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This not only speeds things up, but makes large file processing like video encoding easier to handle. The difference between the two implementation being the underlying JS library.

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ActiveStorage rolled their own JS library, while Shrine decided to use Uppy the most-popular direct-upload library at the time. Different file storage servers, and caching is supported out-of-the-box.

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Metadata, such as the original name, extension, file size, checksum and other arbitrary data can be stored alongside the file. This metadata feature also enables the storing of versions e. Or to copy data over from one model to another. The only lacking feature is on-the-fly processing. Though, personally, I have never found that to be the issue. From my experience, people complain that they have to configure Shrine for Rails. Sadly, with the advent of ActiveStorage we also saw the deprecation of Paperclip.

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It always was the simplest and quickest solution, and intended only to attach files and light processing. Though, note that some features like validation are still missing in ActiveStorage.

ActiveStorage is the perfect solution if you just need to store a file, do some light processing and forget about it. If your applications requires more advanced processing or storage options, or any kind of custom file processing go with Shrine. Its plugins system makes it easily extendable, and there already exist quite a few plugins out there. First, some full disclosure. I like and respect Michael Oren.

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  4. If Israel was created to be a paragon of virtue and a "light unto the nations" — the proverbial city on the hill — it picked the wrong hill. Whatever the Zionist ideologues who founded Israel may have intended, the creation of the state of Israel and the realities of nation-building quickly became a quest for normalcy in highly unusual and abnormal circumstances.

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    Unlike the United States, which had non-predatory neighbors to its north and south and fish to its east and west, Israelis perceived themselves to have had no security space and little margin for error, let alone the quiet miracle of a normal life. Born in war, Israel has remained in an active conflict zone ever since. That it has succeeded in creating as much normalcy as it did is a remarkable testament to its leaders and the capacities, strength, and will of its people. But along with that normalcy came the normal aging process of a small state built on socialist and Zionist values turning into a modern industrialized nation focused on material advancement and modern comforts.

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    For Israel, part of being normal has also meant acting like a normal state, with all of the contradictions, political expediency, hypocrisies, and self-justifying policies that such normalcy entails in a world that is still ruled by power and self-interest. Why would anyone believe that Israeli behavior would be any different? Are the Israelis more ethical, democratic, and moral than we are? His urban may have streets that the typical contours of the land. Sunny shorelines and excellent weather enticed many to settle during this fascinating group.

    Get Notes from a Colored Girl: In Notes from a coloured lady, Karsonya clever Whitehead examines the lifestyles and reports of Emilie Frances Davis, a freeborn twenty-one-year-old mulatto girl, via an in depth interpreting of 3 pocket diaries she saved from to Whitehead explores Davis's worldviews and politics, her perceptions of either private and non-private occasions, her own relationships, and her position in Philadelphia's unfastened black group within the 19th century.