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Impress your German-speaking friends or improve your German writing with an idiom that really hits the spot. There you can also check out our German expression of the week, where we provide a fun doodle to illustrate a different idiomatic expression every week.

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    12 colourful German expressions that'll add swagger to your language skills

    PDF Cover letter template — an English-language cover letter to adapt to your needs. Der, die, and das: Tricks to guess genders better. PDF Prepositions of Movement and Location — An illustration of what kind of movement is expressed with which prepositions and their cases. PDF Articles and Adjective Declination — Example sentences to learn in order to get a feeling for the connections, as well as a useful declination table. Start on the right path! We hear it again and again: We have years of experience helping expats with the necessary steps to get settled in Berlin and created this suite of online seminars to give you practical information - and peace of mind.

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    Sign up for the Expath newsletter and get instant discounts and special offers! Das ist ein Stuhl. Das ist eine Flasche. Das ist ein Tschehr. Was ist drei plus neun? Das ist keine Tasche. Das ist keine Flasche. Ist deine Miete billig? Meine Miete ist in Berlin. Meine Mutter ist in Kanada. Nein, meine Miete ist teuer.

    12 colourful German expressions that'll add swagger to your language skills - The Local

    Wie ist das Wetter? Es ist sehr kalt und die Sonne scheint. Es ist warm und kalt. Was hast du gestern gegessen? Ich habe Pizza gegessen. Ich habe Kaffee gegessen. Ich bin in ein Restaurant gegangen. Ich bin Currywurst gegessen. Was ist dein Job? Ich arbeite in Berlin. Ich arbeite als Programmierer. Mein Job ist da. Ich Job ist Club.

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    • Ich gehe nach Hause. Es geht um die Titanic. Du gehst mit mir. Wo ist der schwarze Stift? Neben den roten Stiften. Bei dem blauen Stift. Neben die rote Stift. Zwischen dem schwarzen und dem roten Stift. Was darf man nicht? Man darf in der U-Bahn nicht essen. I updated the headline to include the German version again [The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose.

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      Whoever has the choice has the torment. He was in an agony of indecision; he made an anguished choice. Du hast die Qual der Wahl, then you might even say: You have the burden of choice; You're stuck with having to choose. My point here is that you don't have to translate Qual closely, since part of the reason it's used in the phrase is that it rhymes with Wahl.

      Many idioms or soundbites in many languages go for rhyme or assonance, probably to enhance mnemonic value: Ein Spatz in der Hand to Proverb: A bird in the hand because it makes more sense as an en: A redirect remains from the German version. I've also changed the references here and in Finnish proverbs. My Opa used it often, mostly in contempt for those esp. Being kinky and placing the omnious translation right above everyone else's opinions: The equivalent "every cloud has a silver lining" is not correct. These two proverbs are actually very different.

      It basically says that there are ups and downs, or, more precisely, downs and ups. One incident occurs after the other. The English "equivalent" every cloud has a silver lining , which is widely used in the U. I think it goes without saying that these meanings are very different. I corrected the meaning. This is not what the proverb is about. It means, that fear will empower you to do things you wouldn't or couldn't normally do. I'm not sure that the stated provenance from Lenin is correct.

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      I've always understood that it was Stalin who coined this one. Moreover, for either of those two, this quote doesn't properly belong here, since it is not an original German proverb. Stalin didn't speak German anyway and whilst Lenin did, it was not his mother tongue, so in my view the quote should go to Russian proverbs, if it is a proverb at all and not an attribuatble aforism, which is something entirely different.

      Corrected from "Vertrauen ist gut, kontrolle noch besser. This is not Standard German. Im German and i don't know this proverb. I think its a strange dialect, could anyone please proove it? I would do it myself but i think my English is too bad. The poor one oama and the greedy one jeetzya