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A Film about Fear

As shooting progressed, she was forced into dangerous stunts, climbing cliffs and going out in rough seas in a flimsy little boat all seemingly at the will of the art director and co-star, Osborne, whom she later described as "very reckless". On May 12th, the crew set out to film some jagged rocks, the Daisy Rocks, an area prone to huge, unpredictable waves. A massive swell struck the boat, leaving the crew fighting for their lives in the water.

Falkus, a powerful swimmer, swam the mile and a half to shore through the icy sea to get help.

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But it was too late. By the time he reached land, all had been lost. But Claire Mullan wasn't on that boat. By a stroke of almost supernatural good luck, she was five minutes late that day and the crew had gone to sea without her. But her ordeal wasn't over.

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Falkus was in a state of shock and so Claire had to identify the two bodies recovered, Sam Lee and Diana Falkus. Charles Osborne and Bill Brendon were never recovered. Sixty-six years on, Return to Shark Island remembers those events on Achill Island with Claire Mullan, now a veteran actor of stage and screen returning to the island to revisit the scenes of the accident and finally try to achieve some closure on something which she has never been able to leave behind.

If you want to suggest a subject or you want to make a documentary? Documentary on One Return to Shark Island Sixty-six years on, actress Clare Mullen returns to Achill Island to revisit the scene of one of the worst film accidents of all time resulting in the death of four talented and extraordinary people working on a film called "Shark Island".

Sharks of the deep on the BBC's Natural World

David Mullen More Information. Nicoline Greer More Information. Return to Shark Island.

National Geographic Documentary 2016 HD 1080p - Australia's Deadliest Shark Coast Killer Sharks

Of course no Air Jaws show is ever complete unless a seemingly-impossible-shot or first-time-ever-filmed moment is achieved. In the mix are some of the most memorable Air Jaws moments that are mentioned below…. And what an absolutely lucky break did we have when a Brydes whale carcass washed up in False Bay giving us an opportunity of observing nearly 40 different Great white sharks feeding on a whale carcass. Filming the Great whites from under water moments before they breached into the air and being able to watch the cork-screw action at nearly 25 mph at the penultimate moment.

Richard Peirce Conservationist - TV Shark Documentaries

The team then travel to South Australia and capture on film a breaching Great white shark in this area for the first time. This Emmy nominated documentary sees Chris getting close to great white sharks both underwater in a submarine as well as on the water in a kayak. Apex offers the smallest group size 12 of any shark cage diving vessel in South Africa.

Book a transfer and receive a 10 minute free visit to the African Penguins at Boulders. Your cart is empty. Air Jaws Back from the Dead.