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Paul preferred rational discourse in sermons. He also felt that spontaneity threatened the focus of worship, even though he himself claimed to possess this gift in extraordinary measure and the Apostles spoke in tongues at…. Normally the syllables they speak or sing are unintelligible, though some claim that they speak in recognizable foreign tongues as the disciples of Jesus did at the first….

Speaking in tongues is considered one of the gifts of the Spirit described by St. Religious experience , specific experience such as wonder at the infinity of the cosmos, the sense of awe and mystery in the presence of the sacred or holy, feeling of dependence on a divine power or an unseen order, the sense of guilt and anxiety accompanying belief in a divine judgment,….

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Tongue , in most vertebrates, an organ, capable of various muscular movements, located on the floor of the mouth. In some animals e. The tongues of certain reptiles function primarily as sensory organs, whereas cats and some other mammals use their…. Pentecostalism viewed by Paul the Apostle In Christianity: You might like to compare it with another list found in 1Corinthians We are looking at a list of miraculous signs, not natural abilities.

The true Pentecostal tongues, spoken by the apostles, are described by the very people who heard them: Some say the miracle caused listeners to hear in their own language and therefore to understand the speech. Why then did Paul criticise using the gift of tongues in church —saying that the people listening do not understand the tongues being spoken and therefore are not edified by what they hear 1Corinthians The miracle recorded here was not in the hearing but in the speaking.

Speaking in Tongues EXPOSED! Pentecostal Speaking in Tongues Exposed by the Word of God

The apostles "began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. The apostles were actually speaking in the other tongues that people were hearing.

Speaking in tongues

They were languages native and familiar to the hearers, but completely new to the apostles —languages which the apostles had not learned by study, or by natural exposure, yet were suddenly able to speak. This scripture we have been looking at Acts 2: The phenomena is mentioned in several places, but only in this one place is it described so that we may know exactly what happened.

What Luke describes here in Acts 2: We are forced to conclude that the gift of tongues among Christians of New Testament times was miraculous xenoglossia, not commonplace glossolalia.

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Australia is rich with citizens and visitors who know many exotic languages. Remember, Satan always has a counterfeit for Bible truth.

What is Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in glossolalia actually predates the day of Pentecost in the New Testament and history records occasions of this ecstatic tongues being used by non believers. Back in BC, a young "amen" worshiper became possessed by a "god" and began to make sounds just like the ecstatic tongues we hear today. Now when someone is possessed by a "god", it can only mean one thing, and that is they were possessed by a demon, or Satan.

So the force behind this early incident of glossolalia was Satan. Seven hundred years later in BC, the Greek philosopher Plato referred to a number of people who spoke in this ecstatic tongues, while they were praying. Now the interesting thing about these incidents is that people actually got healed by practicing these utterances.

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Is that a sign that these utterances were actually holy and from God? No, because Satan also has the power to heal people and make them think that what they are doing is from God. In the century before Christ, Virgil described the account of the Sybilline priestess on the Island of Delos speaking in ecstatic tongues as the result of her being unified with the god Apollo. This happened while she meditated in a "haunted" cave amidst the sounds of the wind playing strange music through the crevices in the rocks.

This type of account can easily be seen as being from Satan, not God. The Mithra cult of the Persians, the Osiris cult of the Pharaohs, the Dionysian, Eulusinian, and Orphic cults cradled in Macedonia, Thrace and Greece, all record the same phenomenon of "speaking in tongues". Also, Lucian of Samosata A.