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Seth is smitten with Dimity. He loves her fierceness and her work ethic. With Dimity at his side, Seth soon sees through her icy exterior and quickly falls for the sweet woman behind her professional facade. It was at this point I found my love for Dimity waning. The connection between Seth and Dimity was perfectly penned and easily outshone the person she becomes around Zander and Elizabeth. Despite her attempts to derail their relationship, Dimity soon sees the error of her ways and instead of scheming and plotting, she lets her heart lead her mind into safer waters.

With Seth at her side, Dimity quickly starts to realise that she can find happiness without a paycheck and the pair look to a future together but will that future be in the circle of Rage? This was another outstanding book from Karina Bliss who has a real talent for writing rock based stories. Whilst not a story based on tour and involving drugs and debauchery, this book instead tells goes some way to show life from the other side of the bright lights of being on stage and on tour.

That said, when Seth and Dimity come together there is an explosiveness in and out of the bedroom! With Moss teasing us from the wings, we can only hope to read his story soon. We are proud to provide honest and unbiased reviews written from the heart. At important crossroads in the story she frequently did something fun and new. She stayed true to character throughout the book - her character was just a bit It felt like I was getting repeated tiny electric shocks. Nov 18, Li rated it really liked it Shelves: I bought Karina Bliss's Rise on an impulse okay, fine, it was a weakness for rock star romances , and had a lot of fun reading it.

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I have to say one thing did pull me out of the story at times: Nov 26, Iva rated it really liked it Shelves: Not as great as the first book, but Sth and Dimity are so cute together: Zee just had surgery on his vocal chords, the public is upset once they found out Zee was lip-syncing during his two performances because his voice had failed him, and the insurance carrier for his interrupted music tour did not want to pay stating the injury to his vocal chords was a pre-existing condition.

Dimity is on her way to New Zealand to visit Zee and straighten this mess out. She is fighting, and 4. She is fighting, and hoping, Zee will be able to sing again and the band will continue to tour. Little does she know that Zee has had an epiphany and his dreams of a future may not coincide with hers. Drunken sex with Seth, the drummer of Rage, was a climactic end of a lone road for both of them. How do you handle staying independent, emotionless, and in charge of this band when your feelings are growing beyond these boundaries?

Being close to Seth in this friends with benefits arrangement may be placing at risk all that Dimity has fought for. Definitely recommended to all those readers like myself who love a hot rock 'n roll romance with plenty of intricacies. Note that Seth is actually a great guy and not naturally a bad boy. But when he is close to Dimity, let's just say his bad boy side flourishes.

I received an ARC from the author. I have voluntarily decided to review this book because it has merit. Nov 06, Jacquie Biggar rated it it was amazing. Amazon has this interesting process for leaving a review: I have read many, many books and done hundreds of reviews and I have never checked complex- until now. Dimity is like a rough diamond. One of my favorite elements of this story is her fear of children, and how that sort of Nov 16, Bungluna rated it really liked it Shelves: First let me say that I love this author because she packs a lot of feeling and real life into her stories.

In this series she treats us to some unusual heroes. First came the Rock God bad boy extraordinaire, Zander, and his serious Pulitzer prize winning author heroine. I loved this pairing, though I had my doubts as to how the author could bring them to life. She did a great job of humanizing them without losing First let me say that I love this author because she packs a lot of feeling and real life into her stories. She did a great job of humanizing them without losing their individuality.

The only quibble I have is that the abrupt ending.

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My consolation is that, like Zander and Elizabeth's tale, we'll see more of Seth and his Honey Badger as the series continues. Can't wait for the next one! I thought this was well written but I didn't enjoy it as much as its predecessor. It was enjoyable to catch up with previous characters as part of the story but, in what felt like a short book, it detracted from the main romance.

I don't think the relationship developed enough between initial connection to LOVE. Nov 21, Jo rated it liked it Shelves: This started out well but, as I see it, Dimity and Seth hadn't spent enough time together to have fallen in love by the end. Their chemistry was nothing like Zander and Elizabeth's in the previous book.

However, the writing was fresh enough to keep me hooked for the most part. Will definitely be reading Moss's book. Nov 19, Kaetrin rated it really liked it Shelves: Reviewed at Dear Author: Jan 01, Sonia rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 12, Em rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm giving this a B- at All About Romance. Read my full review here: Fall Rock Solid, 2 Fall is a light and entertaining read. Sometimes I want and need those things from a romance novel.

I was invested in the story while I was reading it, but ready to move on when it was done. Low on angst, Fall is the story of two friends who fall in love despite their best attempts not to. Two additional storylines run parallel to the romance, but provide just the right amount of additional drama to add a bit of depth to this novel.

Dimity Graham is PA for the band Rage. Her job is her life, and the band her version of a family. She confident the band can recover from bad publicity after a botched attempt by Zander to lip sync the national anthem in the previous novel, Rise , and the forced hiatus following his surgery. In fact, when the novel opens, Dimity is celebrating.

Her selfish mother has finally remarried and is no longer her responsibility.

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His former long-distance girlfriend got engaged to someone else, and the news breaks his heart. When Dimity turns up and shares her plans for the night, he offers to help her scout out potential hook-ups and heads to the club with her. Seth did everything he could to prove his love and fidelity to Mel, but she still cut him loose. And based on her texts and updates, it seems like Mel is keeping Seth just close enough to keep him from moving on.

The fake relationship can kill two birds with one stone: At the bar and somewhat worse for wear, faking a relationship seems like a good idea. Before sex, they genuinely liked each other. After sex, they still like each other, but the sentiment is complicated by this new attraction to one another. Read the rest of my Fall Rock Solid, 2 review here Whenever I read a Karina Bliss book my dictionary function on my Kindle gets one heck of a workout. She uses words like digestifs, recidivist, evinced and diaphanous and I feel like I'm learning SAT words again.

I just love it! Karina Bliss also gives such depth and complexity to her characters, that you feel as if you're seeing parts of their souls - that's how intense her books feel for me. Dimity Graham is Rage's frontman's PA.

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She is a jack of all trades and master of ALL. In Rise , the story Whenever I read a Karina Bliss book my dictionary function on my Kindle gets one heck of a workout. In Rise , the story ends off with Zander Freeman recovering from vocal chord surgery. The band's future is dependent on the his recovery, and Dimity will do whatever it takes to keep the band together.

They're her family even though she was "a complex, contradictory woman, casually cruel, implacably kind, blisteringly honest, and the queen of denial. He is the 'nice guy' of the band. Female fans love him and he is one of those unicorns in the showbiz industry as he doesn't succumb to people, especially Dimity's, desire to change him. He stays true to who is he but things go south when his former girlfriend announces she is engaged. He isn't his usual self and needs a distraction.

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Dimity inadvertently provides one, and they have one drunken wild night where they formulate a plan to pretend to be dating, so that when they go to New Zealand, Seth's ex and family can see that he has moved on. I loved Seth's liking of Dimity to a honey badger. Through his friendship with her he got to know her and gave her the nickname.

She was definitely "fierce, carnivorous and had a deep ominous growl who dropped stink bombs - her truth bombs. They were very different. But through their concocted plan, the band's future and Dimity's need to interfere and fix everything, they come to deal with their individual issues while helping each other. The chemistry between them was flammable and intense.

One gripe of mine was the quick ending. I wanted more groveling. I was confused with the "strategy" used by Seth, and felt that the rush to end left out a lot of stuff. Still a good book that I enjoyed reading. I will definitely read the other books in the series because I'm curious to see what happens to the rest of the band members. Nov 27, Julianna Keyes rated it really liked it. Another winner from Karina Bliss. I Another winner from Karina Bliss.

In some ways I thought Seth was too perfect, but at the same time, those qualities were exactly what alarmed Dimity most, so it was kind of funny to see such a nice hero be perceived as a threat.

Pure Bliss: Tangled in Texas Series

Bliss has a warm, intelligent writing voice that immediately draws readers in, and I found the banter funny and believable, the love story well-paced and convincing. Nov 19, Anne in VA rated it liked it. Nov 23, Gina Cihacz rated it it was amazing. I received this ARC book free in exchange for a voluntary honest review.

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Wonderful story, Deminity and Seth work together and are currently sorting out their lives together as they try to find a new path in life when a friend throws them both a curveball. Both are forever changed by their family's influence and situations that occurred in their younger years. Though as friends neither believed that they would first find heat then possible love but the trials have not yet started as their friends I received this ARC book free in exchange for a voluntary honest review.

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Sam Bliss Simon Shepherd is working on a cure for the common cold at a research centre when he stumbles across a genetic ageing preventative being worked on by his colleagues, Dr. Have you read the free bonus scene for Rules of Protection? It's available in each of my newsletters and it is written in Jake's POV. Let me just say how amazing this book is. I loved that I was hung on every word and just needed to read more. Can't wait for book Such a huge compliment! Can't wait to share the next book in the series with you! I love your book rules of protection I couldn't stop laughing and the chemistry between the characters was amazing.

I loved that there was a story line to it a good one too!!!! I am ready to start reading the second book. So happy to hear this. Thank you so much for letting me know. I really appreciate it. I loved your books!! Are you planning on writing more? If yes, whose stories do we have the pleasure to read about? Greetings from austria ;. Thank you so much, Theresa! I definitely have many more projects in the works and can't wait to share them with my readers. As of right now, the next Tangled in Texas book will feature Bobbie Jo as the heroine.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hi Alison, I have just finished your tangled in Texas series. I can wait for the next one. A friend referred me to your series and can't wait to read the rest of your books. I have never laughed till I cried as much as I did in rules of protection in chapter I was reading this chapter at 3am while feeding my three month old.

I unfortunately woke him as I was laughing and crying so hard. Even thinking of it now I have to laugh. We have plenty of snakes on our property so I can see some advantages in Emilys style. I can't wait for the next book in this series. Keep writing you bring a smile to a mums life, even after no sleep and a 3am feed! Hi Tania, Thank you so much and please thank your friend for me as well! Recommendations of my books are always appreciated! Btw, I couldn't help but giggle at your comment about waking up the baby. LOL I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the Tangled in Texas series, though, and can't wait to share the next one with you.

Thanks for stopping by my website and leaving a comment! Now, I'm smiling too. I loved both tangled!!! I've read them a million times! When is the next one coming out? I can't stand it anymore! I am thrilled you are enjoying the series over and over again. Unfortunately, the third book does not have a release day quite yet, but I promise it is coming! The moment I know more, I will share it so be sure to sign up for my newsletter! I cannot wait for you to read this story! I'm just wondering when book 3 is going to come out, and who will be the main characters? Book three is currently in the works, and I can't wait to share it with you.

I don't have a release date yet, but I can tell you that Bobbie Jo is the featured heroine of this story and her love interest is a yummy dirty-talking alpha male who I'm excited for my readers to meet! The release date announcement will be going out via my newsletter as soon as I have that information to share. Thanks for reaching out! That's so great to hear! I'm also happy to share with you that I have a new book coming next month.