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Email Sign Up Sign up now to receive messages about new products and promotions. The selection of smoking pipes on sale changes constantly, which means you may find Tekin Meerschaum Pipes hand crafted by Turkish master carver Salim, assorted Vauen briar pipes, Lorenzo's Italian briar pipes - among the many master carvers and European brands we carry - as well many of our premier corn cob pipes, on sale at any given time.

You will learn why Meerschaum Pipes are so sought after by experienced smokers, and even considered works of art. And while the many manufacturers of Briar Pipes may seem overwhelming at first, we can help you see the differences between a Jobey Briar Pipe and a Radice Briar Pipe, just to name a few of the many quality and beautifully crafted briar pipes available here. Of course, you should also take a look at our Missouri Meerschaum Selection of Corn Cob Pipes that range from including genuine hardwood insert bottoms to having dark stains that give each Corn Cob pipe a distinctive look and feel.

I'll cut to the chase, I need a new pipe. Recommendations are greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind that I'm a college student so my budget is limited. I hear great things about cobs. I hear great things about briars. What direction should I go? Missouri Meerschaum and Mr. Brog are what I've been primarily browsing. Most definitely go for the MM cobs rather than a cheap briar. Then, save some money on the side to see how it goes and opt for a decent price briar.

Dr Grabow pipes are the bang for your buck. Consistently great smokers that will last a lifetime. Please look at the following: Small pipes perfect for flake blends, EWA's, at Iwanries. Any of these will match up with a group of three or four cobs for a good newbie rotation. You'll be glad you looked. I checked out the pipes recommended. There are certainly some interesting pieces out there in my range. Asking briars vs cobs, or low price briars in this place will get you a lot of random opinions.

You have guys that love MM and swear by them, then you have some that swear by briar, then others that kinda shun buying any briar below certain price ranges 30, 50, , etc. I've tried a few except nothing I own is over price range.

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Go with what you like, is the best advice I have ever heard on this forum. I forgot who said it, as this question has been asked multiple times. MM gives you great affordability and have really great pipes. Briar pipes have such a huge variety, the main thing to stay away from is cheap knock offs with metal bowls, paint all over the pipe, and other useless things trying to make it look nice. I own a few basket pipes that were less than 30 bone spent nothing below the 20 range shun me if you must , how ever they smoke great.

I own a few Dr.

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Grabow pipes and it was my first pipe ever, and they smoke great. I own a couple that cost more than , and a calabash, and a couple meerschaums that cost quite a bit, I love them all. As far as which one to get? Get the one you like and can afford. I own one Comoy and it was a antique store find, and I love it. As far as Mr. Brog I have yet to try one of those but hard some good things on them. Good luck and let us know what you go for! Brog's pipe are in this range.

They are made off pear wood but are great to smoke. I like them better then the Briar I got. For a budget briar, I would second the Dr. Check out some Nording "Eriksen" pipes. Don't rule out a Dr. Grabow either, especially if you can find one in their Royalton line. What I meant to say is: I would avoid anything from China or the Ukraine,.. You need a NEW pipe.

What is your experience thus far? Your old pipe and tobacco choices, for instance? What is your primary objective in smoking a pipe? Cobs are not only inexpensive but almost foolproof and and I think the learning curve with them is more gentle. The easiest and least expensive rotation would be comprised of cobs. MM's website has them. I'd like to start by saying, I am not prejudice to cobs. I think their resurgence is awesome and I hope it continues. That being said, I think telling a newbie to start out with a cob is akin to telling them to start with Captain Black as a tobacco.

There is a break in period with a cob that is much different than a briar, and a cob in the first couple bowls most definitely imparts a flavor to the smoke which may be a turn off for a new smoker. Combine that with getting smoking technique down, tobacco moisture, packing Personally, I would start with a briar To compare Chapuis-Comoy to Dr. Grabow, they are both good pipes, and I have both, a Dr.

Grabow Royalton bulldog, and a Chapius zulu. I would recommend the Chapuis only because it is a filterless pipe, so there is nothing extra to buy, and you will get a more complete idea of the flavor of the tobacco blends you sample. You can smoke the Dr. Grabow without its filter, but the draw will be very open and it makes it a little more difficult to get the hang of smoking technique.

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But many start with Dr. Grabow and like them fine. One other piece of advice: A number of low price pipes are made of Brylon, a synthetic briar substitute. Don't start with one of these. Most people don't like them. They smoke hot and are not typical pipes at all. A few Forums members like them for rough duty, like toting to fire damage clean-ups on the job and such. But it is a specialty item, not a good pipe for beginners despite their low-low price, usually below twenty bucks.

You will be alert to Brylon because the bowls are really thin in the photos. I've tried three pipes, all Missouri Meerschaum and not cobs. My first pipe was a MM Ozark Mini which is a birch pipe. My second was a MM Hardwood Diplomat which had a maple bowl. I had put up another topic discussing how the Diplomat was extremely sour and so I pitched it because nothing I did could get that thing into proper shape.

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I had picked those up due to cost and for the sake of durability. I've tried three tobaccos, all aromatics. My objective in smoking a pipe is probably the same as everyone else. It's simply an enjoyable past time. For me it's part of establishing a period of calm. It's kind of my Zen time if that makes any sense.

I've enjoyed the flavor and scent of the fresh tobacco that I've tried.

Pipe Smoking on a Budget - Five Ways to Save Money

I'm essentially hitting the reset button on my smoking experience. New pipe, new tobacco. I wasn't aware of the proper storing method for aromatic tobacco you know, jarring things up and so what I have on hand has lost its flavor. I recently found this topic: The topic explains how "some" aromatics can lose flavor even when stored. Well, most of my stuff wasn't jarred for a few months and just sat on my desk in the baggies it came in.

With the Sutliff tobacco the flavor was gone within a week and it just tastes kind of neutral. The Sutliff I've only had for about two weeks now and it's been rehdyrated and jarred but as I said, the flavor is just gone. I don't think there is any helping it.

Pipes Under $50

Everything else is in about the same shape - flavor lost. My intention after I get a new pipe is to move on from aromatics for the most part. I'm curious about non-aromatics. The first tobacco that was recommended to me was called "Frog Morton's Cellar". I'm tempted to pick up the whole Frog Pack as a good way to experiment with a variety of non-aromatic blends.