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Sorry Frank Sinatra, but love and marriage don't go together like a horse and carriage in Mansfield Park.

Love is sort of like cheese to marriage's hamburger — great to have, but not absolute Ever see The Parent Trap? Mom and dad get a divorce and each takes one twin, so the girls grow up in very different environments and have very different personalities as a result. Home isn't always what others expect or what it's "supposed" to be in Mansfield Park.

Mansfield Park Chapter 36 Summary

In fact, homes, especially the idea of what home is, are often unexpected here. Home is not a static, or unchan Like an elephant, Fanny has a very long memory. Grant says that Mansfield will cure the Crawfords of their high society London ways. Mary continues to think that Tom Bertram is the guy for her since he's way better in the personality department than Edmund and is also the eldest son, which means a better inheritance.

Mansfield Park Themes

Tom is a gambler, though, and likes betting on horse races. Mary lets this slide for now.

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Fanny is left out of all the excitement and isn't overly thrilled with the Crawfords. The Crawfords chat with Edmund later.

Mansfield Park (FULL Audiobook)

Both of them are wondering whether or not Fanny is "out" yet. Historical Context Time again! Being "out" is a way of saying that a young lady is out in society and can receive and accept a marriage proposal.

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If a lady is not "out," it's generally because she's too young to get married or because she has older sisters who need to get married before she does. When a lady is "out" she can go to parties and balls and dinner engagements. Women who aren't "out" stay at home more and don't socialize with single men.

How It All Goes Down

She uses this to segue into chatting up Henry and assuring Fanny that she'll have a really great marriage with him. Mary also lets it slip that Henry knew all about the necklace Mary gave Fanny; in fact, it was his idea. Fanny is upset and says that Henry is a flirt and that she still doesn't want to marry him.

Mansfield Park

Mary admits her brother's a flirt but says he doesn't have a habit of falling in love all over the place, which is much safer than making women fall for him. Then Mary reminds Fanny about how nice Henry was to William. Mary embraces Fanny and tells her good-bye, and asks her friend to write to her often.