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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Aug 02, Peter rated it really liked it. Basic advice in the form of a story or parable. That's not a bad thing. Common sense is surprisingly uncommon. A very easy read though, and ideal for someone who might find other personal finance books a bit dull or lecturish.

Sep 15, Cathy Mowbray rated it it was amazing.

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An excellent story to make sense of good money management techniques. I found I was able to retain these methods and use them to get debt-free. I regularly gift this book to others to support them.

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I highly recommend this book. Nov 10, Lanre rated it liked it. If your bad with handling money. You have more shoes than sense - then this book is ideal for you!! But if you're like me - a natural born investor who saves to enjoy luxury and not the other way, then its pretty pointless cos its just telling you things you're already doing. It's a book id give to a teenage girl or that girlfriend with a bad shopping habit and credit card usage.

If parsons had simply just written out the actual financial advice and jaw-dropping facts in the book without the storyline, no one would get more than half way through.

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But, wrapped up in this surprisingly captivating story, the trade is hooked and can't put it down. Read in one sitting in around two hours, I now have a totally different idea of debt and wealth and how to escape the clutches of the former and stay good friends with the later! Jul 30, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. Great book, good for explaining in a simple way subjects including debt, credit cards, store cards etc. Great for anyone that has money issues of any sort. The type of book i would encourage my teenage children to read if i had teenage children!

Aug 05, Davina Sinclair rated it it was amazing. Transforms the way you view money debt. Very easy to read book. He uses a fictional story of a girl about to commit suicide due to debt and places a godmother type person in her life to explain how easy it is to get into debt and how to get out of it.

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If retail therapy is your buzz word, read this book. The one on the bed may be a big bad wolf not your grandmother. Dec 30, Dudley Anderson rated it it was amazing. Very good practical teaching on handling finances and staying out of debt, with a powerful story line. There are no surprises in this book, just good old fashioned, plain common sense! Shahid Farooq rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Wimpie rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Steve rated it it was amazing Dec 23, Karim Samy Hwaidak rated it liked it Jan 01, Samantha Dunlop rated it really liked it Sep 19, Lost my home too.

Now soing much better. Pay everything on time now for 2 years. Can I desute a truth?

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Pick it up here , and let me know how it goes! Hi is there any way you can tell me how much your product cost? I never got an email after ordering the book BUT did receive the book in the mail today. Do I need it and should I purchase it? Wow, that just made my day! However, if the negatives on my report are there for a reason and are not inaccurate or incomplete, then what will SMS help me remove?

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