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My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley 4. Over the next thirteen years Jerry would work for Elvis in various capacities—from bodyguard to photo double to co-executive producer on a karate film. Hardcover , pages. Published August 17th by Gotham first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Me and a Guy Named Elvis , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Me and a Guy Named Elvis. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Aug 27, Craig Nixon rated it it was amazing. I have a teacher friend who has the uncanny ability to make me feel better about myself than I ever should.

He is a born diplomat, cheerleader, sage. Every single time I have lunch with him, go see a movie or a football game, I realize how lucky I am to have him as a friend. If I were to die, he would probably give a praiseworthy eulogy at my funeral, maybe even write my uneventful biography. And I'm no Elvis. I am just an average teacher in a modest suburb in Virginia, but somehow I have a teacher friend who has the uncanny ability to make me feel better about myself than I ever should. I am just an average teacher in a modest suburb in Virginia, but somehow I managed to find this gem of a guy and try to appreciate him each and every day.

My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley". It is a slow start, to be sure, and at times the reader starts to wonder if this is a book about Jerry Schilling or Elvis Presley. The answer, of course, is that it is both. It is an account of two good-ole-boys from Memphis who begin their journey orchestrating touch football games, but end up touching each other's lives meaningfully even beyond the tragic death of the man known as the King.

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And sure, some of the details Jerry depicts -- from Elvis' generosity to his drug addiction -- are common knowledge, but it is his simple prosaic style and ability to make those around him shine that makes this account a gem. By the time I read the epilogue, detailing Jerry's undying devotion for the King's legacy, I got teary-eyed. His loyalty and devotion to Elvis and his family are virtues all of us should aspire to.

So many rock biographies read the same. So and so had a horrible childhood, fell in with the wrong crowd, found music and drugs , made it big, fell to abysmal depths, then hopefully , cleaned up and discovered life in a more meaningful way. Elvis, however, veered from this script in that he had a loving, caring upbringing though poor , and maintained religion and spirituality on his journey through stardom. And man was the guy generous, to a fault. Yes, the pills took their toll on him, but sometimes the reader got the feeling that disappointment was Elvis' depressive, his cross to bear, his anchor.

Jerry Schilling highlighted Elvis as an entertainer and a man. His late night bull sessions, his generous gifts, his family loyalty. They complimented each other and sometimes conflicted. But as Jerry gave as his reason for leaving Elvis a few years before his death: I did not want to be a yes man or an asshole. He valued his friendship that much, and Elvis knew it.

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One of the hardest scenes to read follows Jerry's discovery that Elvis has died. He boards Elvis's plane, finds no one on board, and holds one of the King's nightshirts to his chest as a mother to an infant. He says he does not know what life will be like without his best friend, and even breaks his hand trying to come to grips with the passing of that good-looking quarterback from 20 years ago who was nice enough to invite him to a game of touch football. Thank you, Jerry Schilling, for being so loyal to a man who may have lost his way by the end of his life.

You, like my friend, have the uncanny ability to make people look better than they really are. In this case, the man who would die way too young and change the course of your life forever. Apr 20, Caleb Anderson rated it really liked it. Great read on the life on Elvis Presley from the perspective of one his closest friends. It's a little longer than it needs to be, and there are definitely parts that are biased towards making Elvis out as positive as possible, but still an enjoyable and informative bio. Nov 30, Anthony rated it it was ok Shelves: There were some interesting points about this book.

I found the insight to Elvis never really socializing outside of his inner circle, the first hand personal side of Elvis, and the Beatles meeting very interesting. I thought Schilling himself going to UCLA while working for Elvis was interesting, especially since I grew up in the area and could picture him walking up and down the hill along Sunset.

But there was some off putting stuff in the book as well.

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Schilling is very full of himself and tr There were some interesting points about this book. Schilling is very full of himself and tries to paint himself in the best picture possible. He is a narcissist. It comes through in the book. He talks about cheating on his wife once. I don't think so. Try the time he got caught. He holds back the real seediness of his life.

I felt he never really laid it on the line about Priscilla. I understand the latter. He is still friends with her and wants to stay connected to Elvis through her. I don't blame him for this, but I hope he has the real book in a safety deposit box to be released upon his death, but I won't hold my breath. This life is looked through with rose covered glasses. But if you are an Elvis fan as I am then this is still worth a read for some more insight that will bring you closer to the King. I am 42 and have been an Elvis fan for over 35 years. As a close insider, Jerry Schilling is able to give some very detailed accounts of his years as one of Elvis' best friends and most trusted Memphis Mafia members.

Jerry does a very admirable job of giving fans a chance to really s I am 42 and have been an Elvis fan for over 35 years. Jerry does a very admirable job of giving fans a chance to really see Elvis not as just a superstar entertainer but also as a man who had personal dreams, vulnerabilities, doubts, and challenges as a human being. There is a common theme of how Elvis was a very generous and spiritual person who throughout his trials and tribulations remained loyal to his family, friends and fans.

I highly recommend this book to Elvis fans and non-Elvis fans alike. The book keeps you entertained throughout the journey from first page to last giving you as a reader the uncanny feeling of being a fly on the wall during Elvis' astounding career. Mar 03, Diane Heath rated it really liked it Shelves: This was an insider's look at the life of Elvis Presley. He met Elvis when he was 12 and Elvis was The book does not deny the drug problems that Elvis had but does not make them the center of the books.

It is a well balanced look at Elvis and you know that Jerry truly was a friend to Elvis. As he states in his forward "I wouldn't want to speak for Elvis Presley and tell you that I was his best friend. But I can This was an insider's look at the life of Elvis Presley. But I can tell you this: He was MY best friend" Oct 17, Laura rated it really liked it.

I wanted to read a biography about Elvis before I went to Graceland, and chose this book. I learned a lot about Elvis the person. I thought the author did a great job of describing the kind of person Elvis was, not just all of his accomplishments. Nov 18, Rhys rated it liked it. Jerry Schilling is such a sap Apr 17, Greetje-greta rated it it was ok. It was an ok book,found it a little boring at times. Read a lot about Elvis and this was not the best. Oct 09, Dlittle rated it liked it. He seemed like a real nice guy in this story, which is a little different than the book written by his ex-wife.

Got it at Graceland when I went with Maria. Jun 25, Lisa rated it it was amazing. I'm a huge Elvis fan and have read a few books written about him through the years. I especially wanted to read this from one of the guys who was part of the inner circle and who continues to be so involved with the legacy to see how he might spin it and if he would have anything new to tell us.

I think one of the things I really appreciated about the way Schilling tells the story is that he - like most - was a fan, was enamored with Elvis from the beginning and genuinely loved him. And while he I'm a huge Elvis fan and have read a few books written about him through the years. And while he became a friend and confidant, it doesn't appear that the luster ever really wore off.

Even at times when Elvis was unreasonable or selfish, there was a lot of grace extended because of his admiration and love for Elvis. I think I still search for an understanding of why those closest to him refused to confront what now can be seen as obvious red flags. Had they been addressed, had they been more proactive, perhaps this would have had a different ending.

But in Jerry's book you can also see how careful everyone was with Elvis. I used to think it was because they simply didn't want to lose their job or their place in the inner circle - and maybe that's true for some - but you can also see in this book how perhaps their lack of confrontation or telling hard truths might also have had to do with an unwillingness to hurt someone they loved, someone who was a fragile soul in so many ways.

Their entire world, upbringing almost - because they were all kids when they started hanging out - was about protecting Elvis. So confronting him would have been seen as hurtful or even cruel and that kept them from doing so. I loved hearing a lot of new stories and insider information. Schilling stays away from much of the lascivious details that might malign Elvis but explains how life on the road and the environment did not make for a good home life - for Elvis and Priscilla or any of the guys.

I don't think the intent was to chronicle every single detail of his day-to-day with E but to give a sense for the real man and the friendship. I think he does this admirably and well. If you're a fan, I highly recommend. One of my bucket list requests would be to one day get to spend a day - or two - just hearing all the stories from those who knew him best. I feel like I got a little of that from this book. Jul 07, Sammy Ochoa rated it really liked it. Ever since I was little I remember going to my grandmas house and watching Elvis's movies and hearing his songs.

Schilling was the best, but played it down because the 'Boss' was the quarterback from Memphis to Hollywood, including scrimmages with members of the LA Rams.

Me and a Guy Named Elvis: My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley

That means you get new information, instead of reheated hash. In the other book 'Elvis' Humor: Girls, Guns and Guitars' it's the same thing mentioned, that you must go to the people who knew him to get new and inside information about the King. I strongly recommend this book. It's readable, confessional, and honest.

Schilling was also intricately involved in the Nixon visit, and has a whole chapter on it. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Loved seeing a true friend's take on the life of Elvis. One can tell this story is told with love. As rocky as some of the times were, there were many more wonderful times which by far overshadow the troubled times. Schilling shows a warm, loving, generous, and sensitive side of a complex man who changed the world of music.

Jerry Shilling wrote a very nice book. It is obvious from the first few pages until the end he worshipped Elvis, the man he met as a child, and the star he would become. I do not think it would be possible for him to write a non bias book, his love was so great. This was fine, what was not written here has been written ad nauseam in every other book.

I can understand Jerry being unable to write certain things. That does not take away from the history of their truth. Elvis was a very intelligent man. He was insecure because he did not have a degree, yet , his quest for knowledge was known to all. His insecurity came from a lack of a strong father figure and an unhealthy relationship with his mother. This is shown in his behavior with women and his "interest in 14yr olds", throughout his life.

If anyone has not read a book about Elvis before, I would not recommend this as a first read, mainly became so many facts are missing. I have been analyzing Elvis for years, his books, videos. Elvis was a very complex man, whose pain nearly takes your breath away on video and when reading certain passages. He trusted no woman really, and put his trust in the wrong people at other times. I also felt Jerry's book spoke too much about things which did not pertain to Elvis. I do believe Jerry saw some things as he wished them to be than as they were, that can be forgiven when we love someone to that degree.

One person found this helpful. It is obvious that Jerry Schilling loves It is obvious that Jerry Schilling loves Elvis and was a true friend in life and death. It was so refreshing to read from someone who could take us back to what it felt like to meet, and be in awe of, Elvis from the beginning. Through thick and thin, the love and respect remained. I totally love that. I love this comraderie between Elvis and Jerry Schiling. To me, it is the very best book written about Elvis with many unique untold stories from Jerry about his times spent with Elvis. I do believe he was one of the few of the Memphis Mafia that was really Elvis' friend, and I believe Elvis was aware what a good friend Jerry was.

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He doesn't shy away from some of the life Elvis lead, but he soft-peddles it - which is what I think a true friend would do. He doesn't go into gory detail as some others have. It shows a perspective of Elvis from someone who truly cared about him.

Why I Wrote Me And A Guy Named Elvis by Jerry Schilling.

I find Jerry humble and caring. I'm glad Elvis had him in his life. I think he needed a true friend like Jerry. I have read this book twice, and I will probably read it again at some point. Thank you Jerry - I truly appreciate how you presented your friendship with Elvis. What a kind and nice man. He is just as gentle as his voice if you've ever heard him speak either in person or on Elvis satellite radio.

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