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Some weekends it was Ouija boards. Some weekends we would experiment with folk tales like Bloody Mary. But my favorite nights were when we would call The Nightmare Man, or as he is now commonly called in a contemporary version- The Midnight Man. It was originally used as a punishment to torture those who disobeyed the rules of the religion.

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The currently accepted rules for calling this evil spirit of the night are a little different than I recall from my childhood. The rules of this game are a little different, but the concept is still the same. Adhering to the rules is incredibly important in the game, and violations, even being off by mere seconds, can supposedly result in torture, mental breakdowns, or death.

But for the brave and steady-minded, here are the currently accepted rules as listed on the Creepy Pasta Wiki —.

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You will need a candle, a piece of paper, a writing implement, matches or a lighter, salt, a wooden door, and at least one drop of your own blood. If you are playing with multiple people, they will need their own of the aforementioned materials and they will have to perform the steps below accordingly. Put at least one drop of blood on the paper. Allow it to soak into the paper. Turn off all of the lights in the place you are doing this. Go to your wooden door, and place the paper with your name on it in front of the door. Now, take out the candle and light it. Place it on top of the paper.

Knock on the door twenty-two times. The hour must be Then, open the door, blow out the candle, and close the door. This is where the game begins. You must now lurk around your now completely dark house, with the lit candle in your hand. Your goal is to avoid the Midnight Man at all costs, until 3: Should your candle ever go out, that means the Midnight Man is near you. You must relight your candle in the next ten seconds. He cared about his daughter too, and today was all about her. Would he trade it for his family, give it all up and go back to square one as long as he could be with them?

But it often seemed to lack warmth.

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Standing, the clown pulled Monopoly money out of his pockets and threw it in the air. My lovely assistant, Annabel Lee, was going to help me with the disappearing cabinet.

Having passed the greenhouse, topiary and bird-feeders, she was almost out of breath. He hoped nothing had happened; he might get sued.


If he did, maybe his powerful friends would help him. Where was the mayor? He was supposed to have brought his son today. But they were all too late.

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When they pulled the teenage girl out, she was already dead. The rich man looked at Mr Giggles, who started to sob. These were not fake tears or in any way part of his act; he was crushed. It was fun, drama and love in the right balans. The story is absolutely fantastic. It is a drama which will hold the nerves till the end. I was absolutely in love with this book.

I loved how you wrote about Raven and Cade, portraying them in an unforgettabke manner. The plot was nail biting and sent tingling in me.

It felt like a Stephen King novel. An absolute must read for thriller fans! And Youraveragenerd, I urge you to keep wri I really enjoyed this story as I felt it was different. Many mafia stories often linger between showing the real darkness of that world or not. But this one did no disappoint and kept me interested. Im intrigued to see where this story goes. It was well written and enjoyable. The plot and characters were perfection literally cannot think of a better book then this. The story was very interesting and the plot was good. I just didn't like the fact that he used sweets in this story because it was used in Navy Seal 1.

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But dammmmn i was wrong when Cian came in. Idk why but i never liked Tai since the beginning, I find This story was great! I couldn't stop reading, I woke up around 5 am and was reading non-stop. The story was so intriguing that I couldn't put it down until I finished it.