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This day is to rejoice in your bravery and speak to Eorlund for a better weapon than After becoming a werewolf yourself and completing the quest, The Silver Hand , if you tell him about Skjor 's death, he will be sad: Thank you for telling me. This is a day where our souls must cry, and our hearts will answer. Grieve in whatever way you know.

During the quest Blood's Honor , Kodlak will request to see you personally. Upon arrival, he will tell you to take a seat. If you ask him what this is all about, he will remark: But his death was avenged long ago. You have taken more lives than honor demanded. The cycle of retaliation may continue for some time. But this sneaking around. It doesn't befit warriors of your standing. Aela knows better, and so should you. Upon asking what the task is, he will ask you if you have heard the story of how the Companions came to be werewolves.

Saying that Skjor said that it was a blessing from Hircine, he will say: As in all matters of faith, though, the reality is more complicated than one believer would tell you. Regardless, if you ask him what the truth is, he will continue to elaborate: This matter of beastblood has only troubled us for a few hundred.

One of my predecessors was a good, but short-sighted man. He made a bargain with the witches of Glenmoril Coven. If the Companions would hunt in the name of their lord, Hircine, we would be granted great power. The witches offered payment, like anyone else. But we had been deceived.

But it's more than our bodies. It's not so simple as just killing them, though. It seeps into the spirit. Upon death, werewolves are claimed by Hircine for his Hunting Grounds. For some, this is a paradise. They want nothing more than to chase prey with their master for eternity. And that is their choice. But I am still a true Nord. And I wish for Sovngarde as my spirit home.

And now I've found the answer. The witches' magic ensnared us, and only their magic can release us. They won't give it willingly, but we can extract their foul powers by force. I want you to seek them out. Go to their coven in the wilderness. Strike them down as a true warrior of the wild. And bring me their heads. The seat of their abilities. From there, we may begin to undo centuries of impurity. You are now directed to go to Glenmoril Coven to collect the Glenmoril Witches' heads.

However, once you return from the Glenmoril Coven, you will notice several citizens gathered around near the stairs leading to Jorrvaskr. Halfway up the stairs, you will find both Torvar and Aela the Huntress next to dead Silver Hand members. When you enter the building, Vilkas will seek you out and ask you where you were in the time of need. In your absence, the Silver Hand attacked Jorrvaskr, managing to kill Kodlak and take off with all the fragments of Wuuthrad. You will find Kodlak's dead body near the central fireplace, with Farkas and Njada Stonearm kneeling next to him.

After you have completed the quest Purity of Revenge , the funeral for Kodlak will be held up at the Skyforge. All members of the Companions as well as the incumbent Jarl of Whiterun and his steward will pay their respects and say goodbye to the Harbinger:. Afterwards, the Circle members will gather in the Underforge , discussing Kodlak's passing.

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During their discussion, Eorlund Gray-Mane will arrive with the complete and repaired Wuuthrad. He will then tell you that all hope is not lost and that Kodlak can still be granted his final wish - to be cured of lycanthropy and to find peace in Sovngarde. You will now be directed to head out to Ysgramor's Tomb. As soon as you enter the burial chamber situated within Ysgramor's Tomb, you will find the ghost of Kodlak Whitemane warming his hands near the Flame of the Harbinger. Upon questioning the ghost, he will say: My fellow Harbingers and I have been warming ourselves here.

Trying to evade Hircine. I'd wager old Vignar could see half a dozen of my predecessors. And I see them all. The ones in Sovngarde. The ones trapped with me in Hircine's realm. And they all see you. You've brought honor to the name of the Companions. We won't soon forget it. I can only hope. You still have the witches' heads? Throw one of them into the fire. It will release their magic, for me at least. Once you have slain Kodlak's wolf spirit , you may now approach Kodlak himself, who will remark: I thank you for this gift.

The other Harbingers remain trapped by Hircine, though. Perhaps from Sovngarde, the heroes of old can join me in their rescue. The Harrowing of the Hunting Grounds. It would be a battle of such triumph. And perhaps some day, you'll join us in that battle. But for today, return to Jorrvaskr. Triumph in your victory. It may be that servants have degenerated, but it may also be the truth that masters have degenerated too. I believe that every Abraham will be likely to find an Eleazar, and every Rebekah a Deborah. Good masters make good servants. Good servants make good masters. Happy is the family where, without forgetting the proper distinctions of position, all are knit together in firm friendship.

Oppression on the one hand and discontent on the other have rent the commonwealth. Yet there still survive among us instances of personal attachment where servants have served the same masters from their youth up, have continued with them in sickness and in misfortune, have remained faithful to the family when the master has been scarcely able to remunerate them for their services, and have continued faithful even unto death.

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I am sure when we have read such stories or seen such servants ourselves, we have felt that they deserved to be had in honor, and there is a general respect still which is manifested by mankind to the servant that waiteth upon his master. However, I am not going to speak about the duties of masters and servants this evening. At other times we have not hesitated to speak our mind upon that matter, and we shall not fail to do so as occasion requires.

But now we shall speak of a higher Master who was never unfaithful to a servant yet, and never will be; and we shall speak of a superior service which brings to those who are engaged in it the highest possible degree of honor. Blessed are they who are servants of the King of kings. Happy is he who takes even the lowest place and fulfils the meanest office for the Lord Jesus, if any service can be mean that is rendered to our all-glorious Immanuel.

We will begin by considering the relation of the Lord Jesus Christ to us, and ours to him ; then we shall consider the conduct which is consistent with that relation ; and then the reward which is promised to such conduct. And, first, the relation which subsists between ourselves and our Lord. He is our Master— our Master. I speak now of course only to you who are converted, to you who are true believers and are saved by faith in Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus is to you your Master , in the sense of contrast to all other governing powers.

You are men, and naturally moved by that which moves other men, but still, the master motive power with every one of you who is a Christian is the supremacy of Christ. There are some among your fellow servants to whom you render respect, just as in a large firm there are foremen set over different parts of the work, to whom a measure of deference is fitly rendered. Still, as the overseer is not the chief authority, so your earthly superiors are not masters over you in the highest sense.

The Christian man has of course to attend to the concerns of this life, and while he is attending to them he must throw a measure of his heart into them or he cannot do them properly; still, the master of our heart is not our business but our Savior. A Christian man is thoughtful, and he studies, and reads, and investigates; still, for all that, philosophy does not rule him, nor the news of the day, nor the science of the times.

Christ is our Master—master of our thoughts and meditations, the great leader and teacher of our understandings. We are his disciples and disciples of none else besides. We are affected by the love of family, the love of friendship, the love of country; but there is a love that is higher than all these, a master love, and this is love to Jesus our Well-beloved, the Bridegroom of our souls. No man can have two imperial master-faculties, master-motives, and master-ambitions. One is our Master, and that one is Christ. He is our Master and we stand before him as servants who desire to obey his bidding.

What then is the reason why the Lord Jesus Christ has become to us a Master? We would ask them to turn over the pages of history and find a man it was worth while to serve in comparison with the man Christ Jesus. We would appeal to his character and ask, was there ever a character which could compel homage as his character does? Why, he is a right royal man in all respects: To know him is to become enthusiastic in his cause. We would then point to his kingdom and the nature and character of it, and ask whether there was a kingdom for which men ought to fight, for which men ought to strive and be willing to die compared with his kingdom.

We would point to the benefits which he confers upon mankind, the blessings which the faith of Jesus Christ has scattered amongst the nations, and ask if there ever was a cause so worthy of zeal as the cause of Christ, which is the cause of humanity, the cause of truth, the cause of right, the cause of God. His are the principles which alone can redeem men from their degradation and misery. We count it easy enough to answer the ungodly in this matter.

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He is so excellent, and in his nature so pre-eminent, that we defy anyone to count us foolish for choosing him to be our Master. But behind all this, deep down in our souls we have other reasons for calling him our Master, namely, that we belong to him by the purchase of his blood, by the rescue of his grace, and again, by the surrender, the willing surrender which we have made to him. Christ is our Master because he bought us. When we were sold under sin, when by the justice of God we were condemned to die, when we were utter slaves, he purchased us and redeemed us from all iniquity with a cost which sometimes has seemed to us, for his sake, to be too great.

What were ten thousand times ten thousand sinful worms compared with the Son of God? Yet that glorious Son of God laid down his life for us. He loved his church and gave himself for it—a matchless price indeed to pay!

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We feel that we should be unjust to Jesus, base to our best Benefactor, if we were to ignore the solemn obligations under which his redemption has placed us. We had been on the road to hell if it had not been for his blood; shall we not walk in the way of his commands?

After what he has done for us nothing is too great for us to do for him. Our body, our soul, our spirit, we cheerfully render up to his dominion, neither count we ought of our nature to be our own. As he has redeemed us entirely, so in the entirety of our manhood we belong altogether to him; and if there be a part of our nature which has not been subdued to him we desire him to conquer it by force of arms, for its rebellion against him is sorrow to ourselves.

Jesus is our rightful Lord, his wounds attest it, and if any other lord hath dominion over any other portion of our nature, that lordship is usurped and ought to be cast down. I said moreover that Christ has won us by his power as well as by his blood. There are two redemptions, redemption by price and redemption by power; redemption by price was typified in the paschal lamb and the Passover, redemption by power in the passage of the Red Sea when the children of Israel went through it dry shod and the Egyptians were drowned.

Almighty grace bowed us down when we were stiff-necked; almighty grace delivered us from our habits of sin when we were fast bound by them; almighty grace broke the iron bars of our despair and led us into liberty; let all the glory be ascribed unto the Almighty Redeemer. With a high hand and an outstretched arm he brought us forth from the Egypt of our lusts and taught our willing feet the way to the heavenly Canaan. And now we grace his chariot wheels as servants, not in manacles of iron but in silken fetters of love.

Remember that I also said we are his servants and he our Master because we have willingly surrendered ourselves to him. Recall to your memories that blessed time when you gave yourselves up to Jesus under the sweet constraint of his love. Was it not a good day in which you said—. And now at this day, remembering the love of your espousals when you went after your Lord into the wilderness, would you have it otherwise? You were married to him; do you now wish to sue for a divorce against your glorious Bridegroom? Nay, but you can sing with Doddridge,. And bless in death a bond so dear. Now beloved, as I have shown that Christ had a right to be our Master from the very dignity of his character, and that we yield him service because of his love to us; it only remains for me to add that our position of servants to Christ is an irreversible one.

Do we not wish to be forever bound to Christ and crucified with him? This was the teaching of our baptism.

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When we were baptized we were buried in the water. The teaching was that we were henceforth to be dead and buried to the world and alive alone for Jesus. It was the crossing of the Rubicon—the drawing of the sword and the flinging away of the scabbard. Thou art the same, O fair false world— thou art the same, but not I. I have passed from death unto life, from darkness into light. Thy siren charms can fascinate me no more. A nobler music is in my ear and I am drawn forward by a more sovereign spell towards other than yours.

My bark shall cut her way through all seas and waves till it reaches the fair haven and I see my Savior face to face. We are his for ever and for ever. We cannot draw back, and blessed be his name, his grace will not suffer us to do so. The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

Slight Thy mercy, scorn thy favor!

Perish such an impious thought:. Where for peace could I resort? The second point of our reflection is to be this: What conduct is consistent in a servant? Such a servant as is mentioned in the text does not call himself his own or his time his own. Servants of Jesus have no time at their own disposal.

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If we eat or drink, or rest or sleep, we desire to do all to the glory of God. We are never off duty. A policeman may be, but we never are. A soldier may have a furlough, but a Christian never, he must wear both night and day the whole armor of God. We are always to bear the shield, and the sword is always to be in our hands. Even in our recreation we are to remember that our Master may come at any hour and therefore we are still to be looking for his coming.

Brethren, we ought to be prepared to give up any doctrine however venerable, any institution however comely, if we do not see it to be the divine will. Obedience is the path of the servant, obedience is his safety and happiness. What have I as a servant to do with anybody but my Master? I am set to do a certain thing, and if passers-by make a remark that I am not doing it according to the usual rules of the trade, what is that to me? Rules and customs are of small consequence. If we are true servants we obey even in the jots and tittles at all hazards.

But we must search the word, for unread Bibles are evidences against rebels, and are unbecoming in believers. If delay be a part of the command the delay is justifiable, but if not the servant must not tarry. What if the heavens fell through our doing right?

God does not want us to sin in order to prop them up. His throne is not rotten so as to need buttresses of iniquity.