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Why the seven inner centers Chakras of Kundalini Yoga are the same as the ten centers Sefirot of Kabbala. The significance of the Green Serpent Kundalini and the functions of the various channels that connect the inner centers. The different centers, with a detailed description of their psychological and spiritual influence. Relationship of meditation with releasing the power from the inner centers.

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The practical value of meditation, its four stages, and the physical, psychological, psychic and spiritual effects. The risks involved in releasing these inner powers, and how to avoid them. The reason for the inter-relationship between Kabbala and Kundalini Yoga, and their original source. Although this book is written in an explanatory style which guides the layman through the intricacies of these two teachings as they relate to our inner powers, the material content contains much that will interest the more advanced student.

Based upon thorough research, Dr. Judd outlines in logical steps why,The Tree symbol that is frequently referred to as the Tree of Life is misnamed. Any attempt to reconcile the Chakras with the Sefirot using the wrong Tree symbol will lead to inaccurate conclusions. The position of the Sefirot changes depending upon which Tree symbol is used. There are three central channels that connect the Chakras, rather than the one that is usually shown, and Kabbala supports this fact.

This explains the different levels of power released from the same Chakra. Why some of the practices used to open the Chakras involve considerable risks Anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of Kabbala, Kundalini Yoga, the inner nature and powers of man, meditation, and the safe way to travel on the journey within, will greatly benefit from the information in this book.

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Ratings and reviews No one's rated or reviewed this product yet. To rate and review, sign in. The two likely diverged around 5 million years ago with the rising of the central mountain range in New Guinea. The authors suggested this might explain poor breeding success in Australia if people were unknowingly trying to breed the northern and southern green tree pythons, as they were not closely related.

The two taxa are indistinguishable in appearance. The green tree python is characterized by a relatively slim body. The head is large and clearly defined from the neck.

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The snout is large and angular. The body is triangular in cross section with a visible spine. The size also varies depending on the region of origin. The weight is highly dependent upon the nutritional status of the animal. The type locality given is "Aroe-eilanden" Aru Islands, Indonesia. This species is sympatric with M. Its main habitat is typically in or near rainforest, and is primarily arboreal, residing in trees, shrubs, and bushes. Occasionally, it is seen on the ground.

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In , the green tree python was rated as least concern on the IUCN Red List of endangered species on the basis of its large range and isolated declines in population from smuggling. However, the threat from smuggling for the pet trade was recognised and requires monitoring. Primarily arboreal, these snakes have a particular way of resting in the branches of trees; they loop a coil or two over the branches in a saddle position and place their head in the middle.

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This habit, along with their appearance, has caused people to confuse the two species when seen outside their natural habitat. The diet consists mostly of small mammals, such as rodents, and sometimes reptiles, such as geckos and skinks. In examining stomach contents of more than 1, animals, he did not find any evidence of avian prey.

Prey is captured by holding onto a branch using the prehensile tail and striking out from an S-shaped position and constricting the prey. Wild specimens have also been observed and photographed wrapped around the base of small tree trunks, facing down in an ambush position, presumably waiting for ground mammals to prey upon.


Breeding has never been reported from the wild, but in captivity, eggs are incubated and protected by the female. Hatchlings are lemon-yellow with broken stripes and spots of purple and brown, or golden or orange-red. Color change for red juveniles has not been observed in the wild. These snakes are often bred and kept in captivity, although they are usually considered an advanced species due to their specific care requirements; once these are met, they usually thrive in captivity.

This has led to large numbers being illegally caught in the wild to the detriment of native populations. Transport is hazardous to the snakes' health and up to half are thought to perish in the smuggling process. The species is protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora with its placement on the Appendix II list of vulnerable species, which makes the import, export, and trade of listed wild-caught animals illegal. In , it was fully protected under national legislation in Indonesia. Despite this, a flourishing illegal trade continues, and wildlife breeding farms were found to be serving as conduits to funnel wild-caught green tree pythons out of Indonesia.

Harvesting of wild green tree pythons was heaviest in Biak and neighbouring islands, with resulting population decline. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Morelia viridis Conservation status. Retrieved 14 January