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The show left many immediately wanting a second season but so far the streaming service has not yet greenlit season 2. Netflix however, does not release their ratings to the public, so gauging how many people actually watched the show which determines on whether or not a show like this gets a second season proves a little difficult…. Stranger Things even has higher initial ratings than the critically acclaimed House of Cards and Narcos. Below is a chart detailing the viewership according to SymphonyAM. In a recent interview via Variety , it seems they do…. To whit, his brother chimed in: We worked one weekend together and she had already told me she liked me and that she felt comfortable talking to me.

Yesterday, she told me she told her common-law husband that I know more about her than people who have worked with her for 15 years. I didn't tell her that's what I do. I open people up. I take an interest. I can do it with nearly anyone. It's just something I have in me, and I got to presume it's part God, and part the conditioning I grew up in. I have not a clue.

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Seriously, I have no idea what to do next. She and I are both active people - active minds and seers of people and things and not dead yet - so we're going to play Bingo together - OMGosh. But the fun part is her personality, and the many, many ways I am going to get around any walls she has to get her laughing and having fun. I can go farther with her because she is a lot like me. She's smart, she takes no grief, she has her eyes out for clues on which ways to go, and she is one of the hardest working people I have ever met in my life.

She hangs back from nothing she is supposed to do. I really like this about people when they are like that. It creates an incredibly amount of security inside me.

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But the regular stuff that a lot of social interaction is made of? I haven't a clue. So I guess, you and I need to ask others for input. Input we never got, or maybe we just have enjoyed living out of our strengths and haven't made people important enough to us to make the sacrifice to work hard to learn how to get along superbly well in these other areas.

I still think it comes down to first putting the other person's needs first, and then finding ways to positively share what is honestly within us. We can do it, can't we Gokul?

Let's find out more about relating to others after we open the doors to knowing one another, right on? Hi - that sounds pretty normal to me. I also find talking to new people easier than people I know. But this is because I consciously made an effort to learn and practice talking to new people. The good news is firstly you've noticed the difference so you're self aware.

The next is to identify what the issue you personally have with people you know. It might be a combination of both or something different entirely. It's a matter of noticing your reaction and feelings and deciding what the core issue is. Next it's how to take a step forward.

This isn't solving the issue, or expecting it to go away like magic. It's about taking a single positive step to make things a bit better. Exactly what depends on what you feel comfortable with. It can be the smallest step. The crucial thing is that it is a step forward that you can comfortably take. Afterwards review that step, and that step alone. Feel proud that you've moved forward.

Once you've done that a couple of times you'll start to gain momentum and the improvements will flow.

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If something does go wrong then it's not a disaster, it's a learning process. You forgive yourself, learn from it and just pick another step to take to move forward again. Feel proud that that's another step in learning a new skill. Review how far you've come since you started.

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You'll be surprised how quickly the small steps add up and you gradually start to feel more and more comfortable and confident. Whether something is wrong is a question of your commitment. If you want to get to know people, maybe something is wrong. If not, you're great. But even if your commitment is to knowing people, there is nothing wrong. There is just a failure to act in line with your commitment. If you want to get to know people on a deeper level, then it's a matter of working on listening and being curious.

Start testing out questions that will get people to share more about themselves, things like Are you where you thought you'd be? Who's your favorite artist? The possibilities are endless. As you talk more to people you'll find the questions that work for you.

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Then your job is to listen without interrupting too much, unless you've just got to follow up on something the person said. There is nothing "wrong. Many people are more comfortable talking to strangers than to people they know well. With strangers, there's less of a concern about what they will think of you. There can be other reasons for discomfort speaking with people you know. Those are situations in which there is more going on in your mind at once: You know something about the other person, prior interactions might come to mind even good ones , you're thinking in the context of your relationship, etc.

Your mind can just become a little overwhelmed with all these thoughts!