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He feels guilty that he was pretty much mean to her and it should have been him that died instead of her. After meeting Aubrey his schedules are about to be thrown out the window he found her climbing in. Aubrey lives for the moment and she decided she wanted to get married bu I didn't fall in love with this book like I wanted to but it was definitely more entertaining then the first book. Aubrey lives for the moment and she decided she wanted to get married but when the wedding gets too close she plans and escape except someone has taken her bag.

After being caught breaking in Hugh's office to get her bag she can't understand why this man is being so nice to her. When a job offer arises it's time for Aubrey to show Hugh just what she's got. I liked these two as a couple. They are both so different it just worked. Aubrey comes off at first a little wild but she isn't. She just wants to get from under her fathers thumb and do what she wants to do and make her own way which I just loved. The more time these two spent together you could see the changes in Hugh which I just loved.

It's like he really started living again and not just working his life away. I felt the sex scenes were a little fade to black for my taste and would have liked a little more detail. Chase did an excellent job in bringing in the right amount of humor to set off the emotional parts. There were times when I just teared up but then a few pages later I would be smiling or laughing. I do like this family so I will continue reading this series in hopes each book will get a little better as the stories start to progress.

I can't wait to see what brother will be next and what will happen. If you love small town romances I would try this series out. Oct 15, Sheri rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm so glad I gave this series another chance, because I didn't like Aidan in the first book very much. This book was a very different experience, and I really enjoyed this story. Aubrey is in Napa to marry a man she doesn't like, to please her father.

She finally wakes up and realizes that this isn't what she wants, so she runs. Though she technically climbs into the office of Hugh Shaughnessy. Hugh is a very regimented person. He blames himself for his mothers death, and to honor her, lives his I'm so glad I gave this series another chance, because I didn't like Aidan in the first book very much. He blames himself for his mothers death, and to honor her, lives his life in an order.

He takes no risks. So he finds himself in a predicament when he meets Aubrey and is attracted to her. The client, Bill, wants to hire Aubrey to run the events, much to Hugh's dismay. Hugh has no choice but to hire Aubrey, and she ends up doing a fantastic job. Aubrey had a lousy childhood - parents who didn't love each other, or show her much affection. She has a skewed view on family, so when she and Hugh begin dating, she is overwhelmed by his huge family.

Hugh was a much better character than Aidan. I also liked Aubrey, though there were a few times I wanted to shake her and tell her she was being stupid. Feb 18, Danielle Urban rated it it was amazing. Samantha Chase has done it again! She brilliantly brings readers the best contemporary romances alive. Her characters never fail to inspire and awe audiences from all over the world. Charming yet realistically created characters that struggle with personal issues is a must read. Inside this exciting hot new novel, Love Walks In, Samantha Chase has beautifully spun a story that will have readers falling in love.

Love Walks In is indeed a must read for all. Readers will get to experience falling i Samantha Chase has done it again! Readers will get to experience falling in love and the healing that goes with it. Surprisingly love comes tapping two characters on the shoulder. Neither one expected to fall in love and yet they just might Aubrey's past and so does Hugh's past keep them lingering back a little Can the two find peace this time around in each other's hearts or will they be left broken far worse then, they started. Hot, fresh, and romantically luring is what Samantha Chase has written when she delivered, Love Walks In.

I love reading anything by Samantha Chase and this new novel of hers is super good. It's hard to rate which of her novels is better than the one before it. However, I highly recommend this story to readers worldwide. So descriptive and fun I enjoyed this book immensely! I loved how I was able to picture these fantastic resorts, humorous scenes such as crawling through the windows, the tacky luggage, and NC coast.

They are so different from each other, but perfectly fit and complete each other. Their struggles and emotions were relatable, funny and heartfelt. I knew I liked t So descriptive and fun Feb 15, Nidah SleepDreamWrite rated it really liked it. So I read two books from this series but not in order. But honestly while you should read the books in order, you can also read them out of order? At least for me anyway. And while I liked this one, I had taken a break from it and took longer to finally finish it.

Another good installment and I loved that ending. Oct 08, Kimberley O'Malley rated it it was amazing. As always, loved this book by Samantha Chase!! There's a lot of humor but just as much gut-wrenching emotion. I laughed and cried!! Aug 13, Janis rated it really liked it. I loved Hughs story. I really am enjoying this series. Can't wait to read more. Reviewed on Musings and Ramblings. I was super thrilled to see the next Shaughnessy Brothers book coming out.

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I had a good time with the first one a solid 3 star read , and couldn't wait to see which brother was on deck next. I didn't remember Hugh from the first book, and that was fine. After all, there are 6 siblings, and we don't want to or need, to learn everything about all of them in that first book.

Getting to know each one a bit at a time makes the journey both more memorable and more fu Reviewed on Musings and Ramblings. Getting to know each one a bit at a time makes the journey both more memorable and more fun. The Shaughnessy's life changed the day they lost their mother, Lillian. Hugh is the second oldest and carries a terrible guilt, that he should have been the one running the errand, except he had been grounded. It changed him almost overnight from the wild rebel child to planner and scheduler.

If it's Thursday night, spaghetti is what is on the menu. His days are ruthless organized and calculated with an almost ruthless deliberateness to minimize any risk taking. But he finds out quickly that no plan is fool proof when he first gets his first introduction to Aubrey. She is sneaking into his office, through the window, to get back the bright pink suitcase Hugh had stashed there after finding it in the middle of his resort grounds.

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Aubrey had thrown in out the window of her room and had been in the process of following it out when Hugh picked it up and walked off with it. Aubrey had just changed her mind about getting a quickie wedding to a guy she barely knew and was trying to pull off a Runaway Bride. Hugh feels for her and helps her to hide from her ex-fiance. Imagine Hugh's surprise, when he goes looking for his meeting with a new wine distributor, and finds Aubrey has charmed him so completely he is willing to partner with Hugh, but only with Aubrey handling the details.

All Hugh's plans, figures and carefully practiced presentation are now entirely useless. I actually though Hugh's head was going to explode, lol. Hugh and Aubrey were a delightful couple. They truly complemented each other in all the ways that a true partner can. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised when the opportunity for a cliched move was twisted into something new and entirely more interesting.

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I am coming to really love the Shaughnessy clan and gave this book 4 stars. Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebook Casablanca for the opportunity to read and review the book. Mar 22, Mona rated it it was amazing. Hugh Shaughnessy is a man of many talents.. When it came to experiencing life forget, but it all changed when a women by the name of Aubrey Burke tumbled into his life..

It's pretty interesting on how they first meet.

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Hugh finds Aubrey whom he knew nothing about talking to his client in the bar of his resort. The client wanted her to be part of a project. Yes Hugh was in need of an even coordinator, but now to hire her? He wasn't sure about that. Aubrey wasn't sure what was going on. She was dogging someone she came to Napa with, and now she had a chance at a job. If she could read Mr. Owner of the resort she would think he was not so happy about it.

Love Walks In

He was kind to her, and took care of her. Maybe this was too much. She'd show him how her ideas would improve his resorts. She was really excited about. Hopefully he could see it that way too. All of Hugh's life things were a little chaotic, structured with his family. He was a little rebellious, and he paid dearly for it. Now as he got older he was more reserved. Aubrey made him step out of the box a little. He didn't know what to do.. It was all happening so fast.

She felt it too. Aubrey Burke was always being told what to do by her family, and never being let to do what she wanted to do. Now she was going to give it her all. She would not let Hugh down. Experience and live life to the fullest. She what happens between Hugh and Aubrey. Can she change Hugh? Can wait for the next book. Hope you read Made For Us That is Book 1.

Jan 12, Jessi rated it liked it Shelves: For me, Samantha Chase can be uneven. Some of her stories I really enjoy, others I can barely finish. The book before this one, Made for You , I didn't enjoy so much. This one, I liked. When we meet Hugh Shaughnessy, he's a rebellious teenager whose biggest act coincides with the night his mother dies. That completely changes him and he swings to the other extreme, becoming very rigid.

When we meet him again as an adult, he's the owner of twelve resorts and in a panic because his events planner t For me, Samantha Chase can be uneven. When we meet him again as an adult, he's the owner of twelve resorts and in a panic because his events planner the same person for all twelve has just left. No two weeks notice. And Hugh does NOT deal well with change. He is definitely not amused to find pink luggage not attached to a person on the resort's immaculate lawn.

Nor is he later amused to see a woman with a proclivity for tiny underwear. The man, an eccentric, immediately decides he loves Aubrey and he demands that she be the new point person for the events he is having at Hugh's resorts. An immediate reason for Aubrey and Hugh to spend more time together without being gross because he's not really her boss. I wish we had seen Hugh open up to Aubrey about his OCD though we didn't really see any evidence of actual OCD except with the dinners, mostly he just talks about having it.

It was almost like love magically cured him of all his issues with the past. So, either his issues were overstated or we have a magic hoo-ha situation here. There were issues, as I've noted, but the pacing was nice, I liked both Aubrey and Hugh and this was a solid "OK" book for me. Apr 03, Alima Livzletlivz rated it it was amazing. Hugh Shaughnessy lives by rules, schedules and itineraries that have no room for changes nor does he let time slip his control. And for this Shaughnessy, Aubrey Burke is an uncontrollable and unpredictable dilemma that makes him question his attitude.

She lives on instinct, thrives on making personal connections and time and schedules are not on her list of living her life. She is a bane to his sanity and he is sexy trouble on a watch for Aubrey. Each sibling molds to the loss of their mother in different ways. Guilt and responsibility makes them create lives that they live now in, with a hope to atone the guilt of being responsible for her death. Each character has been caricatured with so much detail and dynamics that reading their stories is pure pleasure. Feb 17, Courtney rated it really liked it Shelves: It can be read as a standalone and you won't be confused at all.

This story is about Hugh and Aubrey. Hugh lives a very controlled life. As where Aubrey was brought up in regiment life but wants to break free of that. Their initial meeting is one story to tell for ages to come. Even though they may gotten off on the wrong foot and have a few bumps along the way, it's hard to ignore the chemistry they feel. Aubrey is the bright colors in Hugh's black and white life.

She keeps things lively and forces him out of comfort zone. But it's not without jumping through some hurdles along the way.


The Shaughnessy family is a very tight-knit group and it's not easy to knock down the walls these boys have built. It takes the right woman to be able to make room for her in their lives. I enjoy getting to know each brothers and getting small glimpses of what we can expect in future books. This book comes across as a light-hearted and sweet love story. I felt the sex scenes were lacking a bit for me but it didn't hurt the flow of the book. But I believe the author is going more for a sweet, feel good story centered around a strong family. I am looking forward to seeing which brother she writes about next.

Each of them are very unique and have different issues or personal dilemmas they are working through and I am interested in seeing how those play out. Mar 29, Yvonne Cruz rated it it was amazing.

This book is part of a series. If you like Jill Shalvis, and Kathryn Shay, you will love this one. We have Audrey, a young woman who has become a runaway bride due to a spur of the moment wedding proposal. She comes from a privilege home, but one that offered little love. Hugh , is a workaholic man who owns boutique hotels and leads a very structured life.

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They meet when he catches This book is part of a series. They meet when he catches her climbing through a window into his office. Throughout the story we learn more about their individual backgrounds, as they develop feelings for each other. But I am going to proceed with my usual review style. This book is about familes and how the dynamics of our families and our interaction with them, mold us as adults. How heartbreaking events we experience, can change us dramatically. How fears , and experiences can hinder us in truly living life. But also the book is a reminder on how love, and understanding from special people, can help us overcome it all.

So please, pick up the book and enjoy the story. Mar 01, Ruth Hourani rated it really liked it. I think that I have read all the books written by Samantha Chase. I believe that this book was by far her best. She digs into the characters backgrounds so that the reader can understand what makes Hugh tick. And as soon as I woke up — it was probably three o'clock in the morning — my whole room was so bright that I could hardly keep my eyes open.

I was wide-awake, I could not move, eyes open, white room, they were still disconnecting — and when they did, it just went bang! Everything went back to normal, back to black. The song was written by Eddie. Sammy just sings it. Whatever this interview is, it has nothing to do with the song. Flag skennedy97 on July 12, General Comment Substitute the word "God" for "love" and it's pretty clear what this song is about. An alien who pulls a string? Not all metaphors aregood metaphors. I just can't take it seriously. It sounds like something weird Al Yankovic would write, except weird Al is funny.

My Opinion Songs touch us in different ways. We're not all the same so songs will always mean something different to each of us. To me this song is all about a person who experiences true love for the first time. When love "walks in" it's like an alien; it's different. We're never the same again and life changes. We see things differently. Bigg You're on the right track, but Sammy Hagar was around 38 years old when he wrote this song. It's written from the point of view of someone who hasn't been in love for so long it becomes almost alien to them i.

Sammy had fun with the lyrics all the alien references , because he knew from personal experience it was just a matter of time before Flag onebert on April 20, I think the Love thing hits it right on the head. The string is a heart string, and it can't be seen, hence "Some kind of alien" anything strange, foreign or different is alien. That opening is when you let your guard down, and love just comes walking in to take over. You'll feel like you are on another planet and have gone crazy.

Flag ayebrobrolol on May 30, General Comment Don't know why this song catches so much shit. Van Halen went through a keyboard-y phase with "" and "" albums and I think they showed they could really flourish this way. Song Meaning The true meaning of this song is clear and deliberate to those who are meant to understand it I know what it means because I fall into the category of the people who are meant to understand it I guess it shouldn't surprise me that hardly anybody knows the true meaning of the song I am yet to find anyone online yet who does Contact is all that it takes A visit from the other side or some other kind of sign To change your life, to lose your place in time To understand the meaning of life and remember where you came from Contact.

To my master I become a slave You don't get it at all It's all about producing a hybrid of alien and human as it has always been. Having the best the sexual dream imaginable only to get a flash of some tall female form on top of you. You have now sewn your seed and you may have created some new life on some distant part of the universe Flagged Zorro on December 12, See my above post about Lilith. Your statement, although vague, is obviously right on the money. A person involved in witchcraft would immediately understand the implied meaning of this song.

And to the person who replied about having a sexual dream only to find a female form on top of you Lilith is represented by the owl or snake or the anzu bird. Two of them owl and anzu bird are actually represented on the one dollar bill, which shows how deep the influence goes.

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Any more than that, you can look into it yourself and draw your own conclusions. General Comment To the above I know what this song is about. Sammy Hagar either took part in an occult group or was, most likely, part of an experimental mind control program when he was younger.

If you do some research on those topics the origin of the song becomes quite clear. A lot of 70's artists wrote lyrics, or had lyrics written for them, that were written in code that makes sense to somebody who is involved in the occult. I'm not involved in the occult, witchcraft, or mind control. I've just done a lot of research on those subjects.