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This is your chance to show their frailty Crush them down with brutal force My God how mortally inferior Kill them all with no remorse Step inside to face this reality No chance of hope in sight! Mortal flesh rots for all eternity Bringing forth eternal night! Crimson rains fall from the sky Soaking corpses, drenched in blood Breaths of ash, fill your lungs Rivers of blood, running cold Embrace the winds of death No foll will understand Pathetic word won't subside Hear them cry in despair Cities crumble into sand Blackened skies bring our demise All signs of life are void Your frail flesh rotting dead.

Fearology: The Frailty of Flesh

In this plot and in Nolan's investigation of the reopened murder case, there are a lot of suggestions and outright depictions of incompetence, coverups, and internal politics in the RCMP, some involving Nolan's father--and Nolan himself. The cases depicted in the earlier novel were not neatly resolved, leaving loose ends to be carried forward in this book--and this book also eschews a neat ending, either in the cases or the private lives of the main characters.

Nolan and Hart are now involved personally, and a good deal of the interaction and the impact of the book is in the veering thoughts of those two as they anticipate and misunderstand each other.

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Tain's story is hinted at, perhaps to become the centerpiece of a future novel. Ruttan's splintered style and her three-pronged central cast create an unusually vivid crime story, with vividly rounded central characters who interact with a realism of partial truths, undisclosed agendas, poor communications, and emotional reticence: Could you not watch with Me one hour?

The flesh is weak! Our human bodies can function properly for only so long without rest.

The frailty of flesh

The longer we go without sufficient rest, the more our normal faculties are curtailed, or shut down altogether. Examples of the inherent weakness of our flesh are abundant. The strongest still have accidents and suffer injury.

The most elderly still reach a point at which their physical bodies cease to function sufficiently to sustain life, and they die.