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The characters in Demon At My Door grab a hold of you and suck you into their world. Natalie is a closet social butterfly who has had to learn the hard way how it feels to be an outcast by her family, friends, and pretty much entire town. She fell for the town's golden boy, Stew, and is forced to either have a secret relationship in a barn and behind closed doors and stand up for herself and possibly never find love.

I found myself wanting to jump into the book and punch Stew in his cowardly throat! I felt badly for him for having an over-bearing father, but he was an ass and if Natalie didn't punish him or give him a good tongue lashing, I wanted to!! Natalie's parent had a rocky marriage full of secrets and and her mom felt Natalie's mental instability reflected negatively on her parenting abilities. My heart broke for Natalie and I was rooting or her to find a happy ending. Was Rick a newcomer to town, or was there a history there that we didn't know about yet????

I wanted Natalie to forget Stew even existed and throw herself into Rick's world. I was rooting for Natalie and Rick from the second his little black sports car cut her off in the campus parking lot. Demon At My Door is a solid 5 stars A MUST read if you like paranormal romance And a book that I can only hope Michelle Valentine makes into a series! I need book 2 like yesterday!! Great job Michelle, once again you knock my socks off with your talent!! Feb 13, Samli rated it really liked it. This was one epic demonic ride. I loveeeeeed this story and I tried to analyze the plot as I go; everywhere I thought this was heading didn't.

The end wasn't exactly a cliffhanger but you're still left with major questions so I'm to assume a wonderful second book is in order. Oh mannnnn let me start of Nat. She's an amazing nutcase and I feel for her. She's strong and is just as much a badass as Rick I just can't wait for her to come into her own. Last but not least is Rick I'm not sure he's entirely trustworthy. I know he did what he had to do but there's more to his story and I'm pretty sure Nat wouldn't like all of it.

I love the concept of sacrifice in this read, I cnt wait for more of these three. And what's up with Stew's daddy???? Feb 14, Akilah Raines rated it it was amazing. Why did I wait so long to read this book!!!??? This book was soooooooo good!! I couldn't put it down. It captures your attention right from the beginning. It's remarkable I loved it!!! Now I see why there were so many praises towards Michelle. This book was definitely a page turner. I didn't want to respond to the messages on my phone or pay attention to my show last night.

I cannot wait for book two!!! Feb 24, Leeanne rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyed this book and for some crazy reason I love her little demon boy. How crazy he's waited for hundreds of years and us following her soul to be with her. Man you got to cut a demon some slack.

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Loved it - Michelle great stuff. Few twists and turn some things I didn't expect which really kept the pages turning Dec 09, B. Well written, not a totally unbelieveable paranormal book. Fell in love with Rick from the get go. I hope Michelle writes more paranormal romances like this, because I'll be first in line to read it. Definitely a little bit converted now: Jan 29, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. Although I enjoyed this book, Nat didn't completly do it for me.

There was something about her I can't or won't warm up to. Rick is another matter all together, I adore him. I am, however, looking forward to the next book. Feb 13, Hayley Faiman rated it it was amazing. I don't even know how to process this I hope there is more to come from nat and Rick though!! Feb 14, Karmen rated it really liked it. This Demon can come to my door! My first paranormal romance book--it was a fun, quick read! Loved the characters and the interaction between Natalie and Rick! Feb 10, Bonney Garbacz rated it it was amazing.

I effing loved it! I will not give any spoilers! Michelle killed it again! I effing love her! Amazing story line with nice twists and turns! I'm really surprised in myself that I actually liked this. I'm not a big fan of paranormal. Jan 28, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: Natalie was five years old when she sold her soul to a demon in order to save her mother's life, she didn't understand what she was really giving up but that isn't going to stop the demon from collecting his payment when she reaches her 21st birthday.

Ever since she told people about the demon she has been treated as a crazy outcast by her family and by people at school. Her friends turned their backs on her and now she lives a very lonely life. Over the summer she has been dating her ex-friend Natalie was five years old when she sold her soul to a demon in order to save her mother's life, she didn't understand what she was really giving up but that isn't going to stop the demon from collecting his payment when she reaches her 21st birthday.

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Over the summer she has been dating her ex-friend and neighbour Stew but now they are back at college he is refusing to publicly acknowledge their relationship and Natalie feels more alone than ever. That is until new boy Rick comes onto the scene and takes an immediate interest in her completley ignoring the warnings to stay away from the crazy girl. She grows closer to Rick but her birthday is fast approaching and she has very little time left. Natalie is desperate to find a way to win back her soul but will the demon be prepared to make a new bargain? I really enjoyed Michelle A Valentine's debut Rock the Heart so when I heard she was publishing a paranormal romance I couldn't wait to read it.

Demon at my Door is the first book in a new series and is aimed at the new adult market. With the new adult label I have to say I was expecting a higher sexual content than it included, apart from one particular very hot! The main character Natalie is 20 but I felt she acted like she was much younger than that and I would have found it more believable if she had been around 16 and at school rather than college. I'll admit that I wasn't too sure at the beginning of the book whether I was going to enjoy it, it took me a long time to warm to Natalie and I couldn't stand Stew from the very beginning.

I hated Stew for the way he treated her but I was almost as annoyed at Natalie for letting him get away with it. Thankfully as the story progressed and I learnt more about her past I started to understand why Natalie acted the way she did, I still didn't agree with what she was doing but it made sense that she would behave like that.

I'll never be a fan of Stew but I even came to understand him better by the end of the book. The story definitely picked up for me the moment Rick walked onto the page, I loved him from the beginning and he certainly provided plenty of swoon worthy moments! Rick gives off a bad boy vibe without actually acting like a bad boy, from the very beginning he is protective of Natalie and he is such a good friend to her even while it is obvious that he is interested in so much more.

I found it hard to see why Natalie would still be pining over Stew when she had the gorgeous Rick on the scene but then again first love is a very tricky thing! Even when it became clear that Rick had a few secrets that he was keeping I was still firmly on his team. One thing that I feel I have to mention is the editing, this book could have been so much more enjoyable to read if there hadn't been so many mistakes. If that is something that will drive you insane you may want to wait and hope that an updated version is released but if you can look past it then the story itself is enjoyable.

Overall I did like Demon at my Door but it didn't manage to blow me away. However, after a rocky start I found myself enjoying the story more and more towards the end which is when things really got going and I can't wait to spend more time with Rick when the sequel is released.

If you're a fan of young adult paranormal romance and you don't mind stories with a bit of spice to them then it would be worth giving this book a try. Jan 27, Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: A love story with a demonic twist I am not usually into demons I have not even been reading much paranormal.

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But seriously, Michelle Valentine totally sucked me in with this one! Maybe it is because not only is it a thrilling story about demons, but it also has a love story, mystery, suspense, complex characters, and an intriguing plotline. There is a love triangle, college-age angst, and a demon issue. Nat has a pesky little problem since she has been marked by a demon since she was a a chil A love story with a demonic twist Nat has a pesky little problem since she has been marked by a demon since she was a a child and is supposed to give up her soul and belong to him once she turns Of course that time is fast approaching.

The demon always kills them. Not once has he ever left a person who made a deal alive. Not one, except me. This book had so many twists and turns. It kept me up late two nights in a row and had me grasping my kindle hard. It changes and morphs and just when you think you you have it all figured it out, it mutates again.

Nat is misunderstood, ostracized, unpopular insecure, strong, resourceful, but lives in fear of the demon coming for her.

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She has been dealing with these issues her whole life and mostly suffering alone. But two young men end up involved in the chaos that is her life. Rick was the perfect mix of nice, naughty and bad boy. He was sweet, loving, protective, and accepting of Nat.

Demon at My Door

He was supportive and inspired her. They have electric chemistry together. But he does have a few secrets. I loved him and Nat together and was really hoping they could work out all of their issues. The tattoos on his right arm are the only thing about him that screams I am a bad boy.

Well, that and the little smirk he does that makes me swoon a little every time, His dark hair hangs loose and frames his handsome face.

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He wears the bad boy, surfer hair look well. I'll help get you off the naughty list. They have a shared past and magnetic pull.

But He had his own issues to deal with. He's like perky golden sunshine while I am an overpowering eclipse. Stewart and Rick are polar opposites, but I'm drawn to both. One pushes my commitment away, while the other can't wait to be together. I honestly do not want to say too much because I do not want to give anything away. There are so many surprises, secrets, plot twists, and things that interconnect in ways you do not expect. It would ruin the book if you knew them ahead of time.

I can honestly admit that I was sending Michelle PMs threatening to send my demon chihuahua to her door if this book did not turn out in a way that I was happy with. At the heart of this book is a love story It's also a race to save Nat's soul and keep the demons at bay. There is drama, danger, excitement, mystery, passion, and love. And even though there is resolution at the end of the book, there is definitely more story to tell with these characters.

I heard a rumor from a very reliable source that there will probably be a book 2 in this series. I will totally read it to see where their stories lead. I highly recommend this book even if demons are out of your comfort zone. Because this is one hot, turbulent, demon drama! See this and other reviews at Reviews by Tammy and Kim Dec 28, Lisa rated it really liked it.

Demon at my Door was an interesting book full of twists and turns. Be careful what you say yes to, because your life can be forever changed. Natalie has been trying to live a life of normalcy, but since she gave into that demon boy many years ago, she knows her time is running out.

Poor poor Natalie, is a lonely soul. She is known as the town outcast, and is even snubbed at school because of her known status. Natalie has only a few months left of her natural life, until she fully becomes a Demon Demon at my Door was an interesting book full of twists and turns. Natalie has only a few months left of her natural life, until she fully becomes a Demon. Living with this fear that she can be turned into a Demon at any minute, eats at her. She is constantly watching her back, making sure the little Demon boy isn't near. But she knows when he is lurking, she can feel him in her bones.

As much as she is the outcast, she has a "secret" boytoy named Stew. He is the hot boy next door. They have been pining after one another since the start of summer break , but of course only her and Stew know. This eats at our darling, because she doesn't want to be anyone's dirty little secret All these skilfully interwoven strands come together, with explosive results, in Ruth Rendell's brilliantly characteristic trademark manner. The novel was made into a film, also titled A Demon in My View , in It starred Anthony Perkins and was also set in London.

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