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For me, Walsh gets a free life pass. He didn't just crawl into a ball and disappear within himself. He shows that no matter horrible a hand you are dealt, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is a way to overcome and even make things better for humanity in the long run.

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Re reading because I am reading another book about this case. I am fast forward reading so I do not think it is fair to give this book a new rating. I gave it 4 stars but did not write a review on bookcrosing so that is what this book is gonna keep. First part of the book was very interesting but sad second part I did get annoyed by the author sometimes cause he was always talking how good he was.

View all 5 comments. Feb 19, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: I have all the respect and admiration in the world for John Walsh. He went though a horrific experience and turned it around. The capture of so many criminals and the rescue of so many missing children is truly amazing. The book is good in describing the horrors he went though, the incompetence of the Hollywood, Florida police during the investigation, and how he came to host America's Most Wanted. I must say, though, that he comes across as one of the most arrogant men ever.

It was distracting I have all the respect and admiration in the world for John Walsh. It was distracting to me to have to read about how wonderful he thinks he is. I found it strange too, really. I would think losing a child would be so humbling. Regardless, it is a powerful book and I would recommend it.

View all 6 comments. Jun 14, S. Wilson rated it it was ok.

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By his own account, he is street-smart, a tough and skilled fighter, a great athlete as well as extremely bright, has never known fear or a lack of confidence, has saved lives without even thinking twice about it, and has never failed in any endeavor that he has pursued. But what really bleeds through is that he suffers from an over-inflated ego that informs his self-centered world view.

When Adam is born, for example, he is told by the hospital where his sick father is recuperating that he cannot bring the child into the cancer ward, at the risk of infecting the floor full of patients with little or no immunity left. Knowing only that he wants his father to see his grandson before he dies which he would have anyway, as later they all go to Disneyworld together , he sneaks the newborn into the hospital via a fire escape, regardless of the risk he puts the others in the cancer ward.

Also, it is impossible that anything done by him or his wife could be wrong or ill-informed. Later, for their second child, he states that she started Lamaze classes then, but only in her eight month, when the fifth or sixth is when you usually begin. Nothing out of the ordinary there, right? This self-centered egotism extends immediately to his son, whom he declares was the only perfect baby in the hospital.

Adam was the perfect little baby everyone was looking at. Apparently, Adam did not share a single negative trait with the other dirty, filthy, and ill-mannered children that wander the planet. Everybody loved him and wished he were theirs, and all of their adult friends felt more comfortable talking to him than to other adults, because he was that well-mannered and mature and responsible and perfect. On the playground all of the other kids looked kind of scruffy compared to him.

She even goes as far as to complain that this detail among others should have been used when the store attempted paging Adam. The actual disappearance of Adam at Sears is, of course, the reason this book was written in the first place. It is also the main reason that I lose respect for John Walsh, as the one fact that he and Reve refuse to admit, to themselves or anybody else, is that they or, more directly, she are just as much at fault as anybody else. This is the same attitude that Reve understandably, yet at the same time predictably and unfairly assumes almost immediately when her initial concerns are not met with the utmost urgency.

Walsh is quick to say that this is because his wife looked young.

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Does this make them bad parents? But their refusal to admit that others did take immediate steps them that they did not take themselves in order to help makes them stubbornly reluctant to share in blame. I personally think the truth hits a bit closer to home: Sears was no more responsible for Adam's disappearance than the mother who left him unattended for up to a quarter of an hour. It is very evident throughout the book that Walsh has a short temper and a lack of emotional control, and in fact seems almost boastful of it. Walsh rightfully argues against the bureaucracies and politics that repeatedly impede him, but his arguments always seem to be punctuated with phrases indicating that it is not he that demands justice be served, but rather his innocent, brutally murdered son.

I am also not implying that he is completely bull-headed. For the most part, Tears of Rage is a pretty good book, and tends to cover all of the bases. Nov 24, Beth rated it it was ok Shelves: What an odd book.

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On the one hand, it is the story of a heinous crime and the fact that it was so badly handled, which led to changes in the law to provide support for families of abducted children. On the other hand it is the vanity project of a man so badly afflicted with narcissistic personality syndrome that I am surprised he could tear himself away from the mirror for long enough to write this. John Walsh has to be one of the most unlikeable narrators I have ever read, fiction or non.

He is so incredibly arrogant that it was agonising to read his self love at times. However, the story itself is horrendous and quite unbelievable at times, in the way that the Hollywood Police Department handled the abduction and murder of a 6 year old boy. It is just such a shame that this powerful story and the lessons to be learned from it are so obscured by the fanfare the author gives himself on every other page. I have found another book about this case which will hopefully provide more information and less arrogance on the subject.

Apr 25, Tracy Lackey rated it it was ok. I agree that I am an awful, awful person for giving this book 2 stars. Yes, John Walsh's son Adam was kidnapped in I am a mother and I get it. And I appreciate that. Could John Walsh be any more self-involved or egotistical?

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I think he was like that before his child was taken but afterwards - Holy Hell!! I have never, in my life, read any book, nevermind an autobiography, that is so "me, me, me, myself, I, I, me Look what I did! I did great amazing things! I know all these famous people!

See how awesome I am! I don't even really think what he did was all that great I mean, he hosted a reality show in the 90's for crying out loud. Walsh should be ashamed of himself. Oct 11, Terri rated it it was amazing Shelves: Out of such a tragedy has come so much change for victims, families, investigations and yes, catching the bad guys. John Walsh's story is one that is impossible to imagine and yet impossible to ignore. I walk from this book, thinking and questioning what has changed and what hasnt. I want to cry and I want to break something.

It is an emotional, raw and honest book springing from something horrific. But I walk away with admiration as well. I had no idea the detail surrounding the murder of Adam Walsh and what this family has gone through. Furthermore I had no idea the extent to which John Walsh made strides for this country.

This book is heart wrenching and an eye opener. Jun 18, Lashundria rated it it was amazing. I read this book years ago. I was working at the Dollar Tree and it was one of the hardcovers that we had gotten in. My mother never missed an episode of America's Most Wanted and she had explained to me, at some point, that the reason he started his line of of work was because of what had happened to his son.

I remember getting the feeling while reading that there was not really enough effort put forth in the "critical moments" of this crime. It was as if not enough, in my opinion, common sense I read this book years ago. It was as if not enough, in my opinion, common sense was put forth. Even though you know going in how the story ends, it is truly heartbreaking. I would have paid much more than the 1. If you haven't read it, and feel you can stomach it, grab it and maybe pass it around. Nov 07, Beth Ann rated it did not like it. I did not even finish the book about halfway through when I couldnt over come the "look at me im john waslh" didnt end I stopped reading.

Jul 05, Mary Horn rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was a very hard book to read, what a tradgedy. But what a wake up call , anytime , anywhere you have to watch your kids! John Walsh has become one of my heros. To go through what he did and come out with such a good thing it is amazing.

I think of people who think of sports people and movie stars as heros, ha read this book and see what a real hero is. If you have kids you should read this book. Help us get an Amendment to the Constitution for Victims rights. WE need It for AMerica! Sep 15, Fishface rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book tells you, in painful detail, why John and Reve Walsh became advocates for crime victims. The magazine articles, TV interviews and movie "Adam" scratched even less of the surface than I suspected.

One of the most heartbreaking memoirs ever written. Amazon Australia Services, Inc.

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