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In Israel, philosophical counseling began in with the establishment of Center Sophon , directed by Shlomit Schuster. The activities of this center include a nonprofit first-aid philosophy line for existential problems and ethical dilemmas. Though there is no formal education for this new profession, the above-mentioned societies have adopted an M. It is difficult to find out how many philosophers are, at present, doing philosophical counseling work worldwide, and where they are located.

In Memoriam: Dr. Shlomit C. Schuster

Dissertation and thesis news on philosophical practice and counseling. On-line journals for philosophical practitioners and related professions. Philosophical practice related web site links. Last but not least: Please vist the artists published in Everybody's Multi Art Zine: The Philosophical Practice and Counseling Website.

IHT Critique of Reason.

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In Memory of Susan S. September 12, -- November 25, International Philosophical Counseling Society. Makor Rishon Plato not Prozac. Online article in Hebrew: On Marinoff and the Controversial Legislation.

Peter Harteloh - Philosophical Practice versus Psychotherapy

I Bill, therefore I Am. Il counseling filosofico di tutti. In Memory of Susan Sontag.

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Journals on Philosophical Practice. An imaginary way to understand the mystery of the Holy Trinity. List of press documentation on philosophical practice.

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On the Center in Philosophical Praxis. PhD and MA dissertations and thesis. Philosophy on the Square. A philosophical analysis and critique of Dr. Foreword to 'Philosophy Practice': Reviews of Philosophy Practice: An Alternative to Counseling and Psychotherapy. Reviews of The Philosopher's Autobiography: Hebrew Plato not Prozac. Reviews of The Philosopher's Autobiography.

Shlomit C. Schuster

Seymon Hersh pages on philosophy as counseling. The key note of the NPCA has always been that philosophical and psychological forms of counseling are complementary and mutually supportive avenues for helping people to confront their problems of living. Thus, from its inception, it has sought to bring philosophers and mental health practitioners including social workers, psychologists, mental health counselors, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurses together to share ideas and make inroads to more efficacious modes of helping.

The NPCA does not maintain that philosophical counseling is a substitute for psychological counseling. Today, more than ever before, with the economic downturn and the rising need for affordable therapy, philosophical counselors have an opportunity to lend a hand. Philosophical training alone does not equip someone to be a successful and qualified philosophical counselor , however. The NPCA, through its team of affiliated philosophers and mental health practitioners, have the ability to help philosophers seeking to become philosophical counselors to acquire the additional skills that are needed.

With its affiliation with the Logic-Based Therapy Institute , the NPCA now has the facility to offer primary and advanced certificate training programs in Logic-Based Therapy LBT , a modality of philosophical counseling that develops and applies the philosophical aspects of cognitive-behavior approaches, including the rigors of logic and the vast domain of philosophical theories, to help people address their problems of everyday living.

If you are a licensed mental health practitioner who is interested in expanding your practice to include the benefits of a philosophical approach, then we cordially invite you to become a member of the NPCA. Last, if you are a philosophy student or a student pursuing a career in mental health , then you are welcome to become a student associate.

To access the membership application click here.