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You should not start here. You will only get lost. This books starts not long after book 2 left off. Dorian and Eugeine are at war with the Rowan Land. Euginie does not want the death and war this war is bringing and is given the option of looking for the Iron Crown. This crown is said to be so feared that it would stop the war by its mere sight. Eugine goes in seach for it and what happens next is a great, great ride that had me, smiling, laughing, crying and blowing my mind with excitement. Have you ever been to that California Adventure Hunted Hotel ride?

That is kind of what reading this felt like. Interesting at first, kinky even, mellow and then, BAM you're in a free fall you can't help but enjoy. I cannot wait for the next book,each day I wait will be torture. Good thing is that there are other Richelle Mead releases this year to ease some of the suffering. Drop everything and get this one. You'll only wonder why you had not done that sooner. View all 3 comments.

I'm still loving the narrator for this series. Jennifer Van Dyck really gives a great voice to not only Eugenie, but all of the Otherworld characters. I especially love her portrayal of Dorian.

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I don't much care for Kiyo, but I don't know if that's the writing, the voice, or his actions period. Iron Crowned went where I never expected it to. There were so many twists and turns and though I didn't really like much of what happened in the story, it still held my interest.

I'm not as thrilled with t I'm still loving the narrator for this series. I'm not as thrilled with this series as Vampire Academy, but I do like how Richelle Mead isn't afraid to take chances with her characters. She puts them through hell! But I also like that the MC's are strong, butt-kicking females who persevere through it all. On to Shadow Heir Eugenie Markham is quite the kick-butt heroine! She is queen of the Thorn Land, half-human, half-fae and she is in the middle of a huge war with The Rowan Land.

This book starts off with a great start. And she still Eugenie Markham is quite the kick-butt heroine! And she still has to manage her Earthly job, banishing and dealing with unwanted visitors. Bills must be paid after all! I do not think I could handle the dual life. It's no wonder her judgement slips some in this book. In a few areas of life. Kiyo the kitsune, father Queen Maiwenn's daughter, sexy and very anti-war. After basically abandoning her in the past book, she goes to him in an an insta-switch moment after she feels Dorian tricked her. Now I can deal with the love triangles where they like each other but don't act much on it.

But I hate when one can't decide and ping-pongs her affections the way Eugenie is! Outside of the romantic aspects of this book, Eugenie is trying to one up Katrice of Rowan Land and the rumored Iron Crown might be the answer. Jasmine really starts to come around in this book and I am starting to actually like her. And the famous animosity between Tim and Lara come to a surprise and unrealistic head when they finally meat! There is also a bit of story for a ghost named Deanna who wants Eugenie's help.

While a small bit role. Some major turns in this book! While I did enjoy it overall, Eugenie's behavior and the relationship bounces did put me off a bit. The story I love and Richelle Mead's writing style continues to impress. Few authors have drawn me into their worlds the was she has done so far. Mar 01, Katie rated it liked it. Kiyo needs to go I don't know why Eugenie can't see how wonderful Dorian is? This is a two star book; only getting an extra star for the final two chapters. There wasn't a good flow to the plot. Iron Crowned (Dark Swan, Book 3) (): Richelle Mead: Books

Eugenie spent awkward scenes in transition to this world and the next She wasn't even doing any banishing really; and the PI never really came into play. That made for a dull filler waiting for the view Kiyo needs to go That made for a dull filler waiting for the view spoiler [kidnapping and land transfer hide spoiler ] to take place, and then some more filler before the cliffhanger bomb was dropped Then the sex thing afterwards was weird. Dating again lead to avoiding the otherworld, so Eugenie was away on a sexcapade, allowing view spoiler [her sister to be taken hide spoiler ] was a little too perfect and rushed.

Whatever happened to funny gentry babyshowers, and helping her people find water. I don't know if I am disappointed in this book because it didn't turn out like I thought or what? If you are a Kiyo lover you will most certainly enjoy it. This Bud's for you! Otherwise, if Dorian is close to your heart like mine ; then this story will break your heart. The very first few scenes where Dorian and Eugenie were a couple, and he was 'admiring' Eugenie's dress stolen from AH's comments I hope Dorian kills Kiyo - just like Leith! View all 5 comments. I'll start a petition: I love Richelle Mead.

I love her stories. Unfortunately, Eugenie is killing me! But I cannot because of her. I love Dorian more and more with every book. She does not deserve him. And why is she still surprise that he has his own agenda? Is the crown just a trinket? How could she believe it? I did not think that she was really stupid.

Other than liking Kiyo which is really stupid. She goes from Dorian to Kiyo again and again! She knows what an idiot Kiyo is! And then she is surprised that he's trying to kill her! How come that she did not see it coming? She must maintain her responsibilities in the Otherworld as Queen while also paying her bills and keeping her house as a part-time shaman in the real world. War is raging between her land and the land of Rowan. At this point in a series we expect a character to really grow, but in Iron Crowned she does several things that truly had me disappointed in her.

She turns her back on newly acquired responsibilities, taking full steps backwards instead of forwards. She starts off in the novel as this kickass Queen, and then halfway through the book she ends up an Anita Blake cliche. Dorian continues to be the strongest and most enjoyable character to follow. He is what he is. Although he does manipulate Eugenie at times in to doing something, he makes it clear to me! Even if it just happens to directly effects his best interest as well.

Iron Crowned by Richelle Mead Excerpt

The few heart-touching moments in this one completely revolve around Dorian. At this point, HE makes the series for me. I want him to prevail, and to be happy! Without giving away too much, when you reach the last page, you will want to throw the book as it ends quite abruptly. I still have faith that with the events in this one that Eugenie will truly rise to her potential and be the Queen the Otherworld needs her to be!

Dark Swan is set to be a 4 book series, so the next book will be the end. And we only have… 10 months to find out what happens next. View all 40 comments. Really, I would LOVE nothing more then to post all the spoilers for all to see and save you from the trauma of this disaster of a book. THis book will have to be chalked up to her one tragic mistake Surely dealing with another woman is better then being tricked. He must be the better choice. Dorian is suddenly irresistable again and Kiyo's dog food.

So of course what else would she do??? And lets not forget that she ONLY got that way because she had revenge sex with him. AND wants to calm her kids too?? But does she trust him.. Wanna take bets that she goes back to him in the next book??? Yeah I am ranting. Only to SHOW it. I believe that was all he wanted. Eugenie does NOT act like an adult with a brain in her head.

She is reckless, irresponsible and completely childish. The first two book, I could overlook the love triangle. Aug 24, Emma rated it liked it. This had a few surprises in it and was also quite irritating. I thought that I was annoyed with the author and the book but I'm annoyed with the characters, which should mean the author has done a good job.. Nov 13, Elena R a. What were my thoughts on this book?

Let me think for a second Back to my thoughts! It was a remarkable,suspenseful ongoing joy ride read for me! I literally, no LIES,jumped in my seat with anticipation from beginning till end,along with hundreds of profanity words that I just could not help expressing while reading. So what's my point? Here goes,I don't normally get all riled up and crazed about a book; but for some bizarre reason all of Richelle Mead's series tend to What were my thoughts on this book?

Here goes,I don't normally get all riled up and crazed about a book; but for some bizarre reason all of Richelle Mead's series tend to make me Angry,Happy,Sad,blissful. Point blank,it makes me into one crazy Byotch! My emotions falter so quickly, I can never make up my mind whether I'm enjoying myself or not,but then I realized if I can express myself this way by reading just this one book.

She did a phenomenal job and understood her importance of taking care of her two kingdoms. The only thing that shoved my feelings aside a few times for her was,she didn't couldn't make up her mind between the two men she loved but couldn't make sense of "why" she loved one but then loved the other as well. In My Opinion,she needed to learn to trust one of them and should have seen from day one Kiyo the shape-shifting bastard was not the right guy for her,although he came in handy for one thing in this novel,but it could have been avoided.

On the other hand if she would have gave in and seen the the whole situation from Dorian the Oak King's Pov,she would have saved herself so much despair and heartache! She was such a dumb broad! Other than her mistakes,which I know she wrongfully regrets. She was an awesome Heroine in this series,and I wouldn't ask for less or more of who and what she is. The whole plot of the story was quite remarkable. What fascinated me the most,was Eugenie going on the Hunt for the Iron Crown.

I swear whenever the subject was up I shivered with goosebumps! It was written so perfectly,I felt like I was the heroine in the book and I was receiving this news. The First time Masthera explains to Eugenie what the Iron crown is,it pulled me into the story more than I already had. One warn by the greatest,most powerful leaders in the 'shining ones' history. Leaders feared by all,who ruled many kingdoms" Just hearing the word Powerful Leader makes me ansty! So when the unexpected happens and she does her thang! I fell in love with this series,and don't regret anything that T'd me off!

Once again I loved it! IMO if you're someone who loves to read UF then pick this series up and start it or finish it! The first book was meh,but only because the author introduces us to all the main characters and their powers etc. Get'em and read them A. My Review can also be viewed on: My thanks goes out to Rhonda W.

For this rec, To be honest,I would have not picked up this series at all if it weren't for her. You're the Best Rhonda! View all 19 comments. Aug 25, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed the first two installments of the Dark Swan series but I found myself getting really frustrated as I was reading Iron Crowned. Eugenie makes some seriously bad decisions and there were times I was about ready to strangle her! I'm getting really annoyed that she refuses to accept her role as queen of the Thorn Land, her people are suffering because she won't step up to her responsibilities and it's about time she grew up and did the right thing.

I've also had enough of the love tr I really enjoyed the first two installments of the Dark Swan series but I found myself getting really frustrated as I was reading Iron Crowned. I've also had enough of the love triangle and starting to wonder just how many times Eugenie will jump back and forth between Dorian and Kiyo. Dorian behaves badly in Iron Crowned and while I don't blame her for being angry I didn't like the fact that she goes running straight back to Kiyo before even talking to him to get his side of the story. I've gone from really loving Kiyo in the first book to completely despising him now, his actions in Iron Crowned made me want to punch him!

I don't think Dorian is much better though so at the moment I'm not routing for either one of them. I'd rather see Eugenie on her own and learning to become a decent queen. I am curious to see if Eugenie can redeem herself in the next installment though and although I saw the twist at the end coming it should make things interesting as the series progresses. Unfortunately this wasn't my favourite book in the series but I'm hoping things will improve again from here onwards. View all 4 comments. I wanted to like Iron Crowned more than I did, but it left me with mixed feelings overall.

The storyline from the previous books progressed a respectable amount, but there wasn't as much in character development. There was one relationship that I won't go into so I don't spoil it-it has no great bearing on anything else in the book. The other rel I wanted to like Iron Crowned more than I did, but it left me with mixed feelings overall. The other relationships in the book are what left me with mixed feelings. Somebody tell me, does Eugenie have all the maturity of a 12 year old, or what? Snap reverse decisions, no coherent thought processes, selfish and petulant foot stomping revenge impulses.

That was in relationships, but her actions elsewhere in the book seem as shallow. Forgetting to get healed before a major AND dangerous mission?

I'm not one to really care about the sex in a book, but every sex scene seemed to be a list to me. Since I'm not one to care, I'll leave further comment to others. Ultimately, Eugenie's actions and demeanor in this book made the whole thing fall flat for me. I wanted to give it a three because it's not a bad book. It's well written and the story advances. Unfortunately, the main character is flatter than the other characters, which ruined it for me. May 11, Jamie rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the continuation of the journey of Eugenie Markham, the Thorn Queen of the Otherworld and a shaman-for-hire in the human world.

When we last saw Eugenie, she was proudly wearing a new crown to legitimize her standing as the Thorn Queen. As this book opens, she is practically living with the Oak King, my beloved Dorian, and waging a war with Dorian against the Rowan Queen, Katrice can't even remember if this is her name, but it's close. This war was set into action by the behavior of th This is the continuation of the journey of Eugenie Markham, the Thorn Queen of the Otherworld and a shaman-for-hire in the human world.

This war was set into action by the behavior of the Rowan Queen's son, Leith, in the previous book. Eugenie and Dorian by this point are madly in love. They take turns showing up on the battle field, and although they appear to be winning the war, it is with a great cost of gentry life. One day, a seer tells Eugenie about a mystical object, the Iron Crown. When Eugenie asks Dorian about it, he immediately tells her that it is too dangerous to go after. As the war continues, they discuss this crown in more depth and Eugenie appears to talk Dorian into getting it.

Dorian believes that the crown is a way to end the war - the other monarchs would be so terrified of the owner of this crown that it would end the war and make Eugenie the most feared Monarch in the Otherworld. Of course, the path to the Iron Crown is laced with iron, very harmful, if not deadly, to most gentry. Eugenie offers to take her sister, Jasmine with her, which Dorian shoots down.

Dorian suggests she takes Kiyo barf because he is most capable of protecting her. So, Kiyo and Eugenie meet up, and things are rocky at first. They eventually warm up to one another and complete the task, although Eugenie must prove herself time and time again. This is the real reason it is so powerful. Eugenie immediately goes ape shit over Dorian not telling her this. She feels that this is a grand betrayal and as she says so many times in this book, she "mentally" breaks up with him before she can tell him face-to-face. That's just a way of allowing herself to behave in any way she wants to.

It's a cop out and this is the point where I really start disliking Eugenie. On the way home to the Thorn land, Eugenie is feeling used, angry and heartbroken about Dorian's half-truths. She's so flipping mad that she view spoiler [has sex with Kiyo, the jerk that wouldn't avenge her previously. Now, this is mostly to get back at Dorian, but are you kidding me Eugenie? She questions her actions before, during and after her sweaty sex time with Kiyo, but still finds a way to rationalize her behavior. So, Eugenie and Kiyo make their way back to Dorian's castle where Eugenie lets loose her anger on Dorian.

Iron Crowned: Dark Swan, Book 3 (Unabridged)

She does not allow him an explanation, she does not allow him to speak, she just rolls over him with her anger. She tells him they are over, and Dorian takes it all in stride. It's not until view spoiler [stupid fox face touches Eugenie's arm that he thinks Eugenie cheated on him, which she did. Dorian immediately revokes hospitality and throws her out on her ass, which is better than she deserves. What kills me is that she continually tries to rationalize her actions - like - How can Dorian accuse me of betrayal when he lied to me; or, I had already broken up with him in my mind She acted rashly and on emotions with no thought of the consequences.

And really, Eugenie, is it appropriate to jump back and forth between Kiyo and Dorian's bed when you're mad at one of them? Dorian pretty much calls Eugenie a whore to her face, and I have to confess I was rooting him on at this point. At no point did she need to have sex with Kiyo to get back at Dorian. She just cheapened herself. When word comes that the Thorn land needs her, and that the truce talks are stalling, Eugenie returns to her castle in the Otherworld. Dorian makes another appearance and tells her to get her shit together, which is the responsible thing to do.

Soon, view spoiler [Jasmine is kidnapped by the Rowan Queen and Eugenie must go and rescue her. In order to save lives and end the war, which is exactly what Dorian was proposing, she forcefully takes the Rowan land and bonds with it, effectively throwing Katrice out on her butt and taking over the land. Oh, and war is raging between her land and the land of Queen Katrice. The fabled Iron Crown might end the war, but is Eugenie willing to gamble her life on questing for it? Eugenie's a pretty inept queen, but fans of the series will overlook that amid the kick-butt action and hot sex.

Richelle Mead is an international bestselling author of fantasy books for both adults and teens. Her Georgina Kincaid series follows a reluctant succubus, while her Dark Swan series features a shamanic mercenary caught up in fairy affairs. Over on the young adult side, Richelle writes the much-acclaimed Vampire Academy series and its spin-off, Bloodlines , about a secret society keeping the vampire world hidden from humans. Her books have been translated into over two dozen languages, as well as transformed into graphic novels.

A lifelong reader, Richelle loves mythology and wacky humor. When not writing, she can be found spending time with her family, buying dresses, and watching bad reality TV. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Learn more about Amazon Prime. New York Times bestselling author Richelle Mead takes readers back to the Otherworld, an embattled realm mystically entwined with our world--and ruled by one woman's dangerous choice. Shaman-for-hire Eugenie Markham is the best at banishing entities trespassing in the mortal realm.

But as the Thorn Land's queen, she's fast running out of ways to end the brutal war devastating her kingdom. Who Eugenie can trust is the hardest part. Fairy king Dorian has his own agenda for aiding her search. And Kiyo, her shape-shifter ex-boyfriend, has every reason to betray her along the way.

To control the Crown's ever-consuming powers, Eugenie will have to confront an unimaginable temptation--one that will put her soul and the fate of two worlds in mortal peril. Praise for Richelle Mead's Storm Born. Read more Read less. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Some of these items ship sooner than the others.

Buy the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by Amazon. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Thorn Queen Dark Swan. Storm Born Dark Swan. The Immortal Crown Age of X. Midnight Jewel The Glittering Court. Gameboard of the Gods. Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Vigilante The Vigilante Chronicles Book 1. Some missions require police, some missions require doctors. But this mission requires a vigilante. But in the end, it was his tenderness that devastated me.

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Looking for an adorable happily ever after with lots of steam? She's clever, but desperate. He's trapped in a curse. Free in Kindle Unlimited. From Publishers Weekly Eugenie Markham, the new queen of the Thorn Land as established in Storm Born and Thorn Queen , likes being the daughter of the Storm King and carrying his powers, but the responsibility is a pain.

Product details Mass Market Paperback: Eugenie, who I thought was much smarter than she is, has become a royal pain in the butt! I am so confused by her behavior and of those she "loves" and I use that term loosely! The plot rolls right along and not the way this reader would have liked. But, alas, that is what makes it fun - even if things definitely get under my skin! I'm enjoying it as much as I enjoyed Ms.

It's fast paced with well developed, fun, and lovable characters. I finished Storm Born last night and immediately started Thorn Queen. I've listed the individual books on my shelves to make reviewing them easier. I'll review Storm Born soon I just finished Thorn Queen and immediately jumped into Iron Crowned.

It looks like reviews for all three books will have to wait until I finish. Apr 03, Valerie rated it liked it Shelves: This is not correct; Iron Crowned is the last book in the bundle. If you downloaded this and want to read the series in the correct order, skip to Storm Born first, then read Thorn Queen. The first two are great. The third is terrible. May 08, Jennifer rated it liked it. Entertaining and decently written. I had to keep reading and read through all three books fairly quickly because I found myself really wanting to know what was going to happen next, which is probably the best thing I can say for an adventure story.

Bit too frequent bed jumping for me, which I found actually did detract from my respect for the character, but that didn't really detract from Entertaining and decently written. Bit too frequent bed jumping for me, which I found actually did detract from my respect for the character, but that didn't really detract from my enjoyment of the story itself.

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Aug 31, Tegan rated it it was amazing. I'm not going to give you plot summary on each book but if you enjoyed the Vampire Academy series but want something that doesn't involve vampires there's so much of that going around at the moment!!! They are a little more adult and raunchy than the Vampire Academy books and Eugenie is a heroine that you'll love to bits and is surrounded by fun and exciting secondary characters. Can't wait for the next book i Loved them! Can't wait for the next book in ! I am yet to read a Richelle Mead book that I haven't loved. Aug 24, Tasha rated it it was amazing Shelves: These books were goood!!

These books have a touch of everything. You are the father, You are not the father!! Yet, I could not put them down and can't wait for the next one. I have not read a book by Richelle Mead that I don't like. May 11, Fallon rated it it was amazing Shelves: I luv luv luv these books! Richelle Mead is a fantastic author. All of her work is amazing, and these books fit right in! I am always amazed at the amount of detail that she has without 'going overboard'. Creating a whole new world that lives in these books is impressive!

There is steamy romance, exciting action, and wonderful characters! Jul 25, Jason Noury rated it really liked it. I love Richelle Mead's worlds—they are so complex, vivid. But, still, it's certainly worth a read. In my opinion, still better than "Gameboard of the Gods". Not a bad novel, either, not at all—but it's different than Mead's other novels.

May 22, Sheree rated it it was amazing. Ironed Crowned had so many plot twists it kept me glued to the book. Jul 28, Katie rated it it was amazing. Another great series from Richelle Mead. I really got interested in this one after reading the Graphic Novels. These are really addictive, full of action and humour. These are non stop cover to cover action and adventure. Jul 21, Mk rated it it was amazing. After reading her Vampire Academy series, I had to read more of her work! This series did not disappoint! I love her sense of humor and her ability to create characters that have you pulling for them throughout each story!

Sep 11, Alexis rated it it was amazing. I flew through these books! Its been a while since I was able to read like this. It just goes yo show how well she writes! Jul 16, Suzanne rated it it was ok.