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They get dumped by Lappish women.

Will they still the magic Sampo With its lid of many colors? You bet they will, motherfuckers. I'm not one of the scholars of early European epic Bosley is talking about in that paragraph of his wonderful introduction, just someone who once did a dissert This is a thought-provoking piece of majestic work. Thought-provoking because as I read it, an insane amount of questions kept coming to mind which I will try completely incompletely to compile here, although not with the mastery of Elias Lonnrot.

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So, without further ado, three important lessons I was expecting this classic Finnish mythos, this fantasy epic, to be kinda dense and worldly and weighty, but I didn't expect it to be totally readable, droll, classy, and exciting. I also didn't expect to see it as the source material for so many classic I've never gotten into Finnish history or literature as much as I've followed the other Scandinavian countries.

Although, let's face it: Not just because they drastically lowered their infant mortality rate by putting their babies in cardboard boxes, and have the best educatio Old woman of underground soil-dame, earth-mistress now set the sward pushing up the strong earth heaving!

This poem immerses you in physical and mythical Finland. This is about as close to nirvana as I have found! Kalevala - The Land of the Heroes - Volume 1.

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    Kalevala, The Land of the Heroes, Volume One

    Then she wandered from the storehouses, And across the fields she wandered, Past the marshes, and the heathlands, Through the shady, gloomy forests. But my trouble would not vex me, And the weight would less oppress me, If I perished, hapless maiden, Ending thus my life of sorrow, In the burden of my trouble, In the sadness of my sorrow. In the north of this peninsula is Lapland, and in the south, Finland.

    The modern history of Finland begins with the year , when the country was conquered from the original inhabitants by the Swedes, and Christianity was introduced.

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    Later on, the Finns became Lutherans, and are a pious, industrious, and law-abiding people, the upper classes being highly educated. During the wars between Sweden and Russia, under Peter the Great and his successors, much Finnish territory was wrested from Sweden, and St.

    Petersburg itself stands on what was formerly Finnish territory. When what was left of Finland was finally absorbed by Russia in , special privileges were granted by Alexander I. The upper classes speak Swedish and Finnish; and the lower classes chiefly Finnish.

    Kalevala, The Land of the Heroes, Volume One by Elias Lönnrot and W. F. Kirby

    Finnish is upheld by many Finns from patriotic motives, and there is a considerable modern literature in both languages. Translations of most standard works by English and other authors are published in Finnish. The language they speak belongs to a group called Finnish-Ugrian, or Altaic, and is allied to Lappish and Esthonian, and more distantly to Turkish and Hungarian, There are only twenty-one letters in the alphabet; the letter J is pronounced like Y as a consonant , and Y almost as a short I.

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