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She loves her friends and tries to help them - unlike some self-centered YA heroines. Greek mythology is always nice to read about. Pohler doesn't just have Therese's parents die and then just sweep the whole issue under the rug to focus on romance. I mean, she kind of does - but she makes sure to let the reader know that Therese is mourning, she cries, she sometimes sleeps in her parents bed for comfort and to enjoy what's left of their scents, she has trouble sleeping, and she prays for death.

The mourning and grief Therese experiences is NOT realistic - but at least it's there, which is more than I can say for some books. The book has it's gems: Why couldn't grownups ever just do what kids asked of them without asking a million questions? Hilarious and so much truth.

Therese is absolutely a Mary-Sue Special Snowflake. Therese is 15, allegedly unremarkable looking, but yet everyone is crazy about her. Basically the book consists of all the gods of Olympus following her around and praising her. But she's humble and modest about it, of course. The writing is laughable - comparable to fan fiction or a badly written romance novel.

His thick golden hair covered his ears and fell on his forehead almost to his eyes. His eyes were blue, his skin fair, and his lips moist and peach. They parted into a smile. His lips moist and peach? Are you kidding me? O What about this dialogue: You've got a cute round face and full lips. I wouldn't mind kissing them. Thank you for your affection. Know that I stay away, not because I want to, but because if I don't, you'll die. O Also, the air left her body and her mouth flooded with moisture? Than shook his head. Than was just, not cruel. Her admiration for him multiplied like the heads on the hydra.

The book is so precious and cutesy. Poseidon lets her ride dolphins! Aphrodite gives her a magic travelling robe! Artemis gifts her with a sparkly diamond crown that makes her invisible! Her god-boyfriend takes her on a whirlwind trip around the world to watch the sun set in 8 different countries! It's like the daydream a year-old girl would have when she's bored in history class - which, I guess, is the whole point.

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There's no sex in this - it's clean. As Thanatos puts it, "You have to know that every time a god has ever made love to a human, it has always, invariably, ended in pregnancy. Like a romance novel with training wheels, I told you. Very pre-sexually-active teenage fantasy type stuff. This is for younger readers who don't actually want to have sex yet, just kissing YAY!

This isn't going on my list of cons, it's perfectly acceptable and understandable, I have no problem with this. I hate to say this, but Sherrilyn Kenyon does it better. That should be a t-shirt! Anyway, what I'm saying is that gods and dreams and romance novels regarding this kind of stuff can be found in her novels. Of course, her romance novels are definitely for adults. O But if you like this kind of stuff, books like The Dream Hunter will provide an adult version for you that is better quality than this - but again, not YA. This is the first in a trilogy, I don't plan on picking up the other ones - but you never know.

Tl;dr - Please take my low rating with a grain of salt - I really think girls aged around 12 or 13 would really enjoy this blatant fantasy. You're amazing, gods love you, kissing I didn't think the kissing was well-written, but kids probably won't know the difference , everyone adores you Very fanfic, very junior-romance-novel. The writing is side-splittingly funny if you are an adult reader with a critical mind, but again, that's probably not the intended audience for this. That being said, it could be better written and more engaging.

I think Pohler could have done better with this material. It really angers me when people do this. As a grown woman, of course this kind of book has no appeal to me, but that doesn't mean it's worthless or doesn't serve its purpose. Absolutely it is fine to adore this type of book and swoon over this type of story. Girls, really, listen to me - if this kind of book floats your boat, go for it! Never let anyone make you feel ashamed for what you enjoy reading, okay? Hopefully you will graduate to full-blown romance novels when you get older there's some great ones out there - even though they're a bit hard to find , and when you DO, don't let anyone make you feel dumb for reading those either!

A woman needs a bit of fantasy in her life! Ain't no shame in it! View all 18 comments. First of all, I am so surprised that Eva Pohler is a writing and literature teacher at a university and not, as her writing shows, an immature twelve-year-old student. Let me tell you, the writing in this is absolutely awful. From the very first page, I could tell that the author broke the rule of "show, don't tell". The car crash scene was already written TERRIBLY - it felt as though the author was trying to make it scary and heartbreaking, but her writing style was simply not up to par.

I've already mentioned this in one of my status updates - as Therese's parents drown, memories suddenly invade her mind and she reminisces about deer. One, this broke the vibe of the crash that Pohler tried and failed to establish, and two, if your parents are dying in front of your very eyes, actually do something. The author told me how it was meant to portray how Therese was overcome by memories in the moment and it seemed like everything was going in slow-motion.

I reread the scene and I still feel like it broke the vibe, but now I know the reason it was included. Next, Therese is a lucid dreamer. I'm a lucid dreamer, and so I know what they feel like. I did some research, and Eva Pohler used to be one too, meaning that she should be able to describe them in more vivid detail, and yet her descriptions of Therese's dreams are repetitive and juvenile.

Let's look at a few examples, shall we? Therese willed his shirt off, and the shirt disappeared. Very few people are lucid dreamers, and I've never known anyone like you. Aren't you just SO special?

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Let's look at more examples! She looked around the room. They were all zombies. That's when she knew she was dreaming. She touched a front tooth with her finger, and the tooth fell out. That triggered an idea in Therese's mind. Every time I read another dream scene, I became more and more annoyed, because I knew that Pohler was going to have Therese realize the exact same way. And so, once, again, there was proof of the author's terrible writing. Now, for the relationship between Than and Therese.

It was a case of insta-love, which I have never been a fan of. The first time Therese hugs Than, he is already smitten - to the point where he begs his father, Hades, to allow him to become mortal to chase after the girl he's known only for a few seconds. Now, I haven't read Twilight - but I've seen enough of it to know about that scene where Edward tells Bella she likes watching her sleep.

And a scene in The Gatekeeper's Sons definitely reminded me of that. Than can turn himself invisible - and obviously, he takes advantage of this power. Blah blah blah, one day, Therese finds out exactly how, and this is how their conversation goes down. This is what Therese says in response. It was hard not to take you in my arms. Pardon my language but this is a big NO-NO for me. There are SO many things wrong with situation - starting with Therese's attitude.

Especially in this conversation, Therese is revealed to be weak and dependent on her lover - and in her eyes, Than's crime was not invading her privacy, but it was not being there for her when she needed him. Moving along with the relationship, Therese's attidude completely transforms into one that is unacceptable for a heroine. She transforms, to the point where she cannot LIVE without Than; she defines her own identity by him, and she begins to embrace death because it means becoming closer to him.

Then she said, "And if you leave me again, I swear I'll kill myself to be with you. This line set of all the warning signals in my brain - this relationship has gone from bad to worse to toxic. What is Pohler trying to tell her readers? That this is the definition of love? That love is the willingness to lose yourself to hold on to someone else?

I'm a romantic, but I have to say, that this is not the definition of love at all. There are moments where people have to realize that loving yourself is important too - you have to be able to love yourself before you love someone else, and before you accept their love for you. Therese breaks all the rules here - she diminishes her own worth and sets Than high above everybody else, including herself.

That's not love, that's obsession. She could do everything, and she had all the traits that made her perfect - everything about her was so perfect that even the gods fell in love with her. To make it easier for you, I've compiled a list! Therese loved animals and nature which is why Artemis loved her 2. Therese had a kind and giving heart which appealed to Zeus 3. Therese played the flute Athena invented the flute, so she loved her 4. Therese loved to swim so Poseidon took mercy on her 5. She was perfect, and yet she was so wishy-washy and annoying that I wondered what Than even saw in her.

For the last part of my review I want to go back to Eva Pohler's writing style - the entire book was simply written badly, but there were a few instances where I really paused and had to put my phone down just to - This one line in particular: Then he covered her mouth with his and gave her a deep, lusty kiss.

The Gatekeeper's Daughter: The Gatekeeper's Saga (Gatekeeper's Trilogy) (Volume 3)

And when she had the opportunity to write something like this: They smiled softly and Therese felt her eyes trembling with the tears she had held back for so long. Her legs tangled together as she collapsed into their arms, desperate to hold them one last time. Pohler wrote this instead: They smiled and held out their arms. She ran to them and felt their warm embrace.

I have so much more to say but this review has gone on long enough and I know if I keep going it'll just be one loooooooong rant, so let me just end this on the worst line of their entire book. Not to mention how bad this line already was. So yeah, don't torture yourself by reading this book. View all 15 comments. What in the actual fuck is this? It's garbage I tell ya Maybe a little harsh? Well so be it! I have wanted to read this book for forever, but sadly I only got to Chapter Sixteen before I decided to give it up. And I seriously struggled with it, I was ready to quit in the first damn chapter.

I really do hate to DNF books but if you get that far into a book and your bored out of your freaking mind. It's time to move on. Also I found the writing style to be completely awful and What in the actual fuck is this? Also I found the writing style to be completely awful and if i'm being truly honest this book sucked balls It was like reading something a little girl wrote.

I don't think this book was ever edited either because my god it was mistake galore! To think Eve Pohler actually teaches writing and literature at a university is just insane The Gatekeeper's Son was that horrific and it was all extremely juvenile! Seriously who goes into a day dream when view spoiler [your parents are dying right in front of you? I have no clue how this is rated so high.

Must be a lot of delusional people out there lol. I don't know, perhaps this was wayyyyy to YA for me? Anyways whatever, it's done and over with now. View all 6 comments. Oct 29, Zarah rated it did not like it Shelves: People actually LIKE this? I got a free Kindle edition, got approximately 20 pages in and was so bored and annoyed I contemplated pulling my hair, just to make it more enjoyable To me, this book reads NOT like teenage Fanfiction but rather as the pre-stages of Fanfiction, written by a pre-teen.

The language, the drawn out descriptions, the exceptionally horrible language someone said that the author is a teacher?

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Please, say it isn't so, or the kids she teaches will go out into the world with an urge to repeat the same pronouns over and over - and not be able to separate you're and your. I also didn't quite care for the roundup of Greek Mythology-characters, all in a neat line to point out that This Author Knows Her Shit, or something along those lines. The only thing I can say about the instalove and hint at bizarre love triangle dear gods, no sane person would say that another person has "a lovely round face and plump lips" or whatever Hip blurted out in one of the many, many weird attempts at being charming - which he completely and miserably failed at is that MAYBE it can exist.

I deleted this and saved myself the hairpulling. View all 3 comments. I received this free copy through kindle for a promotion the author was having. I heard about said promotion through booktube. I wasn't really sure what I was expecting. I was looking a for new series to get lost into as if I don't already have enough of those and when I saw this for free I downloaded it.

I do enjoy reading about Greek mythology so I wanted to see this author's take on it. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this. Like Vampire Addiction the writing felt very juvenile. This book had such an odd beginning that I just dropped it. I do not want to waste time on books I don't like. Why bother when there are so many better books I could be reading? All in all I did not enjoy this. It's up to you if you want to read it. Jul 11, Cathy Pratt rated it it was amazing. I loved this book to no end!! It was quite an emotional ride!!! On to the second book!!

Feb 02, Jonel Boyko rated it it was amazing Shelves: This novel was a phenomenal introduction into the Gatekeeper series and into the world of Greek mythology. I have great respect for authors who do their research before writing fictional work based on fact or existing mythology.

That said, I love the fact that this story is mythologically accurate. I also like the fact that Pohler includes a variety of Greek gods in her writing, rather than simply using the Olympiad as so many authors attempting to write about Greek mythology do. And Pohler doesn This novel was a phenomenal introduction into the Gatekeeper series and into the world of Greek mythology. And Pohler doesn't just attempt to wrote a world based on Greek mythology. Pohler has not only researched her facts with respect to mythology, but with her novel as a whole. Even the trail riding and equine aspects of this novel, where present, are factual.

I appreciate the fact that almost everything that Pohler includes is very well researched and extremely detailed. Pohler is very detailed in her writing. Everything is precisely worded to convey a specific thought, feeling, or image. Each and every word seems to have been carefully chosen to build a cohesive overall picture.

Everything is vivid and extremely well laid out. She creates a world that you can imagine yourself walking into. I also appreciate the differentiation in writing style between Earth and Olympus. Everything on Olympus is much larger and more elaborate than Earth, as it should be. Her writing also sports an intensity rarely seen in a YA novel, while also giving you some very good laughs.

The characters in this novel are quite well developed. You may not know their entire life histories, but you do get to know everything that is pertinent to the story and to let you get to know the characters. It was very refreshing to read a story by an author who can differentiate between necessary development to create a well-developed character, and giving an entire life history that slows down the storyline because it isn't actually relevant to the plot. As a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and can't wait to tear into the sequel. Pohler manages to end this novel without a cliff-hanger but still needing to grab for the sequel to find out what happens next.

Please note that I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review Might be good for teens, but not for me. The author is a teacher. She is writing about Greek gods and mythology. But the story about year-old Therese did not work for me. She interacts with two gods during her dreams. She and Than a god are immediately attracted to each other when they meet in a dream. Than gets permission from his father to be human for awhile so he can woo Therese to be his goddess wife.

She liked him in her dream. But when sh DNF. But when she sees him in person she decides not to like him and acts aloof. At that point I stopped. Her motives were not consistent and did not fit. Prior to that, the writing was ordinary. A normal person doing normal things is not interesting. So keep that in mind. You might like this. This is book 1 in a series. When picking up this book, I was hopeful due to all the lovely ratings, but I was disappointed. My review will come off severe, but maybe the problems I am about to list will help future authors avoid this, and I will have a better selection of books to read in the future.

This book is lacking serious editing. There was potential here, but it was poorly executed. I'll just list the prob 1. I'll just list the problems I've noticed in order of how they appeared. In chapter one, we are briefly introduced to Therese's parents right before they die. Just by showing me that she is trying to save him, shows me that he is important to her, and that she loves him. The flashback memory just bogged the scene down. It lost whatever emotion it was trying to evoke in me.

Secondly, the "instalove" Therese feels towards Than. Do I really have to explain why that doesn't work? Insta-love gives no substance to their relationship, and I, as the reader, see no reason why I should be invested in their relationship. This next issue, I don't know why any of the author's beta-readers didn't pick up on it maybe they did. The author proceeds throughout the whole story to give us a history lesson on random stories on each of the greek gods, and Hercules' trials and so forth.

Now I understand that the author wants to make sure her readers know the gods before they meet them, but what part does Hercules play in the story? He stays a historical figure. In no way does "Hercules" progress the plot forward. For example, if it's important that you need us to know that Hera is a jealous wife, show us, don't give us a history of her actions.

This story is about Therese, and whatever doesn't have to do with her story needs to be cut out. It makes for a very messy, loose plot, and weakens the story a lot. What also didn't work in the plot is mixing teen love and mature adult crime world I won't go into detail, so as to not give spoilers. The books where the blending of the crime world and the paranormal worked had the main character become not a vigilante, but sort of like a detective but not really.

Those stories had urban settings and mystery. It can be done, but the world building felt a little messy, and more editing needed to be done for the merging to really work. The last problem I had with this book was the author's tendency to give an entire, long paragraph description, all at once, as to what the character is wearing.

Like I said, this book needs heavy editing. Jan 11, Rachel rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. What the bloody hell is this book!? I feel bad for saying it, but this book is garbage. The whole time I was taking notes, just trying to get down everything bad about it, but I couldn't. I was exausted trying to keep up with the mistakes. It had to be put down, never to be picked up and read agian To be completely honest I wasn't sure if I just downloaded a self- published novel on my Kobo or if it was just that bad.

Who in their right mind would publish this? I know writing a book is hard, but this book seems like it was never edited!

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Without further ado, in order of when it was noticed here is all the mistakes that reared its ugly ass head: Its seems to me like the character can't tell her daydreams from reality, in other words she hallucinates. If I ever got to the end of the book, I wouldn't be shocked if the whole thing was just an elaborate daydream!!

The parts that I read of this book I had no idea what was going on. Everything was so fast an they never even bothered to transition between events. They just jumped right into everything, confusing or not! Who's getting the award? And who is the main character? What's her name, cause we didn't learn it till like the 3rd chapter! There were a few scenes that really bothered me She thought she was dreaming, but really she was between life and death.

So she 'swan dived' into the air and turned a star into a diamond then plucked a flute out of the air and began to play a tune. Like WTF is this? Then she went around willing people's shirts off! That is weird as hell! Not to mention the main character is an awful person, besides so rudely willing shirts off innocent victims she also likes to go around kissing everyone.

She kissed Than then before you know it she's kissing Hip too! And in her spare time Therese goes around kicking animals, no joke! Hey, let's shoot for next week, okay? What was she going to do with that girl? No Therese, just straight up no. No one except for adult talking down to little children say grownups; 'No little Timmy, this is grownup juice'.

Step two is not to refer to yourself and your peers as kids. I know it's hard to believe, but us teens don't think of ourselves as children. The whole story is predicable. I can see everything coming from a mile away. That girl Therese say in the forest calling her name?

The one she flipped out over? Yeah, it is too obvious that she was one of the furies that Than said he was going to send. There was no world building. I have no idea what is happening let alone how they perceive greek myths to be. You're gonna have to do a little better than that if you want me to like it. Officer Morgan, the whole point of being on watch is to watch! You're not supposed to sleep? What the bloody hell is with everyone? Has a job, an apartment, and a man where she lives, which is far away. But as soon as Therese's parents die she drops everything and moves in with Therese.

When your an orphan, they don't come to you, you go to them! And its not like she really has much of a life anymore either But its fine her aunt can work from home they won't care, and conveniently she's at the end of her lease so she can leave, she and her boyfriend have done long distance before so he is fine with it!!!!

Likely story I say! I can see that. It is so adorable.

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It is completely normal. While the guy you met for 2 mins and kissed and said "so lovely" to for most of it is coming to make you his bride. That is completely normal. Because what I thought they said was they found a guy who they could hold under suspicion and he was in the system, but when they went it in to the police station there were magically other suspects. Unless I'm getting the process wrong I don't know, I've never been a victim who had to pick out her attacker or anything before And at one point Therese saw the lady in the forest and said she could have sworn that there was a bird on her shoulder, but later on she said that she thought she was carrying a snake.

I think you mean bye then with an end quote. There were so many spelling and grammar issues! And it seemed to me like they were switching between 3rd and 1st person. The idea is cool, but still overused. The whole 'fall in love with a greek god idea,' 'he faced eternity alone until he met you,' ' you must be so special because otherwise why would a greek god want you? She even makes typical remarks about another girl saying 'she's so much prettier than I am' and thinking my love interest would probably like her so much better, but NO GIRL!

At one point she went to hang out with her friend and went straight into grooming horse while her friend just left her? This just makes not sense! And every time she thinks about Than it is considered a prayer and he can then hear them so he gets to hear such things as: You think you're so sexy? So what if you are?

The Gatekeeper's Trilogy Books (Gatekeeper's Saga) by Eva Pohler

Quit looking at me like that! You're a jerk, aren't you? NO you can't do that! That was two days ago!!! Nobody thinks like that.

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  5. When someone dies your probably give up a lot of hobbies for years then you think 'I haven't done this since before everything changed'. Why is this book so stupid!!?? Doesn't accurately portray the reactions one has over the loss of a loved one. And speaking of she never really seems very saddened over her dead parents. It says she sometimes cries over it, but other than that she doesn't seem to be affected.

    Maybe that's a question you should be able to answer yourself. It is not dramatic to ask rhetorical questions such as this. It's straight up annoying. I apologize that my review is very sloppy, but when you read a jumbled up pile of words such as this novel, your reviews tend to turn out like this.

    A cat dancing on a keyboard could write a better story than this If there was an option to give 0 stars, trust me I would. I would not force this book upon the most evil of people! Mar 11, Kayla rated it it was amazing Shelves: I actaully loved this. Yeah it's not a work of litreature but it's enjoyable and fun and I loved every single thing about it. Jun 28, Jasmine rated it really liked it. Also, I won all three books in a contest, and they have been signed by the author.

    Now…on with my review. It starts out with Therese leaving a college with her parents; her mother had been celebrated for some sort of antidote. But no one else does. Then gunshots ring out, and her father takes off. They drown, and before Therese blacks out, she sees someone swimming towards her. Thanatos and Hypnos, both sons of Hades. Therese is in a coma, but she meets Hypnos in her dreams.

    He finds Therese fascinating and wants to make out with her. She refuses, but then she sees her parents on a ferry with another boy. This is the culmination of the trilogy and love story for Thanatos and Therese. They still have some challenges to face and quests to complete to make things right. This book picks up immediately after the second one finished. Each new quest leads to another and at some point you might think "when will it end? There is always a twist or another bargain to be made.

    I listened to the audiobook and once again love the narrator, Debbie Andreen. She does a fabulous job of bringing the emotions out of the characters and makes the story even more enjoyable. I loved her pace and that each character has a very distinct voice that is easy to differentiate. I have very happy ears and I hope she sticks around for the future books!

    I love all the side stories and am thrilled that Ms Pohler decided to make it a saga instead of ending things with a trilogy.

    Kindle Editions

    There is so much more story to tell and all those secondary characters like Jen, Pete and Hypnos who deserve HEA as well. I do wonder that the book gets too involved for YA fans but I could be wrong. It might just be the something different they are always looking for! Can't wait to read what happens next. The Gatekeeper's Daughter by Eva Pohler was another great book in the series. In this book Therese may be able to become a goddess but she needs to find her unique purpose, as well as finding allies among the gods. I love that Eva Pohler has created a series that is not only captivating but mythologically correct.

    I can't wait to read more of this great series. I adore this series and this book did not disappoint. This is a book that makes me want to stay up all night just to find out what will happen next. There is excellent detail.