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Shebna is a type of Antichrist, and even as he will come and be hailed, he will be destroyed and the true Messiah will come. Eliakim is a type of Jesus Christ. Jesus takes these words and applies them to Himself in Revelation 3. Very few shall come out of it alive. Present-day physicists who believe in a polar-axis shift also tell us that the earth will wobble as a top and flip on its axis.

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The wobble of the earth becomes greater as time goes on. This could also be a reference to God protecting His children in the tribulation Luke To know the peace of God we need to keep our eyes on Him and not on our trials John When they were in prosperity they turned away from God, but in their adversity they repented and turned to the Lord.

Those born before Jesus' time did not enter heaven but Abraham's bosom Luke When Jesus died He descended there to set them free Mt. Our bodies will be changed: But God hides His people Rev. Already this prophecy is being fulfilled, as Israel is the third largest fruit exporting nation in the world though it is smaller than the state of California.

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The people do not seek God even in the midst of the adversity about to overtake them. Tongues are a restful experience for those who exercise the gift. There is no real substance to Egypt. The New Testament Greek word for this is gehenna Mk. It was preserved from destruction when the British reconnaissance planes flew over and frightened the Turks, who fled without battle. Angels are given charge over us for protection Ps. Women are often used to portray the moral condition of a nation.

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Israel's budding and God's Spirit being poured out Joel 2: For the Christian, it's a refining process James 1: There will be much meteorite activity. Isaiah was encouraging Israel to trust in Him. He acknowledges the one, living, true God and prays for deliverance. The Assyrians and Sennacherib are slain. God is not held to the laws of the universe that He has set. Because Hezekiah had begged to live, he two years later had a son, Mennassah, who led Judah down. When we insist on our own way over the Lord's, it is never the best way and the result is negative.

The Lord's word is eternal.

This is the dust these nations are likened to. The Bible teaches us that the earth is round Job God has not cast them away Rom. The outcome has been bitterness towards the church Mt. The Lord had done it for them. To strive with Him is the height of folly, as fighting Him is fighting your own good Jer. We are as clay in God's hands and can only discover the potter's plan as we yield ourselves to Him. We can make our own picture of God with our own ideas, but the truth is seen as He has shown us in His Word. People today may not acknowledge the true and living God, yet they do worship their own idols of power, intellect, wealth, pleasure, etc.

Isaiah predicts their destruction, as told in Daniel 5: They turned from God.

He did not sell them; they sold themselves. Jesus here is speaking as the obedient servant of the Father. Jesus willingly submitted Himself to the Father's will. A willing servant is a bondslave. Spitting was a sign in that culture of ultimate disdain and disgust Mt. The Lord promises that those who took part in it shall "lie down in sorrow.

They wonder where God has been, and recall their past and how God had helped them. Like everyone else, he will die himself Mt. They are the ones who have slept. The Lord will judge those who have afflicted Israel. The reason for the severity of Israel's judgment is that they failed the responsibility God had given them Luke. Each of us can identify with Jesus.

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It is the love and spiritual beauty we will be attracted to, not the physical Rev. We are all equally responsible. In seeing us in fellowship with God, Jesus was satisfied.

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Through Jesus, we are justified. In the Kingdom Age God will bless the earth to provide abundantly for everyone. But the difference between our ways and thoughts and God's is that He knows the end from the beginning. Therefore, He does not have to wonder whether what He has done is right. If we insist on our own way we are exalting our knowledge above God's, making us supreme instead of God Rom. As rain waters the earth to spark life, so our lives by His Word are brought to life 2 Tim. The Word comes to our spirit and brings all of God's potential into our lives.

The first effect of the Word is what it does for us personally. The second effect is what it does through us for others Ps. Knowing we only have one short life, we need to remember that the only lasting things will be those we have done for Jesus Christ 1 Cor. A man who does this is blessed by God. The Gentile church was not required to keep it, yet it would do us all good to have one day of rest each week for our health Ex These people were to be joined to God as in a husband-wife relationship. Their adultery is that they don't devote themselves totally to the Lord.

Their fast was outward, not inward Mt. Our sin separates us from the Lord Ps.

The Jews had difficulty in recognizing Jesus because of the suffering in His life. The Jews had spiritualized the Scriptures that had foretold the suffering that the Messiah would endure Mt. Jesus quoted this as a description of Himself Mt. The "day of vengeance" still has yet to take place during the Great Tribulation. The "wrath" is not for the Church. The tribulation the Christian goes through is from Satan and a part of living in this world.

The wrath that the non-Christian will go through is from God 1 Thess. Our problem is that we don't wait on God but feel that we must help Him to carry out His work 1 Cor.

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As we yield to Him, we know what His desires for us are. This follows along with God's promise to never forsake them. Since the material universe will be destroyed, we should not be living for the physical but the spiritual. We will not recall the horrible period of history when man rebelled against God Mt.

Those who are already in their new bodies will not be subject to death. They will reign with Christ as enforcers of righteousness. There will be people who will have lived through the tribulation to the second coming of Christ, and they will be subject to death. God does not require a place built by man to dwell in, for He dwells in the heavens. Those who did not accept Him will have another destiny. Before the great white throne judgment of God, Hades will give up their dead. This verse speaks of the second death. Gehenna, the place of eternal punishment, was originally meant for Satan and his angels, but those who follow him in this life will be placed there also Mk.

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Keep me logged in! Did you forget your password? Why won't my login from the old site work? The book is divided into two sections: Arguments for a suggested 'Josianic edition' are carefully evaluated, and the relationship between the second part of Isaiah and the Book of Psalms is discussed, as are the motifs of election and the themes of Zion theology and the temple.

The second part of the book focuses on the history of reception and looks at Paul's use of the book of Isaiah, and how the book is used, and perhaps misused in a contemporary setting in the growing churches in Africa. With a range of international specialists, including Hugh Williamson, Tommy Wasserman, and Knut Holter, this is an excellent resource for scholars seeking to understand Isaiah in a greater depth. Vocalization and Interpretation in Isaiah Weyiktol or Wayyiktol in Isaiah