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Every year the San Pedro Cultural Society receives hundreds of stories from all around the world. The Setenil Award Spanish: Premio Setenil is a literary prize for the best short story book published in Spain. Convened annually since by the municipality of Molina de Segura in Murcia, it is one of the most prestigious in the country. Each winner has a bench dedicated to him or her with a plaque in Molina de Segura's Paseo de Rosales. This recognized the strength and prestige of the microfiction genre.

Governors in the various provinces of the Viceroyalty of New Spain. In addition to governors, the following list under construction intends to give an overview of colonial units of the provincial level; therefore it also includes some offices of similar rank, especially the intendant. Intendente is both a Spanish and Portuguese word, derived from the French Intendant. It was introduced to the Spanish Empire by the Bourbon Dynasty, which Spain shared with France after the early 18th century. This list also does not distinguish between Gobernaciones and Provincias, because they were essentially two grades of provinces.

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Amor que calas para fingir outra coisa mais? Amor que frustra, inteiramente? Para que te sirvo? E porque me mentes? Pensa que podes precisar de mim, como precisas do que sofrer te faz. Confundiu-me que sem te olhar em minha vida te visse.

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Eu sei que fui cruel. Talvez por me necessitares, a porta aberta deixaste. Talvez por te necessitar, com coisa incerta eu sonhei. O feio sempre se apaga, o belo sempre perdura. Se pequei, por inocente, foi por amor, sem maldade. The complexities of malaria epidemiology make it essential to have a good understanding of the effects of XXXX in settings with different transmission intensities - and consequently varying age patterns of malaria disease and death. This may lead to a need to modify the approach to delivery of IPT in the large areas of Africa where the main burden of malaria is not in the first year of life.

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Translation - English In the EU, area transport companies have played an essential role for the economic growth, offering easy connections with the rest of the world. Its financial sustainability, however, is being strongly determined by the joint action of several factors. In fact, it is by all agreed that air transport is an influent and determining agent for the health of the economy, greatly responsible for the creation of jobs and wealth, for the stimulation of tourism, that it shows the biggest growth nowadays, its perspectives being of yet a larger increase in the near future.

On the other hand, air transport is also a very susceptible sort of activity, vulnerable to external events and influences, such as armed conflicts, energetic shocks, epidemics and terrorism, among others.

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At the moment, Industry in general is trying to pull itself together after a period of five years of successive losses, in aggregated value, representing for this segment of the economy the largest and longest crisis ever which air transport companies were confronted with, simultaneously with important losses in what regards revenues and with tremendous surcharges. We may nonetheless assert that the achieved efficiency gains resulting from the meaningful reduction of costs in the operation have been neutralized, on their turn, by the emergence of cost waves originated externally.

Moreover, to the natural and obvious exposure of this sector to geo-politic events as those mentioned above, one must add visible alterations in the way of doing business, which will seriously restrict growth in the coming future. An article published at a well-known Portuguese business magazine, June And he wishes to duplicate Roger Dubuis invoicing, competing with the Swatch group. A visit to the modern grounds of the Manufacture Roger Dubuis, in Geneva, Switzerland, is enough to capture the strength and the character of the Portuguese man who in has founded the company.

High-tech, outstanding neatness and organization, as well as design in every corner, are the characteristics that immediately catch our eyes when entering the manufacturing facilities of this watch-brand. A trip to the future within a traditional world of watch-making. Or at least did not use to enter.

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  6. This to name but a few. Particularly fond of design, everything in this manufacture has been designed by Mr. A detail that the entrepreneur did not explicitly omit, in order to demonstrate his entire devotion to business. If during the first years of his watch-brand, too recent if compared with competition, he has been discredited and object of gossip, he is now proud to have achieved the admiration and even the envy of the watch-sector. Accomplishments that the Swiss watch-makers, too traditional by nature, lacked to conquer in centuries.

    The Swiss business magazine Bilan refers that the industry was not pleased to see his quick ascending in the activity. The sentence that describes his way of facing the watches of Roger Dubuis has been inscribed upon the walls of the company for a considerable period of time so that every employee would interiorize it.

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    In other words, it respects tradition and yet produces watches similar to the antique ones, but never like the old ones or as before. This is the concept that stands for the business he created in the surrounding area of Geneva. In spite of acting within a traditional and classic industry, he bet in innovation, design and boldness, and succeeded. Nowadays, his collection of watches, all of them designed by himself, are the pure delight of connoisseurs and collectors of pieces of art.

    If, on the other hand, one speaks of the most luxurious and exclusive model, it ascends to nearly a million Euros and it will be manufactured only by express order. Carlos Dias refers that the secret of his success lies in having developed high-technology that allows him to manufacture watches of high quality, equal or even superior, to those of craftsmanship, and having promptness to his advantage. They called me a fool and a megalomaniac, but many of those who did not believe in me agree now and render me their recognition.

    When he abandoned the businesses he had in Italy and definitely came to Switzerland, where his wife daughter already lived, he was then faced with two business alternatives: III - Of Our Wines and potable Juices" The outside of every Man's House is here a plentiful Vineyard, for Vines spring up as naturally under every Body's Window's, as Mushrooms from the rotten Stump of an old Horse-black, and creep up our Walls over the Eves of our Mansions, as commonly as Ivy grows round an Oak, or Houselick on the top of a Country Bog-house, in somuch that every Inhabitant, when he wants to drink, may squeeze his Grapes with his own Teeth, instead of a Wine-press; however, for Therefore, ssince you inform'd me, in your last Letter, what a pestilential Stupidity had unhappily over-run that flatulent part of the World wherein you are now resident, I have thought a true Recipe of so rich a Nostrum might be very welcome to a Brother Physician of your singular Pretensions; but must strictly enjoin you, by all the Bonds of Friendship, to lock it fast in your Bosom, as a valuable secret.

    If you happen to find, in your colder Climate, the Ingredients difficult to come by, or too expensive to turn to Account, then, instead of May-dew, you may use Pump-water; for the Rays of Sun, Leaf-Gold; burnt Silver, in the room of Moo-shines; and the want of Honey-drops, supply with common Sugar; tho', whatever you do, be sure you observe the true Quantities according to my Recipe; for it ought to be a Maxim in Physick, viz.

    Nulla veritas nulla virtus. When you have thus prepar'd it secundum Artem, pursuant to Instructions, for its singular Efficacy in all melancholly Distempers, I would have you call it, Chear-up, a Name so applicable to so excellent a Cordial, that you cannot find a better in the whole Nomen Clatura, for one Thimble-full administer'd in due Season, that is, a little before the Paroxysm, will certainly cure any dull Fanatick of the Spirit of COntradiction, or the yawning Evil, and make him as merry Company for a whole Afternoon, over a Bottle, as a young Player, or a Mountebank; Merry Andrew, also infallibly cures all heavy-hearted Sinners of the Spleen, Hypo, or Night-mare.

    Maids of the amorous Suspiration, Whores of prick'd Consciences, and Wives of the Vapours; and is so highly in Esteem among the merry Inhabitants of our peaceful Island, that it is publickly sold here, instead of Brandy, to meka People laugh.

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    A cordial Dram, with Moderation us'd, Revives the Heart, but injures when abus'd. Enough, that happy Quantum, makes us glad; But with too much, we sottish grow, or mad. Translation - Portuguese A Ilha do Contentamento: Na Alemanha houve a Reforma Em que se protegia Lutero? In Deutschland gab es die Reformation Als Luther mit seinem Theseanschlage die katholische Kirche reformieren wollte, kam es zu einer Spaltung der katholischen Kirche.

    Diese Entwicklung bestand nicht in Portugal, denn es gab keine Konfrontation zwischen protestantischen und katholischen Kirchen — Portugal und Spanien blieben immer katholisch und zu dieser Zeit lebte man unter der Inquisition. Ade Garcia rated it liked it Dec 28, Sandra Riverol rated it really liked it Apr 03, Septemtrionis rated it it was amazing May 28, Maribel Ruiz rated it liked it Nov 25, Horacio Lanza rated it really liked it Apr 18, SilviaG rated it really liked it Jun 05, Jomisap rated it really liked it Sep 09, Nancy Lewis rated it really liked it Dec 02, Falenazul rated it really liked it Apr 01, Marjan rated it it was ok Dec 29, Marina rated it really liked it Aug 11, Flor rated it it was ok Jun 27, Fatima rated it liked it Sep 17, Mary rated it liked it Sep 03, Victor Zenteno rated it really liked it May 27, Ana rated it liked it Aug 20, Murmur rated it liked it Jan 16, Susanna marked it as to-read Feb 04, Sabata added it Jan 28,