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Meanwhile, the rebels continue to press into Monrovia, and the government troops keep fighting to hold them back. Residents and refugees in Monrovia are running out of food and clean water.

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Mr Taylor's financial support for rebel forces in Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Sierra Leone created enormous hardship in those countries. The UN banned sales of diamonds from Liberia in , in an attempt to cut off Mr Taylor's source of funds and thus limit the amount he could funnel to rebel insurrections in neighbouring countries. His contributions to rebels in Sierra Leone fuelled a bitter civil war in that country.

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His main ally, the Revolutionary United Front, has been accused of widespread torture and sexual assault. Guinea and Ivory Coast have similar complaints.

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All three countries have repaid the favour by supporting rebels inside Liberia. Sheltered by Guinea and Sierra Leone, Lurd launched its attack on Monrovia after taking the northern third of the country.

civil War in Liberia

The Movement for Democracy in Liberia Model , supported by Ivory Coast, emerged earlier this year and took the southern third of the country. This group is also now closing on Monrovia. No, there are underlying tensions in Liberia. The African-Americans who founded the country in the early s did not reconcile with the indigenous Africans. The relatively small group of Americo-Liberians held power until , when Samuel Doe assassinated the serving American-descended president. Mr Taylor's father was Americo-Liberian and his mother an indigenous African.

First Liberian Civil War

Model and Lurd have differing ethnic memberships, which could contribute to tension. The country's civil war began in , when Charles Taylor returned to Liberia from neighbouring Ivory Coast. He brought with him a force of rebels - the National Patriotic Front of Liberia - seeking to oust the repressive regime of the then-president, Samuel Doe. A rival warlord, Prince Yormie Johnson, seized, tortured and executed Doe in front of video cameras in September But the demise of Doe's corrupt, abusive regime failed to bring about stable democratic government.

The west African peacekeeping force, Ecomog, eventually stepped in. Mr Johnson accepted asylum in Nigeria, and Mr Taylor finally found himself in a position to hold elections in July , despite his failure to secure the entire country.

Liberian Civil War

One of Mr Taylor's campaign slogans ran: Just as Doe's assassination brought only more war, Mr Taylor's election failed to end the violence. Over the last 14 years of on-again, off-again fighting, around , Liberians have died. A West African peacekeeping force - expected eventually to total between 3, and 5, troops - is the vanguard. In the midst of this chaos, Charles Taylor fled the country to Nigeria.

First Liberian Civil War - Wikipedia

During the summer of , Nigerian peacekeeping forces under the United Nations and U. Marine expeditionary forces secured the country. The Govervance Reform Commission was set up in June as part of the deal to end the civil war.

This commission was chaired by Ms. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf until when she ran for president.