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Covariates The Lifestyle Interview collected the following information: Measures Independent variables Temperament was assessed by parent report using a modified version of the Infant Behavior Questionnaire IBQ 45 at 12 months modifications, approved by M. Statistical Methods Principal component factor analysis PCFA was used to define the underlying structure among variables in the analysis, with an objective of condensing information contained in the original variables into a smaller set of factors with minimal information loss RESULTS Analyses of selective attrition compared maternal and infant characteristics of subjects included in the study versus those excluded because they were not evaluated at 3 years on at least one of the dependent measures.

Table 1 Maternal and Infant dyads included and not included at the 3 year evaluation. Open in a separate window.

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Early intervention for low birth weight, preterm infants: Infant reactivity and reliance on mother during emotion challenges: Salivary cortisol levels and infant temperament shape developmental trajectories in boys at risk for behavioral maladjustment. Resilience and vulnerability among preschool children: Resilience among children exposed to domestic violence: Differential susceptibility to rearing influence: An evolutionary hypothesis and some evidence.

When I Was Thirty-Five I Had a Very Good Year: The Life and Works of James Edgar Templin

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When I Was Thirty-Five I Had a Very Good Year: The Life and Works of James Edgar Templin

Amphetamine addiction during pregnancy: Amphetamine abuse during pregnancy: Scand J Public Health. Smaller subcortical volumes and cognitive deficits in children with prenatal methamphetamine exposure.

Altered neurometabolites and motor integration in children exposed to methamphetamine in utero. Effects of prenatal methamphetamine exposure on verbal memory revealed with functional magnetic resonance imaging. Differentiating prenatal exposure to methamphetamine and alcohol versus alcohol and not methamphetamine using tensor-based brain morphometry and discriminant analysis.

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The infant development, environment, and lifestyle study: Intrauterine growth of infants exposed to prenatal methamphetamine: Prenatal methamphetamine use and neonatal neurobehavioral outcome. Four Factor Index of Social Status. Department of Sociology, Yale University; Patterns of Methamphetamine Use During Pregnancy: Matern Child Health J. Social capital and successful development. J Marriage and the Family. Home observation for measurement of the environment.

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J Clin Child Psychol. Parenting and development of one-year-olds: Socioeconomic disadvantage and child development. The effects of poverty on children. Supporting Children with Cerebral Palsy nasen spotlight Volume 5 Flourishing in the First Five Years: Facilitator's Guide for What's Your Evidence?: Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: When Play Isn't Fun: Helping Children Resolve Play Conflicts Storying Learning in Early Childhood: When Children Falsely Confess The British Empire Volume 5 Commentary on Plato's Timaeus: Volume 6, Book 5: Proclus on the Gods of Generation and the Creation of Humans After the Dark Ages: When In the Course of Human Events: This volume is the author's attempt to have the work of his father, James Edgar Templin JET , available to readers and art enthusiasts.

Timothy J. Templin Showcases Life and Art in New Book

There are some very talented, artistic people that remain unheard of until they have passed away. There are of many books on art and photography but what sets this volume unique from the rest is that it has a personal quality about it, written by the son of the artist that conveys personal stories and anecdotes that may not have been available to another author. There is a force of energy that passes from one generation to another.

It is not just money, habits, property or genes. It is a creative force that continues for all time. In addition, Templin hopes the readers enjoy the JET collection and might even be inspire readers to create their own works of art.