Manual When Your Boss Is A Jerk

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Even if the boss we are talking about is not your direct manager, you may still have contacts with him in your day-to-day work and these contacts terrify you.

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The truth is a jerk boss is used to causing terror, so he expects you to avoid him. As with most fears, in order to concur it, you need to face it. Accept and when appropriate, seek you bosses guidance. Share your troubles with him.

6 Things Not to Do When Your Boss is a Jerk

Tell him honestly there has been a mistake and what are you doing to fix it. First of all, you will surprise him and gain his respect for being open and professional, focused on the interests of the company. As we already mentioned above, during a conflict your boss may get emotional, may yell or even start calling you names. If you follow your feelings, you may want to slap him or leave the room, but if you want to be the bigger professional, then be the antidote to his behavior.

But keep your eyes open for traps. Before you do though, consider the following:. Not that this is a title you need to be pursuing, but it would make your life so much easier — like a blizzard turned into a breeze. I help women find happy relationships while having amazing careers. For more information go to blizzardtoabreeze.

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My boss is jerk, how do i tell him off?

Tags childish boss jerk boss work problems. Previous Article Employee Benefits: The reason most of us don't confront the boss is due to a feeling that we're going to be stepped on or ridiculed.

When the boss says something demeaning or hurtful, let him or her know. Don't make it a big deal, but state your feelings. Why is this important? It's not to help the boss. It's to help you. Stating how you feel and acknowledging when the boss has stepped out of line frees you up to do your job. It relieves you of a burden and even reduces the stress.

What To Do When Your Boss Acts Like An A**hole

A bad boss will still yield to this workplace tactic: Over-communicating about a project, a plan, or a work problem. Make frequent updates, let the boss know what you are doing and why, share the specifics on a project. It defuses a bad boss. You're doing as much as you possibly can to move a project forward. When you over-communicate, it tends to create an atmosphere of collaboration, even if the boss is not doing anything to make that happen.

What To Do If Your Boss Is A Jerk

You're setting a standard and everyone will notice. The words "ignore" and "ignorant" have nothing in common, other than the same root word being unaware. At work, it's OK to ignore things, especially when that "thing" is constantly badgering you to get your work done and why you linger in the break room. Again, you can't control his or her bad behavior. You can focus on your own productivity, though. And the company itself. Ignoring a bad boss means you are not giving in to the temptation to dwell on the problem or let it cause stress.

Make sure you try all of the other steps before getting to this one.