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India has continuously been assisting America in its containment ambitions. China is equally aware of this fact and is constantly trying to go far beyond the reach of U. CPEC is one great gambit to shed off all such security threats.

'Stop This Cruelty': Pakistan's Pashtuns Want Answers About Missing Loved Ones

In addition to all that, there is a view that the CPEC only reinforces the established neoliberal paradigm constantly emphasizing corporate control mechanisms and interminable expansion of markets for consumer goods. According to some opinions, CPEC resembles to a cargo cult.

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In saying so, it is contended that there are very high expectations attached to the fate of CPEC. These inflated expectations are highly dangerous.

Playing the Pashtun card | The Express Tribune

Pakistan is overlooking the Sri Lankan factor and the case of its huge Chinese debts. There is no room for such optimism in policy making specifically for Pakistan who us already at the verge of economic desertification. China has vast industrial output especially of steel and related products. There is high grade of industrial surplus produce for which it needs a vast consumer market. Also, it is an infrastructurally developed country and the skilled labor is deployed in CPEC now.

CPEC is a project where its surplus construction products can be viably employed. The outlook of CPEC is quite flamboyant, thriving and robust. The dispute has sparked some protests in Kabul by Pashtuns calling on the government not to bow to the demands of other groups. No census has been conducted in Afghanistan for decades and estimates of the size of different groups are contentious.

Pashtuns and Tajiks are the two main groups with smaller numbers of Hazara, Uzbeks and others. Hazara member of parliament Mohammad Akbari said the use of the word Afghan was an unfair imposition on non-Pashtuns.

Ghani issued a decree last year on amendments to the law to include nationality, ethnicity and religion on the cards but parliament rejected it. Various amendments have been floated since then but the deadlock continues.

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But ethnic Tajiks rose to powerful positions in government, the military and security services after the ouster of the mostly Pashtun Taliban in The current government emerged from a U. As a lawmaker and elected representative of an oppressed ethnic group, he should have been setting an example, not flouting the safe driving practices.

Secondly, rather than accepting responsibility, he pressured the policemen not to press charges. Instead of giving himself up to the police, he ended up being arrested during a raid on his house. Thirdly, even after his arrest Majeed refused to accept the responsibility for his actions, instead resorting to excoriating the media during the court proceedings.

He had, of course, every right to criticise the media, but there is no justification for such abusive and slanderous language. It is true that an uncommon amount of national media coverage was devoted to his case, but there was no media vendetta against him. It was only after incriminating footage was leaked by government officials that the incident drew such intense media scrutiny. Given the area in which the accident occurred it was inevitable that video of the incident would emerge within days and would invite heightened media attention.

LHC set aside NADRA decision of cancelling ID cards of Pashtun Family

There have undoubtedly been other instances where a lawmaker or prominent person was involved in a road accident in which his reckless driving resulted in the deaths of innocent people. However, whatever one might feel about the nature and the quality of the coverage, the story itself was unquestionably newsworthy.

It is beyond my comprehension that a nationalist party claiming to be a representative of an oppressed nation would attempt to intimidate media persons.

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  • Nevertheless, a couple of media friends told me that while they obtained footage of the incident they dared not forward it to the central news desk for fear of retaliatory action from the PkMAP. Many Pashtun journalists in Quetta have complained that Baloch journalists and social media activists are biased in their reporting of this incident.

    I have never before seen such unanimity among different groups and social media activists from northern areas of Balochistan on an issue concerning the province. The PkMAP has long been in the habit of issuing controversial statements questioning the validity of the existence of a Baloch majority in Balochistan, even going so far as to refer to the province as southern Pakhtunkhwa or Pashtunistan. Baloch political activists and senior journalists have long supported a separate province for the Pashtun people, but the PkMAP has never really been serious about seeking a separate province or a merging with K-P, since much of its political strategy relies on fomenting discord between Baloch and Pashtun.

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    But one thing is wide and clear, the Baloch in Balochistan love their Pashtun brothers with whom they have been living for centuries and they have blood relationships. PkMAP chief Mahmood declares repeatedly that he respects the rule of law, yet it turns out that a member of his own family, and an elected party member no less, was responsible for this fatal accident, and does not even have a driving licence.

    The majority population in the province is Baloch. Yet, Baloch journalists, poets and analysts have never shied away from criticising Baloch nationalist leaders and opposition members, sparing not even influential personalities such as the late Nawab Akbar Bugti, the late Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri and Ataullah Mengal. Media coverage in Balochistan is not perfect.