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But they can have very slightly different meanings too. When we use verbs like like, love, hate plus an -ING form, it generally means that we like, love or hate something while we are actually doing it. When we say that we like, love or hate TO DO something , it means that we like love or hate the practice or effect.

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This is easiest to show with the verb LIKE. We usually use like to do something when we mean that we like the effect of doing something, or we think it is a good idea to do this thing because of its wider effects:. This would imply that it's a sensible thing to do.

In contrast, we usually use like doing something when we find the experience itself pleasurable or enjoyable. Consider this version of the sentence:.

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This would tend to imply that you were a bit of a masochist! It means that you actually enjoy going to the dentist.

Another way to think about it, is that when you say " like doing it " you like it while you are doing it. When you say like to do it it means you like it after you've done it.

Blues I Love to Sing

With the verb LOVE , it's more difficult to find a clear situation where you will love to do something but hate doing it. It is perhaps possible. These differences have been well documented in various grammar sources. However, it seems from comments here that for some varieties of American English, there is no difference between like to do and like doing. In the phrases love to do it and love doing it , we understand that the subject of LOVE is the same as the subject of DO.

For example, there is a noun singing. Many nouns, like the noun singing , describe actions. When we use the NOUN singing and we don't say who the actual singer is, then it can be anybody:. The first sentence says that I love the habit or practice of singing jazz. Maybe I love to do it at certain times or for certain occasions.

The second sentence says that I really enjoy singing jazz. In the third example singing does not have a direct object. This word could be a noun or a verb.

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If it's the noun then this sentence means that I love listening to people singing jazz. If it's the verb it means that I love doing the singing. If it's a noun we will use an adjective to describe the singing. If it's a verb we will use an adverb:. The first sentence means I like it when other people sing quietly.

The second sentence means that I like to sing quietly myself. In I love to sing , the verb "love" is said to control the subject of the verb "sing", resulting in the phenomenon often called equivalent noun phrase deletion equi-NP deletion. Basically, in this construction, the subject of the subordinate verb is constrained to be the same as the subject of the main clause. The underlying semantic structure would be "I love: I love singing is ambiguous. The word "singing" can be seen as general activity of singing where I express my appreciation of listening to songs , where the subject and all other thematic roles are left unspecified and made vague by the nominalisation good example of political rhetoric pattern here: Growing up in Tupelo, and more importantly Memphis, it is not surprising that the young Elvis Presley quickly appreciated the raw, heartfelt emotion and personal expression emanating from Delta blues music.

The southern states of the US had long been a hotbed of complementary and dissimilar musical genres: Moreover, the s was a time of racial change. King in his autobiography mentions meeting the young Elvis on several occasions and comments on Elvis's obvious fascination with blues music.

Beale Street was where the father of the blues, W. Handy famous for his St Louis Blues began to publish blues songs around Consisting of a series of nightclubs and other venues, passers-by could be entertained all night long in the clubs by legendary entertainers and out on the street by itinerant black blues artists.

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Cindy Hazen and Mike Freeman note in their excellent book 'Memphis Elvis Style' that Beale Street was an area where black people could go and socialise without experiencing any intimidation from whites and Elvis because of his love of blues music is generally regarded as being one of the few whites who visited Beale Street. For white youth this was the avenue they needed to escape the mainstream conservatism of the music revered by their parents. This was of course consistent with the frequently reported comment by Sam Phillips that he was looking for a white boy with "the Negro sound and the Negro feel".

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