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Providing value is what it's all about and knowing our customers and what they need by spending the time to get to know them through engagement makes it all work!

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Thanks for continuing to provide such great information. Another valuable article from you Kim! And yes, that's true, context marketing is where it is! Boiled down, I believe what you are saying to us Kim is know your audience. Content matters most to someone when it is relevant to their context. Good article with relevent content set in context. Kim, I appreciate your article. But I would argue that anyone doing content marketing right is incorporating context.

I think perhaps we are getting into semantics here, but your definition of "context marketing" seems awfully like content marketing from where I stand. It isn't about the quantity of content, but rather the quality and clearly relevance and context are part of that equation. The whole purpose of content marketing is to attract prospects and you'll never do that if your content doesn't have context. Its about deeply understanding what your clients need, sometimes before they know- and brilliantly articulating with brevity in a way that makes sense and makes dollars!

Put your ear to the ground and discover what your ideal client cares about and then give it to them. Look what Kim just posted.. - Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Totally agree on the timeliness and planning, Joanna! Thanks for dropping by! No one needs more content — they need more meaningful content.

Long live context marketing! Katherine Look what Katherine Kotaw just posted.. Jeff Look what Jeff just posted.. Content is really king.

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Look what ravi just posted.. Kim, I love this post and your concept of context. I think you really nailed it Kim especially with regard to how important it is for brands to understand that we, the customers, are indeed very savvy. And as social media has evolved, so have our expectations of how companies handle themselves online. Thanks for sharing Kim! Look what KimberlyGayeta just posted.. There is a spectrum of opinions here, but in my view, marketing is actively promoting a product or service.

I really like you article…keep posting!!! Learn lots of new things from the post.

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Completely agree with all points. Have a nice day ahead!!!! Look what katejohnson just posted.. SEO checklist to improve your rankings. I enjoyed reading it. And I think I should also go for a multi-language site for more visitors. Thanks for sharing Information about Digital Marketing. Your Article is impressive and very informative. I am now regular visitor of your website and bookmarked it. Your post is very intuitive. Content Marketing is how brands form an audience in the contemporary world.

It is the basic skill for Recent Content Creators, and if you are exporting content of any sort or format, your content approach, and your content advertising better be solid if you want to strive in this modern era. Truly said that in this competitive world finding or writing quality content is not a big deal.

The only thing which can make the huge difference is online marketing that can make your stuff come out of the crowd. Marketing is not about publishing your details to various websites while it is all about making a reliable and trustworthy image in front of your visitors so that they stay for a long and get in touch with your business. I completely agree with you that content is not the king. Context marketing is a method of presenting the content positioned in a way that provides the more value in the audience.

Great article, I also believe that the context influences the production of content, leading to deception of the site and possible sales.


Hi Kim, very informational post. Indeed, shifting the main focus to the context from the content might be perplexing for some individuals initially. But the prominent way to connect with individuals and having online conversations is by adding more value in the context of the existing campaign. Sometimes content will not guarantee success in your internet marketing ventures.

And while the company may have earned over 12 million YouTube views for poking fun at the digital elite, the marketing brains behind IKEA have also embraced innovative technology. In a bizarre twist of events, Douglas finds herself unable to escape the pressures of showbiz, with Justine Bateman filming a talk show in the middle of the IKEA showroom, and Jeff Goldblum, Jane Lynch, and more popping onto the scene. To get the full brand experience, the episodes were also filmed in actual IKEA stores—most notably the Burbank, Calif. Douglas brought the idea to brands when she was looking for a sponsor for her web series.

And she struck gold when IKEA signed on. So of course I fell in love with them. His enthusiasm for the topic is barely contained by his compact frame, which is dressed in all black except for the green, red, brown and yellow stripes accenting his Burger King jacket colors inspired by the ingredients of the Whopper. Scenes from "Whopper Freakout," "Subservient Chicken," "Whopper Sacrifice," and "Whopper Virgins," among others, play on the screen as a soundtrack thumps out a techno ode to the burger, "Yum, yum, on my tongue. I really like your Whopper.

Two-and-a-half years ago, Machado was given the chance. After years at Unilever, Machado, 41, who began working at the packaged goods giant as a college student and left as a global VP on Dove, joined Burger King determined to reignite the brand with advertising as bold and celebrated as its legacy. Since assuming a leading global marketing role at the fast-food giant in early , Machado has helped produce advertising that strikes an appealing balance between purposeful and playful.

The brand is once again winning industry accolades with work such as the "Proud Whopper," which won 13 Lions at Cannes last year. And "McWhopper," which won top honors at the Andy Awards last month, is currently swooping up trophies on the awards circuit. He delivers sharp briefs, makes quick decisions, knows how to champion and sell ideas, is not afraid to take risks and is as passionate about the work as they are, they say.


He is a genuine enthusiast for comms and every other aspect of marketing," says his former boss, Steve Miles, executive vice president of global marketing, Dove at Unilever, in an email message. And his energy is infectious. That enthusiasm propelled him throughout his career at Unilever. Inspired to study engineering by his father, who was a civil engineer in the Brazilian army, Machado says he was good with numbers but also had a creative side.

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He began working on a small detergent brand in Brazil, and after a couple of years graduated to household cleaning products. After taking a sabbatical in to get an MBA, Machado began a steady ascent up the marketing ranks. It was there, working with BBH New York, that his work first began getting noticed, he says, with a global campaign, "Skin is Amazing," that was recognized with a Gold Global Effie and a Bronze Lion, among other awards.

After a brief return to Brazil, he was asked in to join the London team to work on Dove as VP of global brand development. Dove had a history of iconic advertising. In , Machado and a team from Ogilvy Brazil created Dove "Beauty Sketches," which made clever use of a sketch artist to show women how much they underestimated their own beauty.

The three-minute video became one of the most shared videos in advertising history, with more than million views, and won 19 Cannes Lions and top honors at the North American Effie Awards in