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The main line to Atlantic City that in its heyday hosted the fastest scheduled passenger train service in the world is now a single track line with short passing sidings and a top speed of 80mph. The interlocking that remains in sight of the tower is just a single crossover at the south end of one of those sidings.

Justise Winslow says a ghost opened his bathroom door at OKC hotel (Skirvin Hilton Hotel) : nba

The former southward main is now just a glorified storage track, albeit one sporting lb main line rail with some joints still still paper thin. The telegraph poles have fallen to those interested in the copper wire or blue glass insulators. The power supply was bulldozed for PCB remediation and even the half mile long ramp for the Cap May flyover was completely harvested for its supply of high quality construction sand.

If anything, Winslow Junction is a testament to the force of nature to reclaim that which humanity tried to assert its dominance over. At the same time it is a testament to those materials of the analogue age that continue to resist the forces of nature, decades after being left to fend for themselves. Creosoted wooden ties, lead painted pipelines and even rust covered structural steel still stand strong.

Winslow Junction was built with no fewer than 6 rail-rail overpasses to allow movements to pass by each other without conflict.

Ghosts of Winslow Junction

Elsewhere in the country, junctions similar to Winslow would have consisted of flat switches and diamond crossings. The air for the switches was supplied by nearly 2.

Destiny - All Dead Ghost Locations - Tower (Ghost Hunter Trophy / Achievement Guide)

Most of this impressive compressed air system was left in place where it is slowly being covered by leaves and vegetation. The upper level was razed in ; the basement continued to be used as a remote relay room and possibly as a secondary air compressor station. Today, still water tight, it is used as a clubhouse for local teens, looking to consume adult beverages away from the prying eyes of adults. There are tales of slamming doors in Winslow and rattling noises in the corridors of Turlington residence hall.

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All remnants of the Nazareth orphanage and seminary have been demolished or buried under the roadbed of Centennial Boulevard. The legend of the crying babies came from three different fires at the orphanage, though none of them resulted in the deaths of orphans.


One priest-in-training died after helping fellow students escape from a middle-of-the-night fire in No one was injured in a fire that destroyed several orphanage buildings. The last fire was in , when a priest trying to destroy a wasps nest with fire accidentally took down the entire rectory. The fact that no orphans died in any of the fires takes a little bit of the fright out of the stories some students used to tell about roaming the ruins of the orphanage back before Centennial Campus was developed.

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Spring Hill House, one of only two campus buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, sits quietly on a plot of land near Centennial Campus. Sometimes, late at night, those inside have reported hearing — again with this — the wail of a baby. University police have responded to automated alerts from the motion detectors inside the house.

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  • Making the place even creepier is the fact that the original owner is buried in the backyard in a small family grave site. The supposed spirits in Winslow Hall may be remnants of the worldwide outbreak of Spanish influenza, which killed three times more people than World War I. Winslow was the infirmary at that time, where some cases of the flu were treated.

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    There were 13 fatalities on campus, including nurses Lucy Page and Eliza Riddick, the daughter of school president W. Some say their spirits have remained in the building formerly known as Alumni Hall, which dates back to the early s. And what about the steam tunnels that run through the heart of campus?

    Two books by well-known crime writers and a two-part adapted television miniseries made it one of the more sensational crimes of a bygone era. Some of the places that are supposedly haunted are no longer around. Shadowy figures, overhead footsteps and unexplained noises were frequent occurrences for the officers who worked in the two-story building.