-leap forward. First Known Use of cowl Noun before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a Verb , in the meaning defined above. Learn More about cowl. Resources for cowl Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Dictionary Entries near cowl cowitch cow keeper cow killer cowl Cowl cowle cowled seal.

Time Traveler for cowl The first known use of cowl was before the 12th century See more words from the same century. More Definitions for cowl. English Language Learners Definition of cowl. Kids Definition of cowl. Zorro 's first appearance in makes him one of the longest-running examples of this trope. He is thought of as much more of a swashbuckler, especially in the Disney series, but in the original novels he was much more The Cowl , especially to his opponents. A black-clad night-prowling outlaw with the boldness and skill to carve his initial into the property and, occasionally, persons of his opponents tended to inspire a certain amount of uneasiness.

The influence which Zorro had on the Batman franchise is often homaged: The Opera Ghost in Terry Pratchett 's Maskerade , while mostly a parody of, well, exactly who you'd expect , has a brief scene where he takes down a gang of muggers in a very Cowl-esque way. Boasts that he can beat pretty much any super-powered hero or villain, and many agree that he can. The novel claims that he's on the autism spectrum, which is why he's so meticulous, but he seems to be far too socially adjusted for that. Though a villainous example, the appropriately-named Cowl in The Dresden Files believes he is one of these.

Too bad, he's also the big bad Dr Shade in Kim Newman 's fiction. A British Captain Ersatz of The Shadow , he's so mysterious that the closest he's come to appearing in a story is as a spirit based on a fictional character in "The Original Doctor Shade". In settings where he's real such as the Diogenes Club series Stealth from Ex-Heroes is am Expy of Batman.

Barry Reese's new pulp hero The Rook is one of these. Anita and Edward from Anita Blake can make all minor and most moderate supernaturals shit bricks by simple introduction. Well, they have probably the highest body count of all kill He inherited his magical cloak from a more traditional one called the Nightwalker. Hood o'the Marsh is a Steampunk Cowl-persona from the Jackelian Series , passed on over the generations with a brace of magical pistols.

Angel in early episodes of Buffy and his own series.

At least in spirit since his wardrobe is more of a Badass Longcoat Subverted in the final season, when he becomes CEO of Wolfram and Hart, and they tried to turn this sort of heroism into photo opportunities. He didn't try again. Subverted on other occasions as well. At one point, he leapt heroically into the wrong car. Ironically , The Cape. After being trained by carnies to use the titular cape and other magician tricks, he is forced to stay in the shadows and mostly comes out at night. Meanwhile, the Big Bad is one of the most respected and powerful men in the city.

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In fact, when another villain tried to out him in the middle of a high society event, they just laughed at him it didn't help that said villain looked and sounded like Vinnie Jones. Unlike Green Arrow, who was a recurring character before becoming a main character, she only appeared in one episode. Green Arrow in Arrow , to a much greater extent than his portrayal in Smallville ; this is more notable during crossovers with The Flash.

However, this appears to be changing with Arrow changing his costume slightly and adding "Green" to his name, after rejecting League of Assassins membership. John Reese of Person of Interest fulfills this role, at least from the perspective of those he rescues. In actuality, he receives the social security number of a person about to be involved in a violent crime, and so it is a bit more premeditated than it appears. Even more than in the comics, Daredevil embodies this trope in the Netflix series.

His first media tag, "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen," is inspired by the mystery, violence, and outright fear surrounding his exploits. On The Flash , Nightshade is a retired ex-Cowl from the s. He helps the Flash confront a villain from his era who'd cryogenically frozen himself for forty years. The Undertaker can have shades of this, as a face at least. Normally when he does save someone it's because he's feuding with the other wrestler. He can appear suddenly after the lights in the arena go black for a few seconds and come back on again to the sound of his gong.

Ravelry: Glacier Park Cowl pattern by Caitlin Hunter

Suicide dresses in full-body spandex, appears out of nowhere to save people with violence, goes on and on about his dark and mysterious past El Zorro , who worked the masked wrestler gimmick for a number of years. The Green Hornet , prowling the night of his home city, was even believed by all but a trusted few to be a member of the underworld himself.

Konrad Kurze, aka the Night Haunter, is a darker take on Batman - he turned his Wretched Hive home planet into a law-abiding community by personally hunting down and butchering every criminal on it, uniting the populace in mortal terror. His legion went renegade, and today the Night Lords are among the most dreaded foes the Imperium faces. Unfortunately, when he left the planet went right back to its old ways, and realizing this is part of why he fell in the first place.

Both DC and Marvel have released role playing and table top games based off their comics, so yes, it is possible to play as Batman. Champions has the Dark Champions setting with extensive rules and suggestions for building street-level super heroes.

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Pathfinder has an entire class, called the Vigilante, that's designed to emulate this trope, along with a handful of archetypes for other types of superheros. Arkham Asylum Taken further in the sequel Arkham City , particularly in the side mission which essentially allows you to do a variation of the trope description by swooping in to save innocent people being threatened by thugs and then swooping away again once the bad guy's been taken down. You can play this character archetype in City of Heroes.

Through playing as a Vigilante , especially one of the Stalker Archetype. One of these beating a basic mob in the progress of robbing a civilian is practically a re-hash of the Cold Open above. Both even wear cowls as part of their costumes. Later protagonists Connor and Edward Kenway have some of the same elements both are cowl-clad heroes who use stealthy tactics , but don't really match the trope completely due to their adventures generally not taking place in the sort of shadowy urban setting typical of The Cowl.

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In Ace Attorney Investigations the newspaper artist's depiction of the Yatagarasu is a shadowy cowled figure. The real Yatagarasu looks nothing like this. For one, there's three of them. Garrus Vakarian in Mass Effect 2 , who in the two years between the games have become their universe's equivalent of Batman , as a vigilante on Omega known as "Archangel".

Paragon Shepard can curb the more extreme tendencies he's picked up, during his loyalty mission, pointing out that Garrus is very close to becoming one the monsters he's fighting.

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A "good" player character in Vampire: The Silver Shroud from the Fallout universe. In Fallout 4 , the Sole Survivor can take on the role of the Shroud and mete out deadly justice to several of Goodneighbor's scumbags, ultimately culminating in taking down a vicious raider leader in an abandoned hospital. Hyde as this in The Glass Scientists. Achilles, leader of the Global Guardians. Battlecat and his daughter, Lynx, in New Orleans.

The Nightwatchman in Boston. El Buho in Mexico City. He's the phantom of the Society. Our very own caped vigilante!

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The Animated Series on. Since he was a major inspiration for Batman himself, he probably counts. He's had at least four animated adaptations , five if you count the Recycled In Space version. Darkwing Duck , as the page quote shows, though, unlike most examples of this trope, despite being shadowy and mysterious he is also a teensy bit of a glory hound. Though he's a Affectionate Parody of this concept anyway.

When he says Let's Get Dangerous!

Autumn Leaf Cowl (with buttons)

South Park spoofed this in an episode where Cartman becomes a vigilante called The Coon but no one pays attention to anything he does and in later episodes he straight-up becomes a Villain Protagonist. Monkey Man in Hey Arnold! An episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh centered on Tigger calling himself the "Masked Offender", a Screwy Squirrel parody though he initially fails to recognize it of an adventure novel featuring a straight example called the "Masked Avenger".

When he's outed as the "Masked Offender" thanks to a Batman Gambit concocted by Rabbit, he retires out of shame, but when real danger looms over the others, he comes back into action and genuinely saves the day. They even hired Adam West to do the voice. After having to retire from the Kids Next Door due to a technicality, Tommy begins to dress like The Shadow and attempts to reinvent himself as one of these. Subverted with the Blue Spirit Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender , who frees Aang from Zhao's clutches, but only to capture Aang and get the glory for himself.

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  • You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Invoked in Code Geass , where Lelouch who is definitely not this tries to play himself up as a combination of The Cowl and The Cape in order to gain public support. In the Big Finish audioplay Night of the Whisper , the titular vigilante prowls the streets of 23rd century New Vegas, meting out deadly justice, while whispering "Justice will be served!

    Batman has practically built this trope, or at least the way it is seen now.