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Would you like to have a word with your long-departed mother? How about experiencing a hug from your deceased grandfather? The world's foremost expert on the near-death experience and the afterlife says he did just that, and you can too, simply by using a mirror and following the easy guidelines offered by Dr. Moody's technique involves gazing into a large mirror, an ancient technique to receive visions. For example, the great seer Nostradamus used this method to see into the future. Get into a serene state of mind by eliminating caffeine and dairy products the day before your encounter.

Eat simply, such as only fruit and vegetables. Go to the quietest part of your home. Leave your wristwatch and all jewelry off. Wear only loose, comfortable clothing. It is important to find a comfortable place where you can truly relax. Unplug clocks and phones in that room so as not to be disturbed. The goal is to ease the transition into an altered state of awareness. Sit in a comfortable chair that will support the back of your head, even if you are deeply relaxed.

Place a large mirror in front of your chair and arrange it so that you can gaze into it without having to hold your eyes at an uncomfortable angle. Create a mood by soothing yourself with beauty for about 15 minutes by looking or listening to works of art. Art alone is enough to induce altered states in many people. Soft music can go far to stimulate awareness. Gather photographs and personal items of your departed loved one around you. Touch them and remember your loved ones fondly. It is important to imprint that person firmly in your mind. Doing so shouldn't be too difficult.

A family album filled with great memories stirs up the conscious as well as the unconscious mind. Family films and videos do the same thing. Some people use articles of clothing associated with the person. Such items include fishing poles, woodworking tools, chess sets, pipes, glasses, old letters, and so on. Anything associated with that person is an effective way of bringing up memories and feelings. In the twilight of the day, light a candle and place it behind you. Dim light from behind usually works the best, although you will have to experiment until you get the lighting just right.

The twilight hours is a time that seems to better inspire altered states in many people. Later, when you become more proficient, you will find that mirror gazing is possible even in bright lights. The technique of mirror gazing itself is remarkably easy. Seated comfortably, relax and gaze into the clear depth of the mirror without trying to see anything.

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Some compare this to looking off into the distance. Properly relaxed, your arms will feel very heavy and the tips of your fingers will tingle as though charged slightly by electricity. This tingling feeling almost always signals the beginning of the hypnagogic state altered consciousness. The mirror will most likely become cloudy now. Many religious traditions share the thought that a spirit leaves the body and continues to live on after death.

This was not an ancient Jewish belief when examined in their scriptures. Oral traditions associated with the yahrzeit candle more often confuse people about the condition of the dead. I found the article in this link helpful in explaining what the Hebrew scriptures taught Jewish people and how it conflicts with what many people choose to believe today.

Thank you for your reply. I am aware of the account about Saul. You rightly stated that King Saul broke God's command by visiting the spiritist. The spirit identified itself as Samuel, but it was not Samuel. Samuel was dead and as the scriptures state, the dead are not aware of anything at all. The spirit "predicted" Saul's death. Too bad for Saul. If he listened to God's command and looked to God for help rather than a so-called spirit of the dead, he may have had God's blessing. Instead, he chose to disobey and it ended in his death.

My concern is not whether a spirit tells you something accurately. My concern is that people believe that these spirits are their dead loved ones or ancestors. There is no indication according to scripture that this is true. But it does teach that there are spirits who mislead people away from proper worship, just like the one who caused Saul to fall away from God's approval. I have learned these things from the Bible, as well as what happy future God has prepared for our dead loved ones. I think you would be very satisfied with His arrangement.

The website of the link is dedicated to helping people learn directly from the bible what that arrangement is. I have seen and talked to the dead full bodied.

While it is true there are some spirits that have not crossed over ,can hang in between planes, it does not mean that true connection cannot be had with loved ones. How you will know authenticity, is that you will feel love and higher vibration emitting.

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Dark entities or souls who have not crossed, will have a difficult time expressing or producing love. In fact, if you produce love, negative entities will run the other way. The Bible is a great book, but it was written by many people, translated and changed many times, as well as whole books omitted by the Catholic Church. The Bible has multiple contradictions in it.

Christ consciousness, and direct communication with God, is your best route for answers in this and all questions. In fact Christ says this very thing. Thank you for sharing this lovely experience. Can you explain in more detail what you do or say as you light the yarhzeit candle? I had purchased some right before the holidays.

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I would like to experience this and share it with others. While it may be news in our very unmagical secular 21st century Western society, it is a given in most of the world that spirits can be communicated with. There are many problems that can arise from this contact, which in some cultures might be called spirit possession, in others ghost sickness.

For sensitive people for whom the veil is thin, it is helpful to visual a psychic shield to block this communication when it is not wanted. The simplest one is to picture oneself surrounded by white light. Often a portion tho of course not all of the symptoms of what we call post-traumatic stress syndrome suffered by soldiers returning from war is caused by spirits of those killed in battle who have attached themselves to a person who is open.

War photographers and journalists also can be affected. Ceremonies in indigenous cultures for those returning from war alleviate some of these problems. Contact with spirits can be overwhelming for many people who don't realize how sensitive they are, as society doesn't recognize how sensitive we really all are, and can cause problems that are then difficult to undo.

Psychic societies frown on use of ouija boards and automatic writing for this reason, not because it is against some religious precepts, but because it invites possession. An extreme case is like what is depicted in the movie "Minority Report," which, as natural mediums could identify with and tell you until they have learned control, is no picnic. D--thank you for this informative and important addendum. Although certain - reservations, I will leave it that, prevent me from contacting the dead, you article brought to mind the words of a song that I play round the time of my grandfather's birth, and deathday: This day,I will always return.

I think we all need those times to return for a moment and remember. It may not be the same type of reconnecting, but I find that the comfort it gives is great. I never had the conversation with my son about providing me with a sign but I certainly thought about it during his 2 year fight with cancer. The sign was peanut butter. A few weeks after his death, I saw peanut shells in my front lawn. A few months later, at a sidewalk step, there was a bunch of peanut shells. I truly believe this was sign from my son saying he's okay and I'll be okay also.

It brought great peace to me.

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Is there anything you're supposed to say while lighting the candle? Or do you just start talking? And is there a reason you leave the candle lit for 24 hours? Hi, I was wondering if there could be a substitute for the yahrzeit candle. I found a yahrzeit candle but it is in a tin will that work??? My mom passed away recently and I still cant get over it, I just feel like talking to her just once and tell her how much I miss her I do not know if it will work with tin. I know it works with glass.

Just follow my instructions and you can do it!!! Thanks Judith will try to find the glass candle, Can you explain in more detail what you do or say as you light the yarhzeit candle? I think my version of seeing the dead is very differently. Since I could remember I have been able to see the dead, The First one that I saw that I remember clearly was when i was 10 years old and it was the middle of the night. I don't really remember why or what woke me, but when I woke up I saw a little transparent boy probably around the age of 5, walking back and forward in front of my bed.

I never really saw the little boy again.

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But there is this little girl that has been attached to me since I was around 11, she wear a white nightgown, and the nightgown looks very s. At first I thought she was so fond of me because someone could finally see her, and whenever I went out she never really followed. And I was 11 at that time, so I just thought she needed a friend. But at the age of 15 I moved at another house and She followed.

Now I am 19, and she is still with me. I'm not really sure if she want to move on or not. Or if she is so attached to me because I actually payed attention to her when I was younger. Judith Fein is a travel journalist who lives to leave. Opera shows why expectations and disappointments can be lethal. Back Find a Therapist. Fertilization Not Random After All? Are Psychopaths Unfairly Stigmatized?

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