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A set phrase urging one to behave. Kids, please be good for your grandparents this weekend. All right, see you next week. Be back in a week.

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Do I have to? Don't hide or be rude when you are in an argument with a friend. Talk to them and work it out. It is best not to fight fire with fire, perhaps suggesting that the both of you take some time to think it over. Say, "I want to resolve this with you, because you are such a good friend.

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Let's take time and think this out. Accept what is your fault, talk to others about what they have done to upset you. But blaming others fosters negativity and resentment. Just listen with compassion and remain quiet. Say to them, "I'm sorry you feel this way, is there anything I can do to help? Saying nice things to people is an easy way to spread positivity.

Compliment a co-workers new haircut or a stranger's dog. Giving credit where due is respectful, and you would want the same respect for an achievement you've accomplished. Be a better listener. People rarely take the time to listen to people. Everyone wants to feel important and like they matter. Take the time to listen to people. Don't get distracted by what's going on around you or play on your cell phone.

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Ask follow up questions on the topic; this helps them know that you're paying attention to them. Celebrate other people's victories and good qualities. Be kind and generous to others, liking them for who they are. Celebrate others when good things happen and don't be jealous. Be supportive and encouraging. Try to realize that you don't have to have the same things as everyone else. Try to stop feeling jealous of other people.

Be a role model. Sometimes, you can learn best by teaching. Make yourself available to help other people and foster a genuine desire to see them thrive. Believe in the power of your actions to influence others. Live your life in a way that inspires others. Share your life and philosophies with others.

Find someone to be a role model to. Be cautious of the way you live so that you will always be acting in a way that will make someone proud. Give the young good moral values to live by and teach them the importance of morals. Sometimes you will feel as if your effort was in vain, but realize that you have planted the good seed in their minds, and it may take some time to respond to it. When other people see you doing good deeds, they will be reminded to take more positive action themselves.

Nurturing someone else and striving to be an example can help you see your own acts more clearly. Join a Big Brother-Big Sister program, volunteer to coach a kid's sports team, teach, or be a role model for young family members. Share your possessions, your positivity, and your happiness. Don't be emotionally stingy. Be generous and encouraging. Never take the biggest slice of pizza or piece of meat, or if you absolutely must do so, split it with others. Be fair to all people.

Treat everyone with kindness, and do not be mean or rude to people, even if they don't agree with you. Do not bully, but instead, stand up for the bullied. Don't talk about others behind their backs. Be a genuine person. If you have a problem with someone, confront them in a respectful way. Don't spread bad things about them when they are not around. Don't unfairly judge people. You don't know the circumstances surrounding them. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and respect their choices. Remember the golden rule.

Put the energy out into the universe you'd like to receive. Respect extends to your surroundings, too. Don't throw trash on the floor, don't purposefully mess up things, and don't talk too loud or be obnoxious. Respect that other people share the same space as you.

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My friend said bad things about me and heard her. I sent her a message and indirectly told her that I heard her, but she didn't apologize and tried to avoid me. When we did see each other, she treated me as usual without apologizing. I couldn't forgive her and I also don't want to offend her. What should I do? A, Clinical Mental Health Counseling. It sounds like you need to be open and honest with her about what you heard, how it made you feel. Be kind and caring with her and keep the focus on yourself. Could we talk about it? Not Helpful 16 Helpful My friends told me I am not a good because I wrote their names when they talked.

The teacher told me to write names. Either help friends or obey the teacher? You were the monitor, so you have the right to write their name if they were talking. They knew very well what your role was and should not have put you in a position where you you were forced to choose between them and the teacher's orders. You did your duty honestly. You should obey your teacher and so should they. Laugh it off and say: Not Helpful 15 Helpful If someone had behaved very badly toward me, then may I also do the same back to them?

It does not have to be that way. If you do the same thing he or she does, then what is the difference? Try to be good to them. Let them learn that from you. As said above, be a role model of the right behavior. No one is born bad sometimes situations make them so, so it's better to try to understand first, then seek solutions. Not Helpful 17 Helpful Today, a classmate told me that I pretend to be a good person even though I am not. You know the truth. It doesn't matter what she tells you. Prove that you're a great person and maybe someday you'll be friends.

If she doesn't see how great you are, she isn't worth your time. The only opinions that matter are yours and your loved ones'. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Choose the tips that you feel comfortable doing. Many of them are very good for dealing with depression, and may actually help you out of it. Not Helpful 1 Helpful As the older sibling, you need to set an example for them.

Showing them the same basic respect you want to get from them is one of the best things you can do to be a good role model.

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If you disrespect them, they will learn that it's okay to disrespect you and others. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Respect them, listen to them, be nice and polite to them and to everyone. Work hard in school. Do things you know they'd like you to do, like cleaning your room, without them asking. Spend time with them. Make them things and do nice things for them.

Not Helpful 14 Helpful One of the best things in life is to be charitable and share. It gives you one of the best feelings ever. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Everyone deserves kindness, we are all equal and we are all humans who deserve to be treated equally and with respect. Be kind to everyone -- even if they are not kind back, your positivity will start to grow on them and others. Remember that you are not in a position to judge others, so beware your tendency to feel superior to other people.

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What should I do if people say that I'm bad without giving me a chance? Tell them that it's not true, then prove it. Also, the only opinion you should be concerned with is your own and your loved ones! Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. On 6 February the Flanders Environment Agency organized a workshop around wastewater tracing in the Lindner hotel in Antwerp. On the 26th of October one of the BE-GOOD project partners, the regional water authority of Delfland, organized a symposium about the digital water chain.

Among the attendants were people from private enterprises, from the regional government and from knowledge institutes. In February , Rijkswaterstaat reached an important milestone: The RWS Datalab is a new team that aims to accelerate the speed of innovation within Dutch governmental organizations. This worldwide event gathered 1. Within the project each partner has an indicative budget to develop a number of challenges. When these are defined, the project aims at delivering those challenges to SMEs by procuring in an innovative way.