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These redemptive treads become our covering, the atonement of Christ's work on the cross our new garments declaring us sin free and pure before our Lord.

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Our tendency is to remain in the sin, we relish it and desire it and help fuel its growth John 3: The incredible news is our sin is covered! Has this hit you so your life shows the change Christ made for you? That your heredity of sin has changed to His heredity? That Jesus has formed and renewed you Gal.

Charles Spurgeon

Have you ever been caught with your hand in the cookie jar so to speak? If so how did you react as a child?

How Do I Know If I'm Saved?

Before being a Christian? After being a Christian?

Why Were You Saved

How would you react now? Has covering up sin ever backfired in your life, if so how and why? How does this passage answer the objection that original sin is unfair? Have you ever wished that you would be free from sin? What would your life be like if it was? How does it make you feel that Christ entered the world to pay your price of punishment when He did not have to or deserve it? People accuse God of being unfair, such as if a relative was killed by a bandit or by an accident by someone else's fault. Why do we do that? How is it unfair to God, if a loved one is injured or killed by someone else's sin?

How can you take comfort in what Christ has done for you? Do you have a grasp on the magnitude of God's sacrifice on our behalf, if so how, if not what is blocking you? What can you say to a person who is upset over original sin and says that God is unfair? What does justification mean to your daily life and walk? At work, at school, at the grocery storeā€¦? What was David's reaction? David was full of arrogance and contempt at this time, what did God do to put him back in his place? What does God do now when we sin?

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How did David approach God after his sin? How do you approach God after your sin? What does God feel in David's situation versus yours? Why does the Bible say this then? Keep in mind the other verses that deal with sin's relationship to others, see theological note on sin from Bible study 9. How did David escape God's total wrath that is God did punish, but not as the law required. Death was the penalty of adultery and murder, Duet How do we escape His wrath today?

Since we have grace, does that give us opportunities to sin, since He will forgive anyway? How and why did God restore David?

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  • Why Are We Saved? - Repentance, Faith, and Salvation.
  • How do we remove sin from our lives? What can you take away from this passage to help you better understand grace? How does it excite you that you belong to Christ? What are you doing in your life right now this week to reflect what the new Adam has done for you, how are you reigning in new life? On your own write a thank-you letter to Jesus and list all that you can remember that He has done for you. Keep this letter in a safe place and add to it when new things come up.

    Then use this letter to help build your relationship by reflecting on what He has done, answered prayers, salvation, maturity, opportunities and your growth, especially when you are feeling down. Krejcir, Into Thy Word Ministries http: How to Build your Faith to Share your Faith. All about Small Groups. All of humanity deserved it, Christ did not; thus, yes it is unfair- to God, but not to us!

    How would you define sin? Keep in mind the other verses that deal with sin's relationship to others, see theological note on sin from Bible study 9 Jesus saves us from this impossible impotent state: Jesus saves us, liberates us, from the heavy necessity of trying to make ourselves right with God.

    This is why the Christian gospel is described by the word 'grace' - because the right to live in God's presence is his gift, not something we have earned, deserved or merited. This is dealt with extensively in the Romans studies. There is much more that could be said about each of these. The answer to this that the Bible gives seems at first to be rather selfish on God's part: This answer has a number of aspects:.

    This is only possible a if we know him, and b if we qualify. So, because he loves us and wants us with him, he sent Jesus to do all of the above so that we can know him [by knowing Jesus Christ] and are qualified [by Christ living and dying our substitute]. I suppose we could say - we are saved so that God can enjoy loving us and we can enjoy his love.

    In our state of rebellion and alienation and ignorance it is simply impossible for us to image him. When he saves us through Jesus all of this is reversed and we from that point onwards have the potential to increasingly image him as we live in positive face to face relationship with him. Assuming that imaging God is the purpose for which we were created it is only when we are imaging God that we are truly and fully human. It is only here that we maximize the meaning of 'human'. God actually has our well-being and fulfilment in his mind when he saves us to glorify him.

    I will say one thing more: When we see Jesus as he really is, when we realize that in seeing him we are seeing God, when we honour him as God - then we are saved, even if we were not seeking salvation. It's really radical, powerful and enlightening. It is our common behaviour to reject God and substitute our own god-concept in his place. Studies on this site.

    They identify the urgency of this central question, and facilitate our answering it accurately by analysing the New Testament presentation of Jesus Christ. I would respectfully and gently ask you here to carefully and honestly think about this question: And I would suggest to you, on the basis of what I understand from the Bible, that this is the most important question you can ever be asked. Why do I need to be saved?