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Why should it be any different? I never got that. So Paul came up with the idea of a single.

Done in five minutes. It didnae make any sense either but it sounded like a pop song so we did it.

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The album catapulted Scars into the mainstream. Frontman Robert King quit, and, despite their best attempts to soldier on without him, the Scars disbanded in But their efforts had not been in vain. They had successfully bridged the gap between punk and new wave, and, crucially, inspired others. Paul Research agrees the band never reached its full potential, nonetheless, he appears to be happy with his lot.

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I attribute that entirely to the rise of the internet and social media. The album sold out its first pressing in just three months.

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Edinburgh, like most other major cities in the UK that are not London, is a small pond when it comes to music. The Punk Scene was late in taking off here — it takes a long time for the ripples to reach us in the frozen North. Everything quickly divided into a number of warring cliques. Then there were the Thug Rockers flirting dumbly with fascism no names but you know who I mean.

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There were the lumpen Punks like myself soon to become short-haired hippies and hitch up to the Crass bandwagon. Biggest of all was the Art College trendy crowd. The Rezillos went for the lowest common denominator here and made some money out of it. Thus in the midst of an explosion of creativity and freedom we all found our little pigeon-hole and played the Safety in Numbers game.

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  6. The Scars however, despite being a part of the Art crowd, always managed to be a little different. Standard drill for Punk gigs was to get on stage if any in your Sunday Worst and be loudly incompetent for 20 minutes while drowning in friendly phlegm. They were openly literate looking to poetry, smart authors like Ballard, Burroughs and Burgess and Hollywood Film Noir for inspiration.

    Scars: Edinburgh teens who became post-punk heroes

    They had a sense of the theatrical — their gigs were worth looking at, not just another bunch of ugly scruffs feigning boredom. At times they could be terrifying. Musically they specialised in short guitar figures played over thunderous bass riffs — in the same vein as late Joy Division and Crisis but with real power. Paul the guitarist even indulged in the heretical for the time practice of improvising on stage.