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Can she trust herself and guard her heart, or will she lose herself to the flames? In a world where demons wreak havoc while hidden from human sight, one girl must accept she's not quite human and prepare for an impending battle. Stunning YA Fantasy Tale! Fifteen-year-old Nara hates secrets, but when she uses magic to save her friend, she uncovers the biggest secret of all Review Williamson pens an action-packed, imaginative second installment in the Blood of Kings trilogy. Blood of Kings Book 2 Paperback: Enclave April 1, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention achan vrell williamson fantasy jill trilogy christian god third hid arman knights romance action boy adventure king readers continues pages. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I'm glad I finally bought and read it. The characters had more personality with plenty of flaws.

The plot was quest-like but not predictable. The conflicts weren't too easily resolved. Some characters were added, but it wasn't too large of a cast. Now it sounds like I just found the book decently okay, but it really was very good maybe 4. The magic went further but still stayed within firm boundaries. We learn about storming and the veil and even controlling other people's thoughts and the ethics behind it all.

More on this later. I loved that Avarella and Achan get to know each other while she's pretending to just be Vrell. She even dances with a girl, and I would've expected her to notice. Maybe a couple knights and an ignorant boy Achan don't realize that Vrell is a girl, but another girl should.

Still, it was a fun secret. It made for some nice tension later, especially because her disguise is two layers deep. I liked that half the land is literally dark, a pitch-black hemisphere despite time of day. It made for interesting settings. I don't know why people stayed or how they grow food, but whatever. JW introduced new ideas well. First, readers learn about the darkness by experiencing it.

The characters stumble around without a torch for the first several pages, smelling and listening their way across a river and away from pursuers. If JW had just told readers that "it was pitch black outside," readers would never have caught on the same. Next, JW showed us a new magical term, storming, but having the bad guys use it against the good guys and by having Achan accidentally use it against Vrell.

Instead of saying, "storming is a mental attack that knocks another's mind from their body," she had the characters experience it. That's really the best way to inform readers. Don't tell them about the magical swords that cut anything, show the readers the magical swords cutting through things! I need to work on this. I forget that things are cooler up close. One person found this helpful.

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Hubby and I loved the first book in this trilogy and immediately bought the second to start reading right away on Kindle. It got to where the mistakes, poor wording, and heavy-handedness became downright distracting. Combined with the suddenly plodding storyline, less of Achan's quirky-gritty humor, a dozen internally-asked questions in the narrative on each page, and VAST amounts of introspection as opposed to external actions in a place where the characters slog through pitch blackness and mosquitoes most of the time, it almost seemed as if it was written by a different author than By Darkness Hid.

Vrell's greatly-increased internal whimpering and waffling didn't help any, and the problems with her increasingly-drawn-out male disguise aren't entirely addressed. Williamson's reasons for not completely addressing those problems may be similar to mine for not detailing them here seriously, who wants to think about those details, whether microbial or feminine in nature , but the extent of factual realism elsewhere contrasted starkly with this glossing-over and strained my willing suspension of disbelief.

All in all, reading this book aloud to my husband in the evenings became just plain painful for me and I lost interest in continuing, a third of the way through.

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And after such a wonderful, thoroughly delightful start in the first book. I do still want to know what ultimately becomes of various characters and situations, so maybe I'll eventually knuckle down, plow through the middle book always the weakest in a trilogy , and get on to the probably more interesting and involving end of the story.

Martin with his Game of Thrones series. She succeeds them with her Blood of Kings trilogy. Follow the whirlwind journey of Achan, a young man whose status is lower than a slave, who not only discovers that he is the long lost heir to the throne, but also the one anointed by the One True God.

Not a believer at first, Achan soon walks in fellowship with Arman. Gifted with the legacy of bloodvoicing, Achan is the strongest one of all. He is befriended by Sir Gavin. Before long, Achan is thrust into a terrifying war to claim his birthright and destiny. Knights, Giants, a boy who is really a girl, Duchesses, Dukes, and demons are only a few of the companions and foes. Temptations, daring rescues, torture and cruelty, and thieves bombard Achan and his knights.

This is a story about false idols, love, the One True God, and honor. Superbly written in a fast pace, it will honestly keep you up for hours until you turn the last page. Especially with the twists and turns thrown your way. Williamson's books break the thin line between young adult and adult fantasy. Entertaining and thought provoking One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.

See all reviews. A list of everything wrong vs. A list of everything right Viewer discretion: This list has been created employing personal views on the novel, this does not go to say that every and anyone should change their mind about reading it. View all 20 comments. Well this was one of those for me, when I finished it I was left wondering if I'd read the same book as everyone else. I didn't feel the suspense or really get the 'scared' vibe I think I was meant to.

I found Elenore annoying and her flashbacks were much more full on than the situation she was in in the present. There is nothing wrong with the writing, it was simply a case of me not feeling the story. I think I'm just going to chalk this one up to If you like a dark different read then give this a go and see what you think. On a side note, this story contains forms of abuse including child abuse. Please keep this in mind before reading. View all 40 comments. Her last goodbye letter to her parents tucked in his pocket.

It's a fun game trying to break them into a million pieces, shattering their world wide apart, leaving them in a crumpled mess and crushing their spirit while I do so. NOW the search is on for another girl!! And so the game of cat and mouse commences all over again, he's found his next victim, watches in the background, biding his time he makes his move, one quick hit to the head she's carried away to awaken in a cell like dungeon surrounded by concrete walls covered in blood.

Who has taken her? This took me a while to connect with the story until I reached the actual kidnapping I was hooked, invested wholeheartedly to finish it and see what her demise was going to be, all the goodness that us dark lovers enjoy came at me. It's dark, gritty, confrontational, nothing is glossed over it's right up in your face weither you're ready for it or not!

Be prepared to be consumed. We go into this book blind, all we have to go on is her letter to her captor and yet we come out with so many more questions that I'm hoping get answered in the next book. This did end on a cliffy and what a fucked up cliffy it was, there's no getting over that until the next book, it could be a huge game changer depending how the author plays it, it could go many ways. GAH, need, want, that next book!! View all 11 comments. Nothing about this story is safe from me. To all those who enjoyed it, I'm happy you did!

As for me, I wasn't vibing with it. I'm not sure how to summarize it but here goes: When Elenore Burrows was young she had a rough childhood. As an adult I think she's 23? She's an assistant to the editor of a teen magazine and life is pretty routine until she sees her best friend on the news pronounced dead at the hands of a recent serial killer. This leads to a chain of events that result in her meeting with Detective Roman Blackwood, and eventually, being abducted by the serial killer. Nothing I said above is a spoiler!

It's basically in the blurb. Anyways, I'm gonna break this down according to how I rated this book 1. Also, the blurb intrigued me enough to buy it from Amazon. That's pretty impressive considering I usually borrow books from the library. But more on that later! Idk it's not really a cliffhanger view spoiler [because Elenore lives until the next book and I think the third book?

My nostrils are fuming, my palms are itching, I have a twitch in my eye, and my wisdom teeth are aching. I have so many notes highlighted 35, to be exact from this paged book. Both long and short. So someone explain to me why I'm seeing this in the second chapter about Elenore's boss: Her [Violet] OCD tendency has made the office basically a color-coded nightmare… Violet has a way of making people feel belittled… There As if adding fuel to stereotypes was necessary??

From Elenore's diary entry as a year-old: The bitchy high-class girls and their perfect hair, perfectly pressed clothes… Gah! Makes me so angry. Elenore didn't have much growing up. Owned three shirts, was hardly fed, denied basic human needs, and no one bothered to check on her at school despite the visible bruises. I sympathize with her. Domestic abuse is not a light subject and kids don't come out of it right because of years worth of trauma.

However, that doesn't make it okay to hate on other girls simply because of the life they're living. But do we have to drag other girls down? This could've been handled in a number of ways, and the quote above just sounds bad. I found it hard to believe Elenore was grieving for her deceased friend. Elenore has two best friends: Rebecca, the deceased mentioned in the summary above, and Lewis, who lives across the hall from her.

Lewis had been longing for Rebecca's affections for some time, while Rebecca did her own thing. Now, look at this: This happens on so many occasions, oh my god. And then she goes back to her dairy, lamenting how she couldn't move past her best friend's death. But with every book with a poorly meshed out storyline, the only thing that can suddenly ease her mind from grief by twofold is Strap in folks, I'm about to rip this lil prune apart. Someone answer these for me because I haven't studied law: His hand reaches around and his finger grazes my cheek.

I close my eyes, relishing in the small gesture.

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I feel his body pressed up against my back Without a word, he spins me around to face him. He tilts my face up to meet his. His lips press to mine ever so gently. Every part of me heats up. I give in to him, opening my mouth slightly to allow him access, and he takes it like a bloodthirsty animal. I open my eyes, and he stares down at me.

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He turns and disappears out the door. Ya'll, I hate insta love. I'm absolutely sick of it. It works in some stories but not in this. I felt gross, creeped out, and pissed. Nothing about Elenore and Roman's romance felt natural and appropriate. I could provide a thorough list of quotes but honestly, it's not even worth it. This gif basically summarizes what Elenore does when she's around Roman: Elenore knew her worth. For all the things that didn't work for me in this novel, Elenore's sense of self and self-respect grabbed hold of me long enough to see how this part of her would play out.

It was definitely a breath of fresh air amidst the insta-love, thinly veiled misogyny, and underwhelming intrigue. I told myself every day for about a year I was worth something. That I was to become so much more than my father ever wanted of me. View all 6 comments. Fairly good cover on this one. It does a good job of representing the story found within. It makes great use of graphics. The composition minus the title is good as well. The title work isn't the best IMO. What a surprisingly good little f cked up book this turned out to be. The writing was excellent. The pace was perfe Fairly good cover on this one.

The pace was perfect. The plot was engaging. The characters were interesting. Elenore is by far the most developed so far but since this is a serial I am hoping we will get more background on a couple of others over the course of the other books. I'm going to leave my review pretty vague as I don't want to give anything away. Let us just say that my mind is cooking up all sorts of different theories about the "who's" and "why's.

Bring on book two, please View all 8 comments. Your time is up. Dear Captor is the first installment of the Letters in Blood series, a book that was really surprising. Although the blurb set the tone, it took some time before the plot eventually took the turn I was expecting, the anticipation of what was to come building and building, letting us know who Eleanor was and, maybe most importantly, what her story was. W "Look out, precious princess. We discover a young woman with a Cinderella-like childhood ok, worse than that , and a The-Devil-Wears-Prada-ish job, a tough, determined, caring young woman, whose resilience is heartwarming.

I won't tell much, as I don't want to spoil anything. The Captor, as called in the book, is someone I truly despised. I think we are going to learn more about him in the next installments, and even if I'm curious to know how exactly he became the monster he is, I can't see how he would redeem himself in the future. Angst, suspicion, paranoia gripped me and I kept dreading what I knew was coming.

That feeling was very powerful and unsettling, which I loved. Dear Captor is a short book, almost an introduction of the whole story I'm now so excited about. I read it in one setting and it kept me riveted to my kindle thanks to the alternate points of view and the short chapters, and the fast pace. With Love, I can't wait to read you! Begging and crying are welcome.

Expect pain and lots of it. Look around—those splatters are remnants of the lives of those before you. View all 5 comments. A dark, suspenseful and mysterious read! This genre is totally up my alley, so of course when I read the synopsis, I wanted this book!

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Dear Captor was the first book I have read by this author and I must say I was impressed. Elenore has had a rough life, but man is she a fighter. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say, this book will cause you to think and leave you wondering and guessing.

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I love books like that. I really enjoyed it and am dying for the next book! Dear Captor Letters in Blood series, 1 This book is a short Dark, tormenting and suspensful instalment. It keeps you on your toes trying guess how, who and why It is not for the faint hearted so you have been warned We get to know Elenore in this book and we get an insight into her past and present.

In all honesty im going to keep my review short as i refuse to give anything away. You need to read this book to feel the emotions i felt reading without any spoilers. This book was well writ Dear Captor Letters in Blood series, 1 This book is a short Dark, tormenting and suspensful instalment. This book was well written. Liz Lovelock nailed it. I can't wait for the next installment with Love.

Where to begin with Dear Captor by Liz Lovelock. Every now and again, I will read a book that stands out from the high amount I read a month, and OMFG this was it for me. The main character Eleanore has been through so much in her life with an abusive upbringing, only now to be kidnapped jus Where to begin with Dear Captor by Liz Lovelock.

The main character Eleanore has been through so much in her life with an abusive upbringing, only now to be kidnapped just as her career in the journalism world is about to take off at the magazine she has been working at. There is a serial killer on the loose, and he is killing girls after they write their final goodbye letters. Eleanore has been captured and asked to write her letter, but unlike the previous girls who addressed it to their loved ones.

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Eleanore has addressed hers to her Captor. Will this letter to the Captor be the one sliver she needs to stay alive a little bit longer or will it not make a difference? A fast-paced dark suspense that will have readers captured from the very first page. A must-read for , this is one series I will be recommending to all to purchase.

Now sitting here with Dear Captor all complete I am simply lost for words. And writing this review? But I will say this I refuse to give anything away about this novel because it needs to be read free from any spoilers. Because I would like to think that this novel will impact you just like it did me. It literally tore my heart out. Highly emotional, this novel isn't for the fainthearted.

It's graphic, highly confronting, raw and gritty.

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It swallows you whole emotionally and psychologically. The subject matter is something that you don't see often in a novel, but yet Liz Lovelock explored it and gave it the respect it deserves. Written with so much depth and detail you can't help but feel the emotion bleeding from every page.

And believe me when I tell you But while it hurts, it also gives you hope. It gives you hope that no matter how broken you feel, how damaged you are, not only psychically but emotionally, there is always hope that one day things will be better. Hope that the scars will heal. Hope that life will be different, better even. Because after-all, how can you break when you are already broken?

Thank you so much for your words. Dear Captor for me was simply Perfection, and I look forward to the next instalment. My heart is with you!! Aug 11, Coco.

Dear Captor

So now you know. This is a good story. Elenore is super likable and strong. I can't put my finger on it, theres something this was missing for me. I think if the captor and captured interacted more I would have given this 5 stars. All the other parts are interesting and well written! And intrigued I certainly am. I feel like I definately need more. Liz Lovelock has done an absolutely fantastic job. In this first installment, Liz Lovelock just gets things started with the primary focus on developing the female main character Elenore.

Sure, we do get to see some of what Elenore experiences during her first 7 days held captive but the primary purpose of this first book, in my opinion, was for readers to understand and build a relationship with Elenore which certainly happened for me.