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Shrugging, Fiero started to move around Vapre in the search for something to eat, but the man stopped him with a hand to the middle of his chest. Remembering the reason for his current state of exhaustion, he smiled softly, his body heating and his dick twitching inside his sweatpants.

Reaching up hesitantly, he patted the skin around his eyes with his fingertips. No longer the swirling mass of infinite colors, his iris appeared to be a soft gold, a shade lighter than amber, and they practically glowed in the overhead light. It was something each man would have to discover on his own. Knowing their little mate, Fiero had no doubt that his lovers would be finding out soon enough.

Fiero would forever be grateful to his mate. Looking back at his reflection in the toaster, he grinned hugely as he ran his fingertips under his eyes once more. Love looked damn good on him. Echo just seemed to have that effect on all of them. Not that he was jealous. He cared about each of his lovers equally, and often wished he had more alone time with each of them as well. Syx cleared his throat, drawing Vapre out of his thoughts and smirked. His cute button nose wrinkled, and his blond eyebrows drew together.

Put aside all aspects of logical and rational. Do you think we need to worry about any of the other gods? They all turned to him for answers, just as everyone now looked to Vapre. His heart felt heavy and his chest tightened at the thought of letting them down. Vapre beamed at him. Groping his flaccid cock through his jeans, Hex leered at him.

Whatever you can find on the web added to your personal knowledge of them. Damn, the little man was a pistol. Vapre scratched his head in confusion. What had that been about? Before he could ask, Echo turned to Hex and shrugged.

Fiero just smirked and shook his head. Eyce shook his head as well. All in good time. Echo untangled himself from his mates where they were all piled on the floor together, and sat up to look at Mac. Echo rolled his eyes. When were they going to learn that he was stronger than all of them? Yeah, Echo got it. Then a huge smile spread over his face, and he blew a kiss to his lover. Echo smirked and shook his head as he went to stand beside Fiero. They needed him, but their protectiveness clouded their judgment.

Everyone moved over to the front windows, Hex stalking past Echo without even glancing at him. Echo started to say something catty, but Fiero squeezed his hand and shook his head fractionally. He pulled Echo further away from the others and cupped his face in both hands. Just give him a little more time, okay? Blinking rapidly to dispel them, he nodded slowly. This is my fight as much as it is yours. The two men stood frozen in fear as a huge black wolf crept out from the tree line, his eyes glowing yellow in the moonlight, and his lips pulled back over gleaming, white fangs.

Eyce and Myst were quick on his heels, darting through the door after him and racing across the front lawn. Echo looked up at Fiero, his eyes wide and pleading. Echo let Fiero lead him while he concentrated on pulling as much power from his mate as he could. Vapre, Eyce, and Myst had just reached the two terrified men when the wolf charged, flying across the frozen ground and growling viciously at them. The animal continued toward him, bounding across the grass at full speed. Instead of being terrified, Echo got pissed. No one, man or beast, threatened his man.

Letting the rage consume him, he stoked the flames until fire erupted from his fingertips. Gathering and building, he formed the flames into a large ball, growling deep in his chest as he launched it at the wolf. The fireball caught the beast in its right flank, eliciting a loud yelp and forcing him to stumble before falling to the ground and disappearing in a cloud of black smoke.

Echo let the man drag him along, still looking over his shoulder at the empty space where the wolf had been. The man jerked his head around, staring at Echo with shock and a little bit of fear. Then, Eyce would get his next for not putting a stop to it. Realizing his attempts to free himself were fruitless, Echo threw his hands out in front of him, grinning evilly when flames erupted from his fingertips once more. Fiero was in front of Echo immediately, stroking his face and peppering kisses on his brow. Calm down and trust me. Have I ever lied to you? The son of a bitch dared to claim his mate?

Why was no one stopping this? Emotions swamped him and before he knew it, his entire body burst into flames. Hex cried out, dropping him to the floor, but Echo barely even noticed. Echo screamed, a high pitched scream born of agony and boiling rage. He looked like he wanted to touch him, but with fire still dancing along his skin, there was no way he could without burning himself. The kiss was passionate, possessive, earth-shattering, and it rocked Echo right down to his core. He just always pictured them bigger, more like his demons.

Echo wrinkled his nose, but nodded. A bit taller than his companion, but leaner in the hips, the redhead smiled and nodded. Okay, so he meant to be a little rude. He looked completely enraptured with the pair. Then again, compared to the thousands of years his warriors had lived, he supposed his own twenty-two years would seem fairly insignificant to them. Then he sighed and shook his head. Jinx chuckled and opened his mouth to show off his pointy canines. It took Eyce a minute to catch on, but when he figured out what Echo was waiting for, he quickly stripped his shirt off and handed it to him.

I thought you said there were only seven guys in the dream? Why not seek you out? How long have you been traveling? It made sense— well, as much sense as anything else. Your mate was kind enough to allow me a little sip to sate the burn. Let the man starve to death? Jinx was a vampire. One plus one equaled two. Echo watched Mac and Sony for their reactions, but the two looked pleased as punch that a vampire was biting their mate.

Rolling his eyes, Echo waiting for Jinx to finish and offer his thanks before addressing the newcomers. When will you need to feed again? This handsome guy you were chewing on is Eyce.

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Hex groaned and rubbed at his temples. Are you not sentient when you shift? They looked a lot different, a little creepy, but that was the only change. I was always alone when I shifted. It seems kind of mean, not to mention dangerous. The idea of having a werewolf loose in the house with his mate during the full moon did not sit well with him. The snow had blown in sometime after lunch, dumping a foot of the white, fluffy mess on northern Montana within hours.

As dusk approached, the storm raged, showing no signs of retreat. Their resident vampires were still sleeping soundly in the basement, and Fiero and Hex waited for the full moon to rise so they could subdue and bind a possessive werewolf…while his mates were in the room. Yeah, it was a fucking peachy day. Firestorm 61 Fiero peered out the window, a look of skepticism covering his face. Another couple of minutes or so. His body began to transform before their eyes, growing in mass and height and sprouting dark brown fur over the majority of his body. His nose and mouth elongated into a strange-looking muzzle, part human, part lupine, and his irises turned a vibrant yellow, bleeding out to the corners to cover the whites.

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The change was complete within minutes, and the enormous werewolf stared back at Fiero, his upper lip curling over his canines as saliva dripped from his mouth and ran down his chest. The beast snarled, taking a threatening step toward him, but Fiero stood his ground. Fiero understood how the man felt.

He loved nothing more than when Echo petted and stroked him. While he craved the touch from each of his lovers, something about Echo soothed like nothing else could. Mac giggled and rolled his eyes. Sony was bigger than any of them when he unleashed his power. The little runts had Gage practically exposing his belly and panting to be petted.

Hex shrugged as well, and jerked his head toward the exit. He sighed and scrubbed a hand over his face. He understood the vampires need to feed, but Eyce should have consulted the rest of them. They should have all made the decision together. Instead, Eyce had just let some bloodsucker munch on his vein.

Growling, Fiero shoved both hands in his hair and pulled roughly. Not one time in his life had he remembered being so jealous. Not even when Ares came for Hex. He could only imagine what it had done to Echo. He put his book aside and sat up on the sofa. You were just feeding the little snake. It was nothing sexual.

Did you even stop to think about what that would do to me? Not to mention the others. Why did you do it? Before Eyce could answer, Fiero came storming down the stairs, marched right over to him, and punched him square in the face. He cleared his throat to try again, but it was too late. Eyce came up off the sofa, flying over the back of it, and tackled Fiero to the ground. Fists flew, bones crunched, and loud growls emanated from the dueling pair as they rolled across the floor, kicking and punching as much of the other as they could reach.

His stomach cramped painfully, and his heart felt like it was going to fall out of his butt. No one even wants you here anyway! As much as I love Echo and all the others. The demon stared up at Eyce for a long time, the effect ruined a little by his bruised and bleeding face. Then he slumped back to the floor with a groan and threw his arm over his eyes. Echo wanted to pump his fist in the air and twirl around in a circle.

Instead, he remained motionless, not saying a word, and continued to watch, eager to see how the scene would play out. Both men snapped around to look at him, concern covering both of their faces. Why are you crying? You look like shit, love. Before he could gain his feet, though, Vapre, Syx, and Onyx came running into the room, each looking mad enough to spit fire. Echo yelled and stumbled backward as a foot came flying toward his face, missing him by mere inches. What had gotten into everyone? Now, almost twenty-four hours later, they were ready to kill each other over it?

His lovers had lost their minds. It was the only explanation that fit. Then Hex came thundering down the stairs, his hair flying out behind him, and his face mottled red with rage. He jumped right into the fray without a word, and Echo had seen enough. He spun around and headed toward the kitchen to find a frying pan. Loud thuds, crashes, bangs, and more screams echoed around the house. Another vicious roar, though smaller, quieter, came from below, rising up from the basement. Before Echo could figure out what to do, Myst came sprinting into the room, his eyes wide and his face pale.

Just let me help! Now, shut up and let me concentrate. Then his eyes popped open, and he grinned. Gods know they deserve it. I might look weak and helpless, but we both know my powers are stronger. What about the leeches in the basement? Firestorm 69 Following the sounds of the continued crashes and roars, Echo took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Then he pushed his hands out in front of him and watched in amazement as the heavy wooden door burst open, swinging back to bang against the wall.

Echo looked down at his hands, turning them one way, then the other. The place was completely destroyed—furniture ripped and torn, sheets shredded, holes in the wall. Mac huddled on the floor in the corner, sobbing into his hands. Sony had shifted into his gigantic form and stood in front of Mac protectively, shielding him from the beast that was tearing the room apart.

Gage lifted the nightstand and held his over his head as he threw his head back and howled. Then his head dropped, and his eyes landed on Echo a heartbeat before he sent the little table sailing across the room. Echo tensed and threw his hands up to protect himself as best he could, but nothing happened. The nightstand hung suspended in midair, just feet from his face. Sighing in relief, he snapped his wrist, sending the piece of furniture to the floor.

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Then he waved his hand at Gage, freezing the werewolf in place. We were sleeping, then all of the sudden Gage flew out of bed and started destroying the room. It was just scary as hell. Something is going on, and I damn sure intend to find out what it is. Will he still be frozen if you leave the room?

Echo laughed with him, not bothering to hide his amusement in the situation. The smallest man in the house, and he could kick all their asses at the same time if he wanted. Backing out of the room, he kept his eyes on Gage, making sure the man stayed in place as Echo moved. Keeping one part of his mind firmly locked on demobilizing the beast, he set the other part of his brain to work, trying to figure out what was going on with everyone.

Myst stood to the side of the scuffle, his hands on his hips as he glared down at their lovers. Do you need me to kiss it and make it better? Smiling at his mate, Echo stretched up on his toes and offered his mouth for a kiss. Myst snorted, but bent and pressed their lips together in a short, but sweet, kiss. I had enough to deal with, thank you very much. Syn stood just behind him, looking down at the floor and fidgeting nervously. Jinx grabbed his upper arm and shoved him forward, then nodded once.

He wanted to hate the guy, but how could he when Syn looked so completely miserable? The same reason my mates risked their lives to rescue Sony and Mac. Jinx huffed, hurrying forward to wrap his arms around his friend and kissed the top of his head. Hmm, maybe they were more than friends? Shifting his focus to Jinx, he arched an eyebrow in question.

He may have been rendered immobile, but his body still hurt like a bitch. He wanted his mate. And he wanted to get the fuck up off the floor. Myst was getting tired, and his hold on them was loosening. Echo looked over his shoulder at them, and rolled his eyes. He groaned and rolled to his side, his hand coming up to cover his face. Eyce winced and held out a hand to help Fiero to his feet. No one had ever called him baby before. Then with one angrily shouted sentence, everything had changed.

Glancing from Eyce to Echo, Fiero deflated, his breath rushing out with a whoosh. Things had been changing long before he and Eyce had admitted the feelings they had for one another. It had all started when the sweet little imp with golden-blond hair turned up in the middle of the night and rocked them all to their core.

Was it really so bad to be called baby? Fiero thought it over for a minute and shrugged to himself. If he were being honest, he actually kind of liked it. Not that he would ever say that aloud. He had a reputation to uphold after all. Still, to know that someone other than Echo loved and appreciated him made his outlook seem just a little brighter. Echo said it would get easier with practice, and now seemed like a good a time as any. He felt just as strongly for his other men, but Eyce was safe—the same as Echo. He knew how the two felt for him, so the risk of rejection was nonexistent.

In fact, he looked almost sad. Fiero glanced around the room at the other men. Eyce was smiling like a fool. Echo looked much too satisfied with himself. And everyone else just looked confused. Wanting to redirect their attention, he released Eyce and turned to face Syn. The warriors shifted as one, crossing their arms over their chests and glaring at the little vampire. Syn took a deep breath, his eyes still shining with the tears that had yet to fall. I also felt safe for the first time, in well, years, I suppose. Everything about this place just made me feel peaceful.

I felt almost happy to see you drink from his neck. You were feeling my mood, my emotions, and they influenced your own. It always happens when my emotions are running high. He looked up at Echo pleadingly. I was so scared, and he made me feel safe. I just wanted to feel that for a bit longer, ya know? Then the whole bloody mess spiraled out of control from there. He was finally getting some answers, and there was a lot more he wanted to know. I was afraid he was going to leave me, so I lashed out at him. Syn took a deep breath and let it out slowly. We began arguing, and everything just blew up before I could stop it.

The next thing I knew, I heard Gage upstairs howling. Fiero looked back and forth between them all. But why did it only affect some of them? His face flushed, and he smiled sheepishly at Mac. I was so jealous because he was cuddled around Mac, while I was kind of pushed off to the side. Gage will tell you, too. I know Gage loves us both equally.

It seems silly now. Echo just shook his head. Firestorm 79 Myst shook his head as well. I had just stepped out of the shower and was dressing when I heard the yelling and howling. It must be really hard for you. Fate brought you here, the same way it brought me to my mates. No wonder he had fallen so hard and so fast for his little mate. The man made it impossible not to love him. Everyone gathered around them, all touching some part of Echo as they smiled goofily at one another.

Echo glanced over at Sony as well and blushed. Another set of lips moved along the column of his throat, while a warm, slippery tongue licked lazy circles around one of his nipples. The silky tongue gliding over his hard cock belonged to Myst. He gasped when two slick fingers pressed against his hole, caressing him gently then pushing inside so slowly, he wanted to growl in impatience. Loved these men and the things they did to him. Loved the way they made him lose control and forget himself and all his worries.

He just needed that connection with his lovers, that link that bound them together and made him feel like he could do anything. Exactly what did they have planned for him? Whatever it was, he knew his warriors would never hurt him. So, he eased his head back to the pillow and closed his eyes again, anticipation of what was to come building until his body practically vibrated beneath their combined touch. Now, he knew why Myst had been so intent on stretching him. Echo cried out in pleasure, clenching the sheets in fist and pushing back against the invasion.

Gods, he loved it! The arms locked him in place as Vapre growled behind him, continuing to pound into his needy hole. The fullness in his ass, the wet heat wrapped around his shaft, the sights, sounds, and smell were too much. I love it when you scream. Echo screamed until his throat felt raw, and his voice sounded hoarse. His men chuckled, and somehow they all ended up in a pile in the center of the bed, wrapped together in a tangle of arms and legs.

Turning his head to the side, he found Fiero stretched out beside him, watching them with a heated gaze. More hot seed filled his tunnel, and loud growls went around the room. Then everyone was moving again. Echo stayed in place, sprawled limply on the bed, as Fiero covered his body, and Myst and Vapre stretched out beside them on the mattress. Make love to me. His cock began to fill once more, his balls ached, and his skin broke out in sweat as lightning bolts of pure lust rocked his body. His climax raced up his cock, spraying from the slit, and painting the space between them.

Sated, content, and completely exhausted, Echo slumped back to the pillow with a happy sigh, and was asleep almost instantly. Glancing at Echo out the corner of his eye, he felt his smile slip. Then he knelt on the bed and began cleaning Echo lovingly. The demon looked more than happy.

He looked peaceful, blissful even. Then he moved his focus to Myst, then finally up to Fiero once more, and felt the smile grow even wider. Firestorm 87 Okay, he got it. It was the look of someone hopelessly in love. And that missing piece was snoring softly beside him in the bed. The thought of being in love with one man, letting one man become the center of his universe, scared the hell out of him. Being in love with seven men? That outright terrified him. It had just taken Echo to open his eyes and face those feelings.

Did the others feel the same?

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When everyone was clean, Fiero lifted Echo into his arms and settled in between Vapre and Myst, letting Echo sprawl over his chest. He kissed Myst as the demon snuggled up against him, then turned his head to offer the same to Vapre. No way could anyone hold that much emotion inside for long. Already, his heart felt full to bursting.

With his men keeping him occupied in the most succulent ways, it was so easy to forget that anything existed beyond the doors to their home. The weather had turned bitterly cold, and very little of the snow had melted after the storm. The wind remained harsh, roaring and howling as it swept in from the north. They kept logs burning in the fireplace around the clock, and Echo found it peaceful to sit in front of the hearth and watch the flames dancing merrily in the fireplace.

Still, it reminded him of the task set before them. A task they had done little to prepare for since Syn and Jinx had arrived. But if the man hoped to aid them in their fight, he needed to know how to control his powers. You and Jinx should have said something about how cold it is down here. Echo just rolled his eyes. Sometimes he felt like freaking royalty when they did things like that. Waving his hand, he sent them his cheeriest smile. Gods, he was so cute when he did that. Echo just wanted crawl up in his lap and kiss the petulance right out of him. Then the smile dropped off his face, and his tone became serious as he addressed Hex.

Hex looked genuinely confused. It makes perfect sense to me. Why the hell are you looking at me like that? Thank you, big guy. What did I do? Who are we to complain? They looked sallow and pinched, their faces drawn and hollow. Dark circles marred the skin under their eyes, and even their lips had lost color. As much as he wanted to be mad at Syx and Vapre and blame this entire mess on them, he knew he was just as at fault as anyone.

Jinx and Syn turned to leave, and Echo huffed. Everyone else, get out. Judging by the look on his face, he already knew the answer. Our hearts beat, we breathe, and we need food to eat. Well, at least that answered one of his questions. Possess too much machismo for your own good? Wow, he was batting a thousand in the dumbass department.

Though the idea of watching other men lick and bite at his lover made his stomach churn, he understood the need. He rolled his sleeves up to his elbows and rested his forearms on his knees, palms up. The wrist seemed somehow less intimate to him. The demon just shrugged, looking completely unapologetic. They wrapped their small hands around his forearms and took deep breaths. Myst nodded and hurried after the trio, disappearing through the entryway that led to the living room.

Fiero and Eyce moved to stand beside Echo, each wrapping an arm around his shoulders and squeezing. Then he sighed and hung his head. Not anger or jealousy. Not relief that the ordeal was over. He felt only numbness. Syn and Jinx licked their lips as they rose to their feet and took several hurried steps backward. Echo barely noticed them.

His fierce demon had taken charge of the situation and handled it with calm authority, proving why he was their leader. Reaching up, his movements felt heavy and sluggish, as though playing in slow motion on a movie reel. Relaxing into the kiss, Echo let his lover take over, giving Hex whatever he needed. Words could definitely wait. Not a damn bit of it did he find useful. Walking toward the office door, he pressed his ear against the wood and listened to the sounds drifting down the hallway. He despised the stuff.

Vapre laughed and shook his head. They slipped out of the office, Fiero leading the way, and crept down the hall quietly. Echo, Sony, and Mac were trying to teach Jinx and Syn how to do some ridiculous line dance. There was a lot of wiggling and giggling going on, feet moving, and asses shaking, but that was about it. What they lacked in coordination, they certainly made up for in enthusiasm, though. Loosen up a little. Fiero looked over his shoulder at Vapre with wide eyes. Vapre just shrugged and pressed a finger to his lips, then pointed to the living room.

Within minutes, Echo was back, flinging white buttondown shirts as his companions. Hearing movement behind him, he looked over his shoulder again, and motioned for Eyce and Myst to come closer, but remain quiet. This had to be the strangest thing Fiero had ever witnessed. His friends joined in, dancing up a storm as some sang along with Echo, and the others just laughed and cheered. Echo whipped his head in a circle, slinging his blond hair around his head as he cocked one hip to the side and slapped his cottoncovered ass.

Then he giggled like a maniac and began strutting across the carpet, bobbing his head and wiggling his ass. I have no idea what it is, but I love it. He bit down on his knuckles and squeezed his eyes shut, trying desperately to hold in his mirth. Vapre slumped against his side, his whole body shaking with the effort to hold in his own laughter. Myst just looked completely enraptured…and a whole lot horny. Eyce actually had tears streaming down his face as he chewed on his lip so hard, Fiero just knew the warrior would draw blood.

Eyce shook his head frantically when Fiero arched an eyebrow at him and pressed the heel of his hand against his mouth as little snorts escaped his nose. The little mischief maker took his hand and pulled him into the living room, rubbing against him as he purred and gyrated.

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Fiero stood immobile as his mate danced around him, running his hands all over him in featherlight touches. Fiero nodded his head slowly. Firestorm 97 Echo smiled up at him knowingly and clucked his tongue. Glancing around the room, Fiero found that Syn, Jinx, and Sony had pulled the others from the hall and were instructing them on the proper way to dance. They looked like idiots, each and every one of them, but the smiles on their faces were priceless. This is what it was all about. This is what they were fighting to keep. Their mate had made their house a home, and their little group of misfits a family.

Fiero would die before he let anyone take this from him. His eyes narrowed and he pointed a finger in their faces. We paid out the ass and were lucky to get the twelve bags they gave us. None of you work. You are just as bad as the rest of them. You know what I meant. Two thousand years is a lot of time for money to accumulate. We own a few companies around the world, are majority stockholders in others, and even have a few real estate investments. I mean, how long have you own these companies? Have you found anything?

Moving swiftly, Echo hurried over to his friend and grabbed him by the shoulders. He looked up at Echo, panic written in the lines of his face and the shining of his eyes. Syx was on his feet instantly, barking orders for the vampires to go back to the basement, and Mac to round up the others. Or maybe they were just tired of arguing with him. Either way, Echo took it as progress. He paused on his way out of the kitchen and looked back at Jinx and Syn. Besides, it would be kind of neat to have his own living Rolodex. The others were already gathered in the foyer, Gage arguing with his mates.

You see how well that worked with our mate. Things go much smoother that way. He looked like he wanted to say something. Instead, he smirked and shook his head in defeat. Finally, they were getting it! There was no sense in prolonging the inevitable, so they might as well get on with it. Syn and Jinx crowded his back, looking apprehensive but determined.

Fiero and Eyce had moved together, their backs to Echo, blocking him from charging out the door. Okay, so they still needed to work on their overprotectiveness. At least they were trying. Squeezing gently, they urged him forward between them. It seemed a little silly for him to be absorbing both fire and water, but whatever.

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Sometimes righteous anger really was a wonderful thing. Though he felt sure Hex would be angry with him, try to silence him even, the leader just snorted. Smirking, Echo held up his own hand, trying to hide the shock as a swirling ball of firewater appeared in his palm. He could feel the wetness of the water, the heat of the fire, and watched as the orange flames leapt inside the liquid orb.

Hex lifted his eyebrows at the phenomenon. As hoped for, the god was unprepared to fend off the attack, and the force of it caught him square in the chest, dousing his clothes in flames as though Echo had held kerosene instead of water. Unfortunately, it lasted only moments before the fire flickered away, leaving Ares looking more pissed off than ever. Movement to the left caught his attention, and he watched from the corner of his eyes as two men stepped from the tree line, both sporting large guns slung over their shoulders.

The knowledge did little to calm his racing heart. They overwhelmed their enemies in numbers and strength, but Ares still held the upper hand. His mates were fast, strong, and powerful, but even rogue demons were no match for automatic weapons. Darkness had claimed the forest, the moonlight no match for the shadows, and he could see nothing. How many had Ares brought with him? Ares laughed darkly as though he could read Echo thoughts. He mulled the words over for a moment, then snapped his head up to lock gazes with Ares. Ares tilted his head to the side and surveyed him shrewdly.

He charged forward and grabbed Echo by the shoulder, spinning him around roughly. When Fiero looked like he would argue again, Echo turned his back on him and refocused on Ares. He needed to cover all the loopholes. When he could find nothing, he dipped his head once. The night sounded unnaturally quiet. No wind blew, no sound carried from the trees, not even the house made a groan or creak.

He bowed ceremoniously and simply vanished from sight. Echo looked around him, searching for support and solidarity. His lovers and his friends just stared at him, and not kindly either, before they all turned their backs and followed Fiero inside, leaving Echo alone in the cold. And the fault would rest solely on his shoulders. A gentle breeze played on the air, drifting over his face and ruffling his hair. The scent of honeysuckle and blueberries wafted to him, the smell intoxicating. Finally turning to face his companion, he sighed heavily, his shoulders slumping in defeat.

Why not prove your trust? His actions, however rash, could prove of great benefit to your ultimate goal. What if I fail? How dare she presume to know him, to know his heart and his desires? His only concern was for Echo and the others. Give yourself over to your enemies in order to keep safe the ones you love? His lovers would never allow him to do something so stupid, so why on earth would he ask them? No, he would do what he felt was best, what would protect his men, despite their wishes.

Without them, he had no heart, no home, no life worth living. Oddly, he felt he did understand, though. That some great knowledge lie just beyond his grasp, and if he could only stretch a bit further, then he could wrap his fingers around it and everything would make sense. Firestorm Plopping down in the grass, Fiero stretched out on his back and watched the pure white clouds float lazily across the crystal blue sky.

He replayed the conversation over in his head, looking for some hint of what he may have missed the first time around. For one, the Oracle had sounded angry with him, something he could never remember happening in any of his other dreams. She was weird and elusive, but never temperamental. She spoke in those damn riddles of hers, but that was nothing new. Reaching up to trail his fingers across his cheek where the Oracle had first touched him, and then kissed him, Fiero smiled.

The skin still tingled warmly where her lips had brushed against his skin. Gods, he was a total prick. In his heart, he knew Echo would never hurt him, or any of them, purposely. A deep sigh rose up from his chest. The slightest flicker of thought that something could happen to his mate sent him into panic mode, which apparently turned him into a fucking Neanderthal. Echo tossed and turned, trying to clear his mind and snuggle into the welcoming embrace of sleep, but his attempts were futile.

The entire episode on the front lawn replayed in his mind over and over, spinning faster until he felt dizzy with it. Could he have done anything differently? Should he have done something different? The Oracle had told him to turn away his doubts, and so he had. Thus far, the Oracle had not led them astray, and Echo saw no reason to doubt that the fates would smile favorably upon them if they followed the guided path. Maybe there was something else he doubted, something else that required him to cast away his fears.

He could think of nothing, though. The last thought propelled him out from beneath the blankets. Without bothering to knock, he threw the door open, stomped inside, and slammed it behind him with a loud bang. Echo stood frozen in place, a dozen different emotions playing over his face. Moving tentatively across the room, he stopped beside the bed and stared. His mouth and his hasty actions had caused enough trouble for one night.

Mmm, Fiero was always so damn warm. He appeared completely at ease, which only served to confuse Echo further.

  1. The Godly Womans Guide to Inner & Outer Beauty?
  2. At One With Christ;
  3. Bestselling Series.

A vampire mate is even worse, but it's not easy to resist the way Cash's very presence soothes the pain inside him. Cash Gavin berated himself for months trying to figure out why Cedric ran from him, slamming the door on their budding relationship. Everyone says the shifter needs time, but Cash wonders if there isn't something more keeping his mate Hell, he'd made it his mission to give them the impression he cared about nothing more than sex. It wasn't the best reputation to have, but it was a lot better than getting his heart broken. Spiro Araceli swept into his life and changed everything.

Spiro looked right past his outward facade, saw through all of his insecurities, and offered him a chance that no one else had ever given him-a chance to be normal. He's inexplicably drawn to Zavion, but if he chooses wrong, the consequences could be devastating for everyone involved. Cian haunts his every thought, but Zavion doesn't know what to do about it. He's all but thrown himself at the man, yet Cian doesn't seem to return his interest. Being just friends is better than nothing, but Zavion still can't help but want a It's no wonder he's unprepared for the feelings Sidney Kessler awakens in him.

Finding himself naked and chained to a wall, imprisoned and tortured, and then dumped in the murky harbor weren't high on Sidney's list of things to do. Nor was waking up in the hospital and feeling drawn to the brooding detective stalking about his room.