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Drop in and see how I do! Blogtalk Radio interview with the lovely and gracious Daria DiGiovanni. Here's the promo for the link. The interview is slated for 11am. She's done a terrific job on all three covers in The Champion Chronicles Trilogy and I was thrilled to find out that she delivered Shela's cover as well. The setting is Yule, also kno.

I've joined my good friend and paranormal author for a joint blog. All future postings will be there, so come visit when you get a chance: It's entitled The Vampire's Touch, and if you've enjoyed Retribution! She's already gone through the edit process and is waiting for a release date. My good friend, M. Flagg, and I will be sharing this new exciting place in cyber-space! More info to follow soon, but in the meantime, here's my good news: The Vampire's Touch has been contracted and is already in edits.

It's a sensual paranormal romance between a good witch and a heroic vampire called a legend. It takes place during Christmastime, the season of Yule. A few weeks ago, I received an email from my editor, the fabulous Callie Lynn Wolfe. She congratulated me on completing my third and final novel in The Champion Chronicles Trilogy. I felt full of bittersweet excitement, having worked so closely with Callie since I signed with The Wild Rose Press in I can't believe it. I'll forever be grateful for her guidance, patience, and support.

As a new writer definitely not a young one the opportunity to work with th. On the heels of a title change, His Soul To Keep has a cover. So far, the blurb is as follows: Destiny is rewritten for Michael Malone, a mystically enhanced vampire, with an outcome so unexpected that everyone in his world is stunned—Michael most of all. Lukas, his rebellious human son, is just as curious.

My editor warned me that I might have to change Book Three's title. The edit pass is done. We're ready to go to the next step. Then the email comes. We have to change the title of Inheritance! At first, panic set in along with but that's the title in my head and it's written in stone! It ends the Trilogy and maybe even provides the segue for another series. Then I thought about it. My editor and I br. Butterflies - Part Two. I really appreciate all your great comments on butterflies. Since the post, I've learned so much from so many sources about the gorgeous creatures, legends attached to different cultures, and interesting facts about the tiny beauties.

Friends of mine who don't blog even left messages through my website and in emails. One suggested maybe the little guy was too drunk on nectar to fly away. What did I do? Have you ever pet a butterfly? Someone said the butterfly was an angel. I tend to agree. And the feeling gave me such comfort, I won't even try to put it into words. My vacation is at an end. I don't fully know what awaits Monday morning, but I'm sure it won't be pretty.

With the unpredictability issue weighing heavily on my mind, I accepted a writer friend's invitation to spend the afternoon at her house. She's very earth-friendly, and as soon as I stepped onto her deck, the calm atmosphere had me. I stood by a. This release has been a long time coming, but it's finally HERE!!!

This was the first book I contracted, second in the series of course, I do things backwards. Callie gave The Champion Chronicles it's name. Book One debuted in March When I wrote Consequences Book Two, the story was solid, the characters like old friends. I am so looking forward to this release, but I also have other news to share.

I've signed a contract with TWRP for the third book in this paranormal romance series. Inheritance continues Michael Malone's story of redemption and then some. Questions are answered, a new threat looms for him and Alana to battle, and Lukas discov. I'll admit to neglecting my own blog for the past months. My days are very busy, filled with so many urgent issues. So I'm making a promise to post more this summer.

I thought a good way to get back into blogging would be to share what I had to say over at The Black Rose Blog. And if you want to hear what other paranormal authors have to say about current good reads, that's. March ing right along. I haven't blogged much lately, but I've sure seen a heck of a lot of snow. It's not that I don't have something to say. I'm pretty talkative most of the time.

Perhaps my muse has taken a vacation to where it's sunny and warm, not slushy and chilly.

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At times, this break from writing worries me. The days are very busy right now, and I can't complain. As my son said the other day, "It'll come. Your intellectual curiosity is saturated lately. But I've been busy Life get's busier by the month.

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I've been remiss with promotion, keeping up with blogs, posting updates, etc. Nothing bad; all good! Inheritance is now in the hands of my goddess of an editor. I finally let it go after many, many revisions. Now the wait begins - again I feel very blessed to be an author who can say this. The Halloween Book signing was a hoot! For all the pictures, visit http: Linda's speech was so very poignant and straight from her heart. We will be together in costume, of course for a book signing on October 31st from 10 - Noon.

The Fine Grind is located on. October is looking good to me. I usually love September, but October looks to be filled with loads of paranormal fun! Come read the free short story: Friday the Thirteenth Visit: The Backstory to Retribution! One very interesting interview with Sharon Donovan and Oliver http: Just who on earth checks these people? Perhaps it's the end of summer that brings out mean-spirited people. I tend to look forward to autumn - cooler nights, beautiful, vibrant color - all those warm, toasty things that beg for a fire in the hearth and hand crocheted blankets.

Just when I'm settling in with a smile, out come the odd balls. I belong to several author groups. Tales of pirated e-books, publishing houses that close, and the sudden onslaught of hurtful reviews are being mentioned on a variety of blogs. As August fades away, I thought I'd share some "Author" things with you. Of course, so much coming up means the web site will have to be updated soon. My fingers are crossed and I'm praying for one particular announcement before I do that.

In the meantime, should you stop by this blog, here's what's going on as we wave good-bye to a rainy summer and say hello to hopefully a lovely fall. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Highland Retribution by Keira Montclair.

They stole everything from her, including her dignity. With his help, she'll get it back. Braden Grant is haunted by the death of his friend Ronan, who took his own life. No one knows why the warrior resorted to such desperate measures, but Braden blames himself. Held against her will by the very man who killed her family, the lass is a prisoner in her own keep. Her beauty and quiet strength call to him as much as her situation urges him to fight.

Though life has taught her harsh lessons, Cairstine still has an ember of hope in her heart. Though she failed to save her family, she pledges she will always save him, come what may. The Band of Cousins 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Highland Retribution , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Jun 18, April rated it it was amazing Shelves: While, 3 it can be read as a stand alone. Fast paced, magnificently crafted, with a wonderful and charming cast of characters.

The storyline is unpredictable, intriguing, compelling, adventurous and suspenseful with dark secrets and kidnapped young bairns who are sold for profit. The chemistry between Braden Grant and Cairstine Muir is romantic, and magical.

Cairstine is such a strong character. She has been though so much in her young life. She was kidnapped, abused, watched her entire clan murdered, held captive for years but still has a ember of hope, someone will help her and her young son Enter Braden, who is brawn, has a temper, handsome and will become her protector and avenger, but can she trust him with the life of her young son?

Cairstine's young son helps to carry this story along, he is brawn and determined to help his mother. I so enjoyed this little man, his determination is magnificent. Follow this amazing couple on their journey of discovery, hope, love, and a HEA. Montclair has once again written an emotionally charged, high impact tale that will draw the reader in from the first page to the last and then it lingers in your thoughts long after the last page.

I can't wait to read the next installment of The Band of Cousins " series. Brilliantly written and excuted! Jul 01, Penny rated it it was amazing. All I can really say is that Keira ha she done it again. I'm not sure how she brings these people so alive as if you're right there w them. Looks like she's on another very successful series w the Band of Cousins.

Anybody who has followed her previous series w the Grants and Brodie's will live these books as you find out how the younger generation are doing w glimpses of your old favoured characters. Also, anyone looking for a new series to read will be instantly captivated and want to read all All I can really say is that Keira ha she done it again. Also, anyone looking for a new series to read will be instantly captivated and want to read all about the rest of the Grants and the Brodie's as well as their offspring.

She's masterful with telling a great story that you'll be holding your breath as it plays out and crying w things work out. She's extremely adept at making you feel like your either the hero Braden or the heroine Cairstine. I'd still love to know how she came up w Cairstine.

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I can barely put this book other than sheer exhaustion cause I can't wait to see what happens. You'll go thru a tumour of emotions and love to keep this book to read over and over again. If I could give it more stars I would. You'll just have to read it for uourselves to understand since I will not leave any spoilers here.

I loved it and you will too Jun 29, Maria rated it really liked it. What an enjoyable read! Braden is such a nice hero. The heroine had been through such heartache. Her son is her life and she will endure anything for him. Braden can visually see her pain that is reflected in their eyes and decides to be her champion. He himself has to deal with several things such as learning to control his temper which is a feat in itself and also dealing with guilt because of the death of his best friend to which he has several questions bouncing around in his head still.

Ste What an enjoyable read! Steenie was a wonderful new character which I can Envision seen him having his own story in the future. It was really great to see that the rest of the band of cousins we're in this story. Also some of our beloved Heroes and heroines from the original books in the series such as Alex Grant and Maddie, Braden's parents which are Brodie and Celestina, Robbie and Carolyn and Loki and Kenzie.

I wanted to witness how Steenie dealt with things at the end more. Other than that, the story was a really good story.

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I look forward to book 4. Jun 14, Lana Birky rated it it was amazing. Another winner from Keira Montclair! With all the people at the cele Another winner from Keira Montclair! I volunteered to receive a complimentary RC in exchange for an honest review. I am so happy to recommend this to everyone! Jun 27, Ann Fanni Ann rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have liked this family since the very first and to have a continuation with the cousins is my kind of heaven, that being said, this is the third book in this particular series and we once again travel to the Highlands were we meet up with Braden Grant who is still grieving the loss of his friend who took his own life, feeling guilt as to why he didn't see it coming and helping him, Braden meets Cairstine Muir who is being held as a prisoner in her own keep by the man who killed her family.

Of I have liked this family since the very first and to have a continuation with the cousins is my kind of heaven, that being said, this is the third book in this particular series and we once again travel to the Highlands were we meet up with Braden Grant who is still grieving the loss of his friend who took his own life, feeling guilt as to why he didn't see it coming and helping him, Braden meets Cairstine Muir who is being held as a prisoner in her own keep by the man who killed her family. Of course we all know that Braden was not at fault for what happened to his friend but he feels as though he now has a chance of atoning the death of his friend by helping Cairstine, of course love also comes into play.

Exciting, edge of your seat action and romance, I loved this story and it has quickly become one of my favourites. I received an early copy and I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion Jul 02, Colleen Perry rated it it was amazing. Another good book with favorite Clan and family Definite 5 stars. This book took my interest at beginning and took me through to the end. It was the rescue of a woman and wee son by a wonderful hero. It was full of intrigue, romance, a little spice adding to story.

It had two villains that you wanted to see get revenge against.

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As usual there is the large family there for advice, protection, and most of all love. You wish you could Another good book with favorite Clan and family Definite 5 stars. You wish you could be part of this wonderful family. I advise to start at beginning book about this family as characters reoccur in following books. Loved the hero and heroine. Jun 20, Judy rated it it was amazing.

Series: Dragonlands

Only her eyes were sad and pleading for him to help her. As a Grant, he could do no less than rescue her.

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Cairstine Muir had only one reason to live. If not for him, she'd leave But she did have her son and would do anything to keep him safe. There had to be a way out of the hell she lived—she just didn't know where the exit was. Clan Grant is the largest in the Highlands. Some of the mightiest warriors. A clan you want on your side—not against it. Unfortunately for the fools who didn't realize this Another great story among the Highland cousins. Jun 23, Roslyn Stillman rated it it was amazing. This is the third book in the series The Band of Cousins and it was as good as expected.