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The Lonisvillo Courier of the stli, says: The weather yesterday was chilly and - disagreeable. It commenced snowing early in the day, and continued until abont lO A. At this writing it is turning colder, with the mercury at 32 degrees, and good signs of more snow. We learn from the falls pilots that the dam marks at least one foot less in the chute than there would be if the dam were not there. As is usually the case on Sundays, there was but little business transacted on the ; levee yesterday. The new and elegant sidewheel steamer Robt.

Wade, with Frank Stein in the office, will leave for New Orleans and all intermediate points to-morrow evening, at 5 o'clock. The Evansville Journal, of the ctli. She took nothing here, as Capt. Schultz is too honorable to cut rates, especially against a boat that had already engaged. She had room for some heavy freight, and will , " Save no trouble in filling out in the ; Ohio. TTale is still lvincr in the same position on the falls.

There is buT little hopes of her being got afloat again.

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All the nudamacred freight hfis been - taken off of her antWplaced on the wharf boat at New Albany. The Falls Pilot i. The underwriters were t. Memphis and, New Orleans at 4 P. Louis Republican, of the Stli. The weather here is iuite pleasant in - temperature, but disagreeable in charac-' T; -l2 " a y morning the snow was r , iJ B IUK ani fast and continned to - l. A P I ret w covered the land-: There was r Tb 25i 5 Wg yesterday.

Khght change in temperature would close S navigation again. Very little prosnect 1 rUvlty! The nver was rising hereVe. Of 'hi; J , , v iumu, or -ilJU. The - Pt'on during December was T 30 Th. Cincinnati Commercial, of the, Sth,. The nver was rising slowly last nlglit, with feet inches in the channel. Last night there wre 7 feet under the Newport, and.

W-leet under the Covington Bridge. John Cannon, oi the Robert k..

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  • The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on January 5, · Page 3.

K v ' la 1 burslay. Stout's maiden i slirie was Stephens, her parents having been among the early settlers of Shelby county, Ky. Lurinr the war Mrs. Stout resided wi th a uioiried daughter at Marietta. Cloudy and eool, with alight enow last night, drizzling rain to-day and snowing to-night. The river has fallen - inches to-day. New Orleans to Pitts burg. Tho Kate Pntnam h: The 1 hiiipm I lean lies 1st re till to-morrow for freight anil to avoid a turtv night. All are well on bonrd, and nineh pleased with her behavior thus far.

One entire r-'ule is paralyzed, and he is almost speechless. It is now ev. Mi w ith the top of the wall from which tile regnlar elfpe of tho leven boius. Drift wood lias not vet made its iippearance. The Mississippi is lallim?

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Louis, and th Hi He Memphis, out at. O o'clock last meht. Sevaral boats loading at St. Billj- itoiinger, who has In ii ;isient. Louis and New Orleans packets, starts to New Orleans to-morrow, to take u place for a month or two hi the interests of the same lines. White, is the Thursday packet for Greenville, the bends, Vicks-burtr, Natchez, way and coast landings, and leaves at 5 P. This new and light-draft steamer, in command of Capt. Chambers in the office, leaves to-day at 5 P. Hexsiet fob Lower Coast. Basse tt will start the Hensley for the Lower Coast. City of Qrixuv for Sr.

This new, large and superior passenger steamer, in command of Capt. Dan Garin in tho office, leaves punctually at 5 o'clock this evening- foT the above, taking freight and passengers to all way landings. The City of Onincy is a magnificent steamer, having all the comforts of a home, and is in charge of the most careful and competent officers. The new and complete passenger steamer Mollie Moore, iu command of Capt.

Moore, is receiving for all points on the Mississippi Kiver, and will leave this evening, at " P. Bunting is chief clerk of the Mollie Moore. The new and light-draft passenger steamer Gladiola. The light draft steamer Esperanza, Capt. Conway in the office, leaves as above at 5 1. M For Sauxk River. The Little Fleta, an exceedingly light araft boat, is loading for thetSaiine Kiver. John Pofl" is in command, and Mr. Cobb has cbaree of the office. The new and complete steamer John Howard, in com mand ot capt.

Perrv in the office, leaves to day, at 5 I. The passenger steamer St. Utah for Arkansas Rivkr. This regnlar Dassenger steamer, iu coin mand of Capt. Will Graves is chief clerk. Miss Lucille W stern will, by special request, repeat hei touching performance of Frou-Frou this evening.

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We noticed an easier Money market to-day. On the street yllerings were moderate, while at bank a niaiority of the applications for discounts were granted. We quote Al notes secured by unques tionable collaterals at lO-ii. The election for directors of the Mutual National Bank, yesterday, resulted in the choice of the following named parties to serve uualuk niu riuuuig year, viz: Maspero, Charles I afi tte.

Paul Fourchy, John D. Hardie, Adolph Meyer ana jrncst ijiiiteu uerger. The following is the result of the Louisiana National Bank, election also held yesterday: A Johnson, Jules Vairin, J. In Silver t in American half dol lars sold at U. Tr'oreign Exchange weakened under the decline in gold, the market closing with a net falling on ot H'ag cent.

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The sales of sterling embraced 5: Domestic Exchange was without any marked, variation. Xlietanks drew ou New York at V oeuT. The Stock market appeared to be at a stand still, and net n sale was reported; Nothing transpired in Bonds or Wat-rants. Cotton The sales to-day embraced bales, at easier prices, Good Ordinary and Low Middling showing a falling oil of to'ic, and the better qualities of hardly 'sc. We modify our quotations accordingly and give also the Exchange figures, which are for even-running of its types, while ours are average liats, w ith the outside rates or Strict: Good Oixiiuary ' i nr.

At too same time others adhered to their previous putentions. Stock on hand Sept. Vi -T;0,-T4 Stock on hand and on shipboc. Receipts proper since last evening3v54 bale. The supplies have sold at 51s,a Kc. Molasses Is in light supply, in good demand and firmer. The supplies were sold at 20S25c. Flour The market is in fair supply and dull, and lias weakened, though without any change in prices. The sales to-day embrace bbls. Corn Is in good "supply and demand. The sales embrace Are in light supply and fair demand.

Bran- Is in fair Riipplv and demand. XXJ sacks sold at? Hay Is in light supply and fair demand. Pork Is in good demand and tinner. JO aud 21l new mess at 14 2. Mess is retailing at 14 MGi4 75 bbl. Bacon Clear sides continue firm and in request, and are ci noted at s'kc, shoulders continue dull at New sugar-cured hams continue in light supply ami in request. Lard Is in better snpplv and choice is in request.

Tierces are quoted at 9'4- 9-T. Corn Meal Is still more depressed and is offering at Sc-t: Shoulders are quoted at 5;U a Oc. The stock in first hands embraces abont bags. Choice factory is selling at 15c. Whiskey The market is dull, as buy-era are holding back for better supplies, which are expected. Choice rectified is now quoted at 95c.

Pigs' Tonuues Are selling at Louisiana Rice The market is dull. Choice Carolina is jobbing at 9'4c.

The stock of Louisiana is nearly all poor in quality, and there is very little demand, i air is quoted at 8c, prime 9c.. Cooperage Is very dull. The demand for Sugar and Molasses packages is nearly over for the season. JO' 2o for Barrel Staves, and 35 for Hogshead.

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Butter Choice is in fair supply and moderate demand at 25c. Green salted command lofclov.. Tnr is dull at 3 T5 half bid. The Oxford English Dictionary , however, considers the latter improbable. The word barc appears to have come from Celtic languages. The form adopted by English, perhaps from Irish , was bark , while that adopted by Latin as barca very early, which gave rise to the French barge and barque. In Latin, Spanish and Italian the term barca refers to a small boat , not a full-size ship. French influence in England led to the use in English of both words, although their meanings now are not the same.

Well before the 19th century a barge had become interpreted as a small vessel of coastal or inland waters. Somewhat later, a bark became a sailing vessel of a distinctive rig as detailed below. In Britain, by the midth century, the spelling had taken on the French form of barque. Although Francis Bacon used this form of the word as early as , [2] Shakespeare still used the spelling "barke" in Sonnet in Throughout the period of sail, the word was used also as a shortening of the barca-longa of the Mediterranean Sea.

The usual convention is that spelling barque refers to a ship and bark to tree hide , to distinguish the homophones. In the 18th century, the British Royal Navy used the term bark for a nondescript vessel that did not fit any of its usual categories. Thus, when the British Admiralty purchased a collier for use by James Cook in his journey of exploration, she was registered as HM Bark Endeavour to distinguish her from another Endeavour , a sloop already in service at the time. She happened to be a ship-rigged sailing vessel with a plain bluff bow and a full stern with windows.

William Falconer 's Dictionary of the Marine defined "bark", as "A general name given to small ships: Our Northern Mariners, who are trained in the coal-trade, apply this distinction to a broad-sterned ship, which carries no ornamental figure on the stem or prow. The UK's National Archives states [ ] that there is a paper document surviving from the 16th century in the Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies Service, which notes the names of Robert Ratclyfe , owner of the bark "Sunday" and 10 Mariners appointed to serve under Rt. By the end of the 18th century, [ ] the term barque sometimes, particularly in the US, spelled bark came to refer to any vessel with a particular type of sail-plan.

This comprises three or more masts , fore-and-aft sails on the aftermost mast and square sails on all other masts. Barques were the workhorse of the golden age of sail in the midth century as they attained passages that nearly matched full rigged ships but could operate with smaller crews. The advantage of these rigs was that they needed smaller therefore cheaper crews than a comparable full-rigged ship or brig -rigged vessel as there were fewer of the labour-intensive square sails, and the rig itself is cheaper.

Another advantage is that a barque can outperform a schooner or barkentine , and is both easier to handle and better at going to windward than a full-rigged ship. While a full-rigged ship is the best runner available, and while fore-and-aft rigged vessels are the best at going to windward, the barque is often the best compromise, [ ] and combines the best elements of these two. Most ocean-going windjammers were four-masted barques, since the four-masted barque is considered the most efficient rig available because of its ease of handling, small need of manpower, good running capabilities, and good capabilities of rising toward wind.

The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 3

The four-masted barque can be handled with a surprisingly small crew--at minimum, ten--and while the usual crew was around thirty, almost half of them could be apprentices. Today many sailing school ships are barques. A well-preserved example of a commercial barque is the Pommern , the only windjammer in original condition. The wooden barque Sigyn , built in Gothenburg , is now a museum ship in Turku.

The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on May 8, · Page 3

The wooden whaling barque Charles W. Morgan , launched , taken out of service , [4] is now a museum ship at Mystic Seaport [5] in Connecticut. Morgan has recently been refit and is currently Summer, sailing the New England coast. The Sydney Heritage Fleet restored an iron-hulled three-masted barque, the James Craig , originally constructed as "Clan Macleod" in and sailing at sea fortnightly. The oldest active sailing vessel in the world, the Star of India , was built in as a full-rigged ship, then converted into a barque in It was this type of ship that inspired the French composer Maurice Ravel to write his famous piece, Une Barque sur l'ocean , originally composed for piano, in , then orchestrated in Transportation to the afterlife was believed to be accomplished by way of barques as well, and the image is used in many of the religious murals and carvings in temples and tombs.