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In Sacred Contracts , Myss continues her quest to empower readers to imagine their lives as they were meant to be lived and shares practical tools to help them get there.

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A dynamic speaker and teacher, with many fans in the New Age community, Myss lectures on the chakra system through which each person manages his personal energy and the archetypes that influence the creation and response to one's life situations. In this new book, she explains the basics of chakras and archetypes and explains how they are related to the sacred contracts that each person draws up prior to birth. To enjoy Sacred Contracts to its fullest, purchase a journal and record your thoughts as you read.

Myss has included many exercises designed to help readers understand the underlying forces that prompt their decisions. Although it doesn't come with a guarantee, Sacred Contracts is certain to make at least one aspect of your life seem less mysterious. At first glance, the town of Dubossary might appear to be a simple Jewish town at the edge of the But how do we find out what we're supposed to be doing? Sacred Contracts tells us exactly how. In broad terms, it involves understanding and accepting what a sacred contract is, then getting to know ourselves much more deeply by investigating our archetypal makeup.

Myss makes the bold statement that there are four archetypes that form part of the makeup of each of us, which she calls, somewhat provocatively, the Child, the Victim, the Prostitute, and the Saboteur. Like all the archetypes, each of these is capable of positive or negative expression. When we work the energy of our archetypes in a positive way we experience life as energizing and fulfilling; when we work them negatively, our experience becomes draining, depressing, and eventually our very bodies become ill.

Our task is to recognize the functioning of these archetypes in our own lives, and in so doing, to gain more mastery of ourselves and start to make choices that will genuinely benefit ourselves and others, and advance us in the fulfillment of our sacred contract. But do we all really have, say, an inner Prostitute? Well, have you ever thought, while considering a possible venture or fulfilling activity: How have we "sold out" in life?

It happens in small ways and in large, at work, at home, and with our creative projects. The thinking is so seductive and so logical-sounding that we don't question it. The point, of course, is not that you're guaranteed success if you throw caution to the wind and pursue your dream. The point is that selling out has a cost, and it's not a light one: We always face the consequences of our choices, and those consequences relate to our real motives, whether we're aware of those or not.

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When we sell out, we exchange our birthright for a mess of pottage, and it's fundamentally not a good deal--the very thing it was supposed to be in our minds when we made it. The Prostitute sounds negative, but Myss gives each of these key archetypes an alternative name as well. The Prostitute, she says, is also the Guardian of Faith. Faith has to do with our relationship with the spirit, and our confidence in that.

As she says, "If you have faith, no one can buy you. It's the Prostitute who knows that man does not live by bread alone, and it's the function of the Prostitute to continually test our conviction on that point. Again and again in life we're tempted to sell out; how do we respond? What values do we affirm through our choices? This is a superficial look at only one archetype.

Myss expands on this more, plus covers the other three major archetypes, and then introduces a list of about 70 others, things like Addict, Artist, Athlete, Judge, Mystic, Student, Warrior. Each has its own traits and behaviors, and positive and negative modes of expression. The program set out in the book has us examining these archetypes to discover which are most applicable to our life, finding the 12 that are strongest in us, and then arranging these on a wheel like a horoscope.

It's a lot of work, and I'm not just saying that, because I've already put quite a few hours into the program and I'm still early on. But I feel like I've already achieved a lot with it. I've already seen my life in new, deeper, more honest ways.

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Nonetheless, I find the work so hard that I leave off doing it for months at a time. It gets you looking at things you're afraid to look at. But those are things we should be looking at. What is our life worth to us, after all? Soon it will be over; how will we feel about it when we're done? There's so much more I wanted to touch on in this review: I'll have to address those later. For now I'll just say that I think the most important aspect of this book and Myss's work as a whole is her conviction in the fundamentally spiritual nature of our existence, and her nonsectarian approach to dealing with that.

We have it on good authority that the truth shall set us free. In Sacred Contracts we have a path to the truth about ourselves and our lives, and therefore a path to enjoying the freedom with which we chose our sacred contract. Sep 11, Vani rated it it was amazing. This is one of my favourite books. I just love it so much. Also because it came to me at a time when my life was a real mess. Caroline is one of my favourite teachers, and in fact, I have even attended a seminar by her in London. Also as it talks about archetypes and that we all exhibit these in ou This is one of my favourite books.

Also as it talks about archetypes and that we all exhibit these in our lives four primarily but a lot of shadow ones, too. For instance, we all have a child in us, or for that matter, we all have a victim archetype in us and it plays out in many many real life situations hampering our progress. However, the part that I always find most fascinating is about the Chakras or the seven energy centers in our bodies that connect us to the outer and inner world.

There are in fact eight energy Chakras, Caroline says. I read this book a long, long time ago and as I read it now, I can work out new meaning for each sentence that I read. There couldn't have been a better time for me to start reading this book again.

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I would recommend it very strongly to all my GR friends. And I so hope my GR family likes this book.

View all 3 comments. Jan 22, Renee rated it really liked it Recommends it for: If you think this book will hand you answers, you will be disappointed. If you think the ideas in this book might get you to think about the different aspe If you think this book will hand you answers, you will be disappointed.

Caroline Myss is no prophet, no mystic, no guru. Apr 08, Kate rated it did not like it Shelves: Who comes up with this crap? Let's come up with the most obtuse, off-the-wall method of determining your destiny in life, which includes, oh, I don't know, chakras and the tarot and the zodiac! And let's weave them all together and come up with a way to figure out who you are so we can make Carolyn Myss more money! Sort of a slumber party "who are you going to marry" game for gullible grownups.

Myss does not, by the way, have a real PhD, but has on Who comes up with this crap? Myss does not, by the way, have a real PhD, but has one from an off shore online australian "university" that has no accreditation from the Australian government. She's one of the biggest quacks going. Don't waste your money. Dec 05, Jean rated it it was amazing. I "discovered" Caroline Myss last year via a metaphysics class, and she writes great books on how to understand yourself and motivations for doing things.

It's deep, and not easy, as she gives you exercises to do. In Sacred Contracts, you are trying to figure out what your purpose is in this incarnation on Earth thru a series of 12 archetypes, 4 of which the author feels everyone has. It takes time to make up your "wheel" and understand it. So I'm about three quarters through, but have work to d I "discovered" Caroline Myss last year via a metaphysics class, and she writes great books on how to understand yourself and motivations for doing things. So I'm about three quarters through, but have work to do to understand it better.

I do recommend her. I finished my "wheel" and if you want to learn more about how Sacred Contracts can help you understand your motivations and behaviors, please check out my report on http: Apr 16, Britt Lakin rated it it was amazing. Wow, if you are psychic already claiming your power, this will take you even further into it. High voltage, weightless, perfect. Aug 12, Phyllis rated it it was ok. Caroline Myss Cosmic Thoughts from Phyllis: Caroline Myss, a renowned Medical Intuitive, has provided an excellent tool for those who have been asking these questions about themselves: Why am I here?

What should I be doing with my life? Some timeless questions, and this book is a tool that can help you find the answers yourself. A list of trained Sacred Contract Counselors is available if you wish to consult them. It is not only your mind that wants to know your mission — it is a question asked by your body mind and spirit. Archetypes are timeless patterns of behavior first brought into public awareness by Carl Jung. Caroline has expanded these archetypes and noted positive and negative aspects for each.

By changing their negative aspects to positive ie by changing your pattern of behavior , you can make changes in your life path — a life path correction, and yourself discover why it is that you came here.

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You can find Carolyn here: Dec 15, Tracy rated it did not like it. This book has way to much information built on one persons personal experiences. If the book was written in a different "spirit" , then maybe could get something out of it, but I just could not listen to the tone of voice. She seems to be attempting building monument of made up of her own "sensing" experiences, more like an elaborate sand castle.

May 07, Vicki rated it it was amazing. Actually, I completed the first reading of this book months ago. But I have been 'working' on it since then. If you read it you know it requires work on your 'archetypes. I believe I will actively work with this book all my life. Sep 06, Elyse rated it liked it. I have a mixed feelings about Carolyn Myss.

If people were to read her book the way she wrote it they would need a least a 'year' to devote to it. Our Center For Spiritual Living had picked it for 'book of the month' Almost 'nobody' could get through it. Plus --the 'topic' was NOT what Myss is best at. I actually think she the author was working out too much of her own issues when writing that book and then then final result of her book --just came off too much as if she was really 'right' I prefer Eckart Tolle Mar 15, Pamela Wells rated it it was amazing.

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose was? Caroline Myss's books "Sacred Contracts" is a powerful book for rediscovering your own unique talents and gifts. One of the first steps towards wisdom is self-knowledge. You can begin to understand more by reawakening to your own dreams and passions and then redirecting your valuable time and energy towards your highest potential. I highly recommend this book and the exercises. Completing a sacred contract 12 house wheel is tremendously helpful Have you ever wondered what your life purpose was?

Completing a sacred contract 12 house wheel is tremendously helpful for inner guidance and life choices now and into the future.

I created my own archetypal wheel in and I have it near my calendar as a regular reminder and map of where I am heading in my life. Jul 22, Bella rated it really liked it Shelves: It was touch and go with me on this book. I teetered on 2. A healthy balance would have been nice. With that said, her tools to approaching archetypes have been blessedly healing and enlightening. I'm continually learning more about myself as I look at my own wheel and how I can apply it as a mirror to see and be in this world.

I'm even picking music that matches the archetype to its placement on t It was touch and go with me on this book. I'm even picking music that matches the archetype to its placement on the wheel - my own medicine music.