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There is a large seal population in this area and many anglers believe that the number of seals mean that fish numbers will be therefore reduced although this may not be the case , but decent catches are still made here. Sheringham — Marks around Sheringham are made up of sand and shingle areas with a few rocky outcrops. Generally the rocky areas fish best at high water and sandier sections best at low water. Flatfish such as dab and flounder are present here, as are bass, with lure fishing for bass possible from the rockier marks.

Whiting will show in winter, even when the sea is calm, although rougher and choppier seas are needed to get the cod to come in close and be within range of shore-based anglers. Mackerel also about in the summer and can be caught on lures and daylights.

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Cromer Pier — Cromer pier is a very popular angling venue which can produce a great number of species. There is a theatre at the end of the pier and this area can be very popular with tourists and there are often lots of passers-by. There are sometimes issues with angling-related litter and other issues i. There is a voluntary code of conduct for fishing the pier which can be viewed here. In terms of the fishing there are cod, whiting and flatfish in the winter, and pouting, mackerel, Dover sole and potentially big bass in the summer, with the chance of something a little more unusual such as a brill or turbot as well.

Up to three hours either side of high tide is the time to fish from this mark. Drop net advisable to bring in any decent catches. Trimingham, Mundesley and Walcott — Open sandy beaches are snag free apart from the occasional slightly rocky areas. Good fishing for cod and whiting from winter through to spring with dab and flounder caught at this time as well. Dover sole, silver eels and school bass can be caught close in to worm or crab baits.

Many decent sole missed because hooks are too large — use sizes to target this species. Turbot and brill have also been caught from these marks. Can be fishable at all states of tide but longer casts needed to reach the fish at high tide. Excessive amount of weed can be an issue in certain weather situations. Great Yarmouth — Number of great marks around here with Gorleston Harbour good for cod and whiting in winter with rougher, choppy seas producing more fish.

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Bass can be caught here in the summer, and mullet in the harbour when the sea is calm. Casting into the harbour can be snaggy, so rotten bottom rigs a good idea. Nearby beaches at Caister-on-Sea offer mostly snag free fishing.

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Cod in winter if the sea is a little rough, whiting and dab tend to make up winter catches if sea is calmer. Summer can see big bass, and the chance of a smooth-hound. Vary casting distances to locate feeding fish, some decent fish can be caught very close in.

Lowestoft Harbour and Piers — The south pier and harbour area are both good venues that can give a wide range of species. Cod and whiting in winter with some very good dab taken as well. In summer school bass and some larger specimens are caught on ragworm, sandeel and peeler crab baits.

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Dogfish, silver eels and pouting also caught here. The beach around Claremont pier can also give good bass and various flatfish species but step down hook sizes to if sole are the target. All of these areas can be busy with tourists in summer. Kessingland Beach — Vast, snag-free beaches offer a number of species. Cod are here in the winter with pennell rigs and larger baits possibly catching a big fish. Whiting, flounder and dab also provide sport. In the summer sole will go for worm baits on small hooks size presented on multi-hook rigs and there are school bass and bigger specimens possible by casting just behind the breakers.

Try varying casting distance to locate the feeding fish. Long range casts have the chance of producing a smooth-hound to peeler crab or hardback crab baits, and rays could be caught to mackerel, herring or sandeel baits also fished at distance. Southwold Harbour and Pier — Marks along the pier have good fishing potential. In the summer this mark offers bass, plaice and pouting to worm, mackerel, squid or peeler crab baits fished on the seabed, and mackerel and possibly bass to spinners.

There are also mullet inside the harbour which can be caught with suitable bread or fish baits and a stealthy approach. Mouth of the River Blyth can also hold mullet. Winter sees the usual cod and whiting around this area, especially after stormy weather or when seas are choppier.

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Dab and flounder also add some variation to winter catches. Summer offers potential bass often to ragworm, peeler crab or large mackerel strip. Silver eel, dogfish, sole ad possibly rays are also on the cards from this mark as well. A good summer technique is to have two rods: Worm baits will catch sole, and bass as well, but peeler crab will account for the better bass. Eye Kettleby Lakes With seven day ticket coarse fishing lakes, offering a wide varity of good quality fish.

All the lakes are well stocked, providing excellent fishing for all types of angler. About 19 miles from Beech House but worth the 25 minute drive.

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Eyebrook Trout Fishery Approximately 25 miles from Beech House, this well stocked lake is renowned for its fly fishing. For further details ring Belvoir Castle In beautiful surroundings, the three lakes at Belvoir Castle offer fantastic coarse fishing. The third lake is much smaller approx three quarters of an acre and offers fishing for all ages and abilities.

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