Manual Winning the Battle For Your Mind: A Biblical Approach

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We have been given the Spirit to make known the truth about Jesus and to convict us of anything not in line with the gospel John 14— I regularly invite the Holy Spirit to witness to me regarding who Jesus is, what he has done, and who I am because of his work. If the thoughts or beliefs I am having do not line up, the Spirit makes that known to me as he brings to remembrance what is true of God and of me because of the gospel. Prayer is not only bringing my requests to God. As we submit to the witness and direction of the Spirit, we will also experience the fruit of the Spirit.

Paul describes the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5: Instead, we are submitted to someone or something else. The Spirit brings conviction and leads us in repentance. Repentance is not simply a change of behavior, but a change of belief that produces changed behaviors. We need the Spirit to reveal where we have believed lies and to lead us to the truth about Jesus, granting both eyes to see and hearts to believe. As the Spirit moves, we will experience a change of mind that will change the way we live.

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The war of your mind is not a passive activity, but an active, vigorous fight, fought with the power of God and spiritual weapons made available to us through the gospel. As the Spirit makes the truths of Jesus known to you, you must hold fast to them 1 Corinthians He then went on to describe the armor made available to us through the gospel Ephesians 6: We do battle by having the truths of the gospel around us like a belt, holding everything else up.

We have a readiness — a quickness — to run from evil and chase after obedience because we know we are free and unhindered by guilt, shame, and fear. Because of Jesus, our guilt is removed, our shame is covered, and our fear is demolished, for he is victorious over our enemies.

Take up the shield of faith. Believe in all God has accomplished for you in Jesus Christ. And wield the sword you have been given, the word of God. Speak the truths of Jesus to confront the attacks of the devil. And in all of this, continue to depend upon the Spirit in prayer. Take your thoughts captive and examine them closely. Bring them into submission. Then fight back with gospel truths.

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This is how we go to war. Challenge Your Thoughts Have you ever slowed down to pay attention to what is going on in your mind? Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. If you lose this battle, you will be easy prey to any form of terror. But if you consider Jesus and put His Word first in your life, you will discover scriptural keys that will make you victorious in this hour.

3 Steps to Winning the Battle in the Mind — Charisma Magazine

I see the victors in this battle crossing over a new threshold into a greater dimension of God's glory and power. They will experience the church's finest hour of spiritual authority and massive harvest. It's important for us to win! Double Weariness The enemy's plan in this age of terror is to cause severe mental exhaustion. Those who are mentally weary may become incapable and useless.

An exhausted mind can't make a decision, communicate or help anyone else. You can be so mentally tired that you become physically sick. The tactic of the enemy is to bombard your mind until you are so exhausted spiritually that you lose your grip. Then you will relinquish all the spiritual territory you have gained.

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The primary weapon used against your mind in this age of terror is voices. Voices will bombard you till you give in to them.

Winning the Battle For Your Mind A Biblical Approach, Said I This morning

Once they get a foothold, your mind will become doubly weary. Soon, you will fall prey to a weakened mind. Voices of the world around you are speaking constantly to anyone who will listen. Thousands of voices shout at you every day through the news media. Other distracting voices include those of friends and family members who don't understand your commitment to Jesus and who want to persuade you to take a compromised stand.

Then there are the voices in the spirit realm. Using the most outrageous statements, they can badger your mind until mental exhaustion begins. All these voices—from the natural and the spiritual realms--are potentially harmful. But the most powerful weapon I have ever had to fight against has been the voice of me! Have you ever noticed how often you talk to yourself? I took stock of this one day and was surprised at all the self-talk. Not only did I think a lot of thoughts that can bring on mental fatigue, I also spoke a lot of negative things out loud.

No one else was around, so I had no excuse. I had to admit I was talking to me. Many years ago, when I was growing in the ministry, I would sometimes be bombarded by voices. Usually they spoke words to disqualify me: Who do you think you are, trying to minister to people?

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They were me, speaking to me! It is time to stop simply coping with the voices that create mental weariness and battle fatigue. God is calling us to conquer in the battle for our minds. We need to heed Romans Have you ever renovated an old house? You don't just put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, install new light fixtures and lay new carpet. Often you have to gut the entire thing, sometimes tearing down old walls and peeling off hundreds of layers of wallpaper. Then you can tackle the more fun tasks of choosing a color scheme and new appliances.

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