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That is a great name and a great rock outcropping with a beach. Calypso orchids, flowering wintergreen and other beach plants were our focus until a brown bear appeared but was scared off by a boat loudspeaker. However more was to come as there was a dead humpback whale beached nearby and basically the "Brown Bear Diner" was open. After the time spent at the "diner", the group finally tore themselves away to anchor near the face of the Reid Glacier. The next morning on the 4th of July the group awoke to nice weather and amazing views of the Reid Glacier. After that much ice the group took a lunch break and on the way to Lamplugh Glacier encountered an orca family.

A great showing with adults and calves present. Harbor seals pup on the ice in this area, and with a long lens you can get some great shots. The lowering sky made for some nice images of the Lamplugh Glacier. This book was some journey and a whole lot more than a travelogue.

Aug 31, Allison rated it liked it. I was very excited for this book, but found it to be pretty repetitive. While there was some of that in this book, it was definitely not a favorite. It was a great picture of going out and doing something wildly out of your comfort zone, though. Oct 12, Morgan rated it it was amazing. Such a beautifully written story that felt so true to my own heart. I highly recommend reading this, especially if you have experienced faith questions.

Nov 20, Chelsie Leigh rated it liked it. So many mind opening experiences he turned down because of his preconceived beliefs and ideas. Had a lot of potential but I just did not feel like he truly let himself explore and try new experiences. He went home 3 months into the trip and was constantly wanting friends to come see him. It never felt like he completely just immersed himself in the different cultures, he seemed pretty wrapped up in what people were doing back home and his social media accounts. Nov 05, Liz Schomber rated it really liked it.

I first found Jed on Instagram and loved his travel posts. I loved the voice he gave to the people and places he was traveling to. His posts always seemed so raw and real. I expected the same from his book. In most ways I got that, it did feel lacking in some ways and dare I say seemed almost whiney at times. This IS a book for anyone that has questioned their existence and wanted to do more. This IS a book for anyone that has wondered if they are capable of risking everything for a big adve I first found Jed on Instagram and loved his travel posts. This IS a book for anyone that has wondered if they are capable of risking everything for a big adventure.

This IS a book for anyone that has questioned their faith and wondered what role it plays in their life now. This book will leave you wanting to know what your next chapter is and what you are doing with your life now. That is the sign of a great adventure biography of you ask me. Oct 29, Nadeen Talbot rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book shook my world.

It helped reshape my values, deconstruct my views on my career and reevaluate all aspects of my life. Nov 25, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book and what the author experienced through this time in his life.

Of Jeebies and Journeys by P.S. Winn

Nov 25, Kelli rated it really liked it. I loved reading about it. Would definitely give a 4. Maybe not mind-blowing for me, but I enjoyed reading. It was fun to follow his journey there and read more details in this memoir. Thanks to my sis for gifting me this book. Dec 01, Meg rated it liked it. Really more of a 3. Dec 16, allisonwonderland rated it it was amazing. Oct 25, Katy Ann rated it it was ok. Jed was lost in the hum drum of following societal social roles and rules. Jed embarks on a personal pilgrimage in search of self. Jed reaches the physical destination of his journey and concludes that life has no final cosmic reveal.

A book without a meaty center. It will not sustain or satisfy the hungry travelogue reader.

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Nov 12, Erika rated it really liked it. The scope of a trip that long, on bicycle, is almost unfathomable. I've looked forward to reading his memoir to accompany so many of the amazing sights he regularly posted along his route, and I'd highly recommend that anyone reading this b Fourteen thousand miles. I've looked forward to reading his memoir to accompany so many of the amazing sights he regularly posted along his route, and I'd highly recommend that anyone reading this book also follow his photographic journey begin with his post on August 28, as it adds another layer of realism.

Plus, there's a few gems that aren't included in the book. As with any odyssey, Jenkins' is one filled with self-analysis his familial relationships, his connection to God, and his sexuality interspersed among the popped tires, hostel accommodations, cultural differences, language acquisition, and instant friendships that create the story. While reading this book, I often wondered more about the logistics of executing an adventure like this. Jenkins does address some of the unknowns, but I still wondered about them, like finding wifi, food, water, etc.

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In some cases, it seemed all very well-planned and in others, it was just sheer luck. There were also times I questioned his sanity. Would he and Weston his travel companion actually have embarked across the Darien Gap had they been allowed to do so?! I'm so grateful the military forbade them.

My favorite aspects of his book were those that included the individuals he met along the way, the kindnesses given, and the friendships that were formed, despite barriers of language, ethnicity, and origin. My white skin, my European heritage. Europe had gotten rich off stolen gold. The United States prides itself in being this great democratic experiment--a modern representative democracy of million inhabitants that has a low corruption rate and the largest economy in the world. I love my country.

I love reading the words of the Founding Fathers, the thoughts they tested while trying to build a nation on virtue, wisdom, and fairness. But the wealth, beauty, and privilege of the West parades on top of the bones of the defeated.

Mexicans tell their story in a different way than we do in the United States. They show patriotism, but less confidence. They cannot cover up what happened to their indigenous people. There were too many of them. Their native cultures were too large to erase or silence. In modern Mexico, and through most of Latin America, both the original cultures and the conquests of imperial Catholicism are still everywhere apparent. Maybe that's why I sensed in Mexico that people still see their past more soberly. They seemed to hold pride and shame in the same hand.

You know that no matter what happens, you'll be okay. I don't have that. If I needed a hundred bucks, I wouldn't be able to get it from my family. I mean, they'd find it for me, but it would hurt them. That insecurity fucks with my mind. It's a different existence. It reaffirmed my belief that exposure creates empathy. On that same day, the conquistadors put his kingdom to the sword.

But you gotta accept Him real quick or He kills. Oct 17, Warren Hamilton rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I received an advance copy of this book through promotional means, and failed to start it in time to finish prior to it's official release. Having finished it, I can say that I am extraordinarily envious of Jed and his travels.

I am also envious of his accessibility and the ease of his writing style. The epic journey had the everyday cadence of your best friend recapping a long weekend away, and thus feels much more accessible than such a trip would be for the vast majority of us. It was much les I received an advance copy of this book through promotional means, and failed to start it in time to finish prior to it's official release.

It was much less Shackleton than modern travel blog, and I think it does the book Justice in its own way. I knew very little of Jed prior to receiving this book. I had seen a few instagram posts but knew very little of his backstory. Jed's faith and upbringing are necessary background for his story to unfold and for the most part, he does them the justice of making it relevant to the reader. It's clear that he did a lot of self-examination over the course of his trip and before for that matter.

I have also spent significant periods of time in my own head examining the "important" parts of my own story and although they are intensely meaningful to me, I'm not sure I could convince the average person to care about them as I do. I think he struggles with this same challenge at times and mostly succeeds at generating empathy, but not all the time.

Hobbit Fan Fellowship journeys to Hobbiton

All-in-all, he is a better-than-average story-teller, and I wanted to care more about the crosses he bears more than I actually did at times. Overall, he comes across as a very genuine guy, and I was rooting for him the whole time.

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  • I applaud Jed undertaking both the trip and the book. I was entertained and enjoyed the ride, and was sad to see it come to a close. I am inspired to consider my own life and opportunities to challenge myself to a life devoid of regret. My only regret in regard to this book is that some of the more universal human elements in his struggle were not more deeply tapped. We all have psychic explorations of our own, but I found that his specific ones were not, at times, sufficient to penetrate the crust of my own self interest and lose myself in his story. There were beautiful moments in the story as well, though: I loved the naturalist elements of the story and could have used many more of those.

    Likewise, the many human connections along the way made me reminisce bittersweetly on my own travels and the small encounters that have stuck with me years later. Everyone should experience the small kindnesses and generosity of a stranger in a strange land, those that overcome language and cultural barriers.

    Those are the memories of travel that have made the greatest impact on me, and I enjoyed Jed including those in his story more than anything. Overall, an excellent first book. I don't really know how I could rate this as anything other than five stars. Or how anyone could, really. I mean what, you rate it one star because you don't like bicycles or something? In general I have a hard time giving low ratings to biographies on the condition that they are well written of course, a poorly written book will always garner poor ratings I suppose because I admire the fact that someone is willing to unveil their life, or a piece of it, to the world.

    Now, this isn't a biograp I don't really know how I could rate this as anything other than five stars. Now, this isn't a biography. And it's a very well told one in my opinion. It's an honestly told one. And Jedidiah Jenkins is a better writer than I expected him to be. I picked up To Shake the Sleeping Self because of a sort of impromptu book club with some friends.

    It's the type of book that I would normally bounce off of.

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    I'd convince myself that it somehow wasn't "for me" or that the content would be too preachy or too.. I suppose book clubs are great at exposing us to things; things that otherwise would have passed us by. I'm grateful for that. It's like Jed says in the book, 'exposure creates empathy. This book is about Jed's journey by bicycle, bus, hitchhiking, and more from Portland, Oregon to the very Southern tip of South America; Patagonia.

    Jed is a man in his mid-thirties who is deterred with his routine, the monotony of everyday life. He has reached a point of wondering what it is he's done with his life, and also struggles with questions of identity and purpose. As a gay man, growing up Christian in the South was not the easiest of experiences for him. So Jed's journey takes on meaning beyond the physical. Beyond the desire to see new places, breathe new air, meet new people. He is wrestling with his sexuality, and his faith.

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    As darkness converges on their escalating conflict, the races of Dwarves, Elves and Men must decide — unite or be destroyed. Bilbo finds himself fighting for his life and the lives of his friends in the epic Battle of the Five Armies, as the future of Middle-earth hangs in the balance. The Return of the King.