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We are here live, Monday-Friday, by email, phone, or chat. It's the first step before a patent application! First, you learn how patentable your invention may be. If it's not very patentable, don't waste time and money on a patent app.

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Second, it may help you increase your patentability. By seeing what is similar, you can improve your invention around other existing invention and increase patentability. Speak with one of our paralegals to get started.


Provisional Patent Application "Patent Pending" status for 12 months. Call now at — We are Open!

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Chat Live with Us — We are Online! Get "Patent Pending" Status! Name E-mail Address Phone Number. Our "Patent Pending" Process.

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Request a Patent Search Report. Thoughts to Paper wanted to be the resource where inventors could go and have the resources to prepare and file a quality patent application at a reasonable price.

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To reduce the fees charged by patent attornyes and agents, we offered to reduce their overhead and allow them to focus only on the important legal aspects of a patent application. We also provide certain paralegal services for the attorneys to again reduce their overhead. The result is being able to provide patent services at reasonable, fixed prices. Invention promotion and submission companies make claims that they can help bring your product to market.

Thoughts to Paper focuses on the first step to take for a great idea, which is to patent it through quality professionals. Work directly with a patent firm to protect your invention.