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Unlike the 80, to , belugas living farther north, the St.

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Lawrence beluga doesn't face predators such as orcas and polar bears, and it isn't hunted by people. But Canada classifies this fascinating creature as endangered, and its numbers don't seem to be increasing at a normal rate.

Dinah Shore - "Blue Canary" (1953)

Lawrence belugas show an alarming incidence of cancer, and the most likely cause is pollution by sewage, pesticides and industrial contaminants that accumulate in sediments where the whales feed. In years past, St. Lawrence belugas were slaughtered by whalers for their oil and skin, and killed by fishermen who blamed them — mistakenly, as it turns out — for decimating cod and other commercially valuable fish stocks.

Today scientists do not agree on the whales' numbers or status. The animals are probably better off today than they were a decade ago, but environmentalists fear that politics and complacency may defeat the promise of an even better future. Breaking your application into small, independently releaseable services is another, since there is less to test and less that can break. You need to do a canary release if you're not completely certain that the new version will function correctly in production.

Even if you are a thorough tester, the Internet is a large and complex place and is always coming up with unexpected challenges. Even if you use feature toggles, one might be implemented incorrectly. Deployment automation takes effort, so most organizations will plan to use one strategy or the other every time.

So do blue-green deployment if you're committed to practices that allow you to be confident in doing so. Otherwise, send out the canary. The essence of blue-green is deploying all at once and the essence of canary deployment is deploying incrementally, so given a single pool of users I can't think of a process that I would describe as doing both at the same time.

The “Sea Canary” Sings the Blues

If you had multiple independent pools of users, e. Although if you didn't need canary deployment within a data center, you probably wouldn't need it across data centers.

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  • I have written a detailed essay on this topic here: In my opinion, the difference is whether or not the new 'green' version is exposed to real users. If it is, then I'd call it Canary. Read the post for a detailed comparison. This a great capability to have when the ability to recreate environments is desired. Although both of these terms look quite close to each other, they have subtle differences. One put confidence in your functionality release and the other put confidence the way you release. The canary release is a technique to reduce the risk of introducing a new software version in production by slowly rolling out the change to a small subset of users before rolling it out to the entire infrastructure.

    The "Sea Canary" Sings the Blues | Science | Smithsonian

    Don't be confused by her name - she is German, Donzow is the family of her husband. Some Japanese or Latino group from some vynil disk with somewhat like "Greatest hits of 50ths". Search engines give us links to this song performed by Russian group "Redkaya ptitsa" "Rare bird" , but without vocal and the melody is wrong. Ugly pank version from "Boney-Nem".

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    Nevertheless, it is possible to hear it one time. What is to say in addition? It seems that they are singing by ear, without seeing Italian lyrics. That is why the legend exists that Italian lyrics is in "rare dialect which none of living Italians can understand". All variants of lyrics are procured by me, myself, and not easily.

    Since the song is forgotten all over the world, it was impossible to find any reliable information in Internet. As well as I was unable to "catch" lyrics from the phonogram, even from English one. Therefore I decided to go tried way of searching of information - I began to adhere to persons who potentially could help me.

    Blue canary

    Act the same way as me - and fortune will smile you. That is another story - translation from Italian to Russian without speaking Italian and knowing nothing about Italian grammar. But it was successfully completed by iterative comparison of different auto-translations to Russian and English with additional searches in many online dictionaries. Final translation in English retelling was approved by Italian comrades. German and Spanish variants was translated the same way much more quickly. Apparantly, it is accounted by better quality of auto-translation tools from that languages.

    Also I tried to catch music of Italian variant of the "Blue canary", and I was relatively succeeded bluecanr. Of course, I did not interpret all passages and, unfortunately, I did not understand the return from orchestra fragment, but I am satisfied by the result.

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    By the way, in original sheet music of Fiorino used this arrangement fiorino. To put it mildly - unpretentious. Original is in English, no retelling needed Italian Carera Original Blue canary di ramo in ramo, Gorgheggi al vento il tuo richiamo. Blue canary attendi invano Che torni al nido chi ando lontano. Blue canary che affidi al vento Le tristi note del tuo tormento, Blue canary nel bel tramonto Ti sento amico del mio rimpianto. Blue blue blue canary - pic, pic, pic - si perde l'eco. Se piangi o canti al tramontar - pic, pic - ripete il vento.

    Blue canary is waiting in vain, That that who is gone will return to the nest. Any flower in my little garden Hangs its head And listens, intimidated, Your deeply wounding story. Over branches of the pine From that forgotten nest It is heard hopeless Recall to one who had gone. Blue canary, commiting to the wind Sad notes of your grief, Blue canary, against a background of a beautiful sunset I feel, that you are fellow in my sadness.