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Die USA unter Obama. Tightly connected to the historical material and with theoretical breath, they deal with national and international conflict fronts and relationships of forces, actors and perspectives of U. The result is a formidable, critical, yes skeptical depiction. At the same time, they show an author who has relentlessly logged and analyzed U.

A citizen of two worlds, the German and the Canadian one where the latter rests culturally halfway between the United States, his object of study, and Europe, Ingar Solty makes a name for himself as one of the most productive, young representatives of critical research on the United States …. On that basis, and given my basic precondition for any scholarly collaboration namely that I could learn from my co-author I began ongoing scholarly work with Solty and I continue to learn a great deal from him: It details precisely how the first Obama administration responded to the post global economic crisis, partly to reconstruct neoliberalism via state interventionism.

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In sum, this wide-ranging volume is an essential read for our understanding of the nature of dominant power — and its internal and external limits and contradictions — in the crisis-ridden period since the start of the 21st century. But as it stands, this incisive analysis succeeds in identifying the deeper structural causes why any change in the US political system is almost impossible to begin with.

To answer the question whether Obama in his second term will be able or even attempt at all to wrest free from the stranglehold of the multiple layers of opposition to change, we need four more years. Just as back in the day the communist Gorbachev, today, around years after the abolition of slavery, the African American Barack Obama is one of the most persistent favorites of Western Europeans. With critical theory and political precision he navigates through already forgotten landscapes.

We are reminded of memorable inhabitants: Solty examines the changes in political leadership under Obama, social movements in the global crisis, the American Empire and the second crisis presidency. Currently the best analysis of the Obama era. He shows with many examples that there is also much to criticize in Obama's United States Solty's main thesis is that Obama has reconstructed neoliberalism in the crisis and is now about to deepen it together with the Republicans.

To a Marxist, this apparently sounds like a horrific idea However, it is by no means a superficial and broad-brush analysis. Instead, it contains multiple statistical evidence and recapitulates the recent historical developments and political events interpreting them from a Marxist perspective. While the attentive reader is already familiar with Solty's texts The reader of this book is asked to put in some 'work'.

Yet, he or she is widely remunerated with many recognitions and inspiring thoughts - something which cannot be said to the same degree of the rest of the publications out there devoted to the same topic. Zeitschrift Marxistische Erneuerung, No. Krise und charismatische Herrschaft 2. Neoliberalismus und Evangelikalismus in den USA: Desintegration der Christlichen Rechten, Aufstieg einer evangelikalen Linken? Neuer Roosevelt oder neuer Clinton? Die sozialen Bewegungen in der globalen Krise 5. Das Scheitern des Obama-Projekts und die Zwischenwahlen 7. Wasserstandsmeldung aus Wisconsin, September 9.

Occupy Wall Street Krieg gegen einen Integrationsunwilligen? Fear and Loathing statt Hope and Change: Book pages Publisher: Argument Verlag Hamburg Publication Date: Papy Rossa Verlag Cologne. Wolfgang Fritz Haug, Ingar Solty et al. Krise und charismatische Herrschaft [The Obama Project. Crisis and Charismatic Rule] more. Supplement of "Sozialismus", Vol. American Politics , U. Frank Deppe, Ingar Solty et al.

Distel Verlag Heilbronn Publication Date: Considerations on the Political Articulation of the Global Crisis. In , the world is entering the sixth year of the global crisis. In those six years, sparked by the unfolding events, there has developed a burgeoning literature regarding the origins, conjunctures and regional manifestations of the In those six years, sparked by the unfolding events, there has developed a burgeoning literature regarding the origins, conjunctures and regional manifestations of the crisis.

In many ways, this debate evolved from long-term disputes regarding the nature of the current phase of capitalism and its periodization monopoly-finance capitalism, post-Fordism, finance driven accumulation regime, financial-market capitalism, neoliberalism, high-tech capitalism etc. However, as Magnus Ryner has pointed out, with a few notable exceptions, the debate has shed insufficient light on the political articulation of the crisis and the interrelations between the political and the economic sphere. With regard to not only the origins of the crisis but also and particularly the viability of exit strategies from it, the struggles over hegemony occurring during the crisis are essential.

Hence, complementing the Marxist and Marxian crisis debate, it is the goal of this paper to shed some light on the political articulations of the global crisis and assess the interrelations between global leadership efforts seeking exit strategies from the crisis and the hegemonic struggles underlying their agencies. While in looking at the struggle between left and right projects of leadership references will be made to numerous core and non-core capitalist countries, the main focus will be on the two dominant actors in NAFTA and the EU, the United States and Germany, which have shaped the politics of exit strategies from the crisis in North America and the Eurozone.

Jul Publication Name: Studies in Political Economy, No. The relationship between capitalism and democracy has historically been a complicated one whose contradictions were reinforced by capitalist crises. In this context we address the following key questions: In so doing we develop our principal hypothesis concerning the crisis of democracy today: The crisis of democracy in this sense constitutes the principal impasse for sustainable exit strategies from the contemporary organic crisis. Apr Publication Name: Left versus right projects of leadership in the global crisis more.

This chapter debates the future possibilities for global order and governance by mapping a political sociology of the current global crisis, and specifically the crisis of neoliberal capitalism. It looks at the political and class The chapter considers the prospects for several sets of long-term ruling strategies e. These are explored as they are actually being developed by the different right and left agencies of global leadership, especially in the United States and in Germany.

May Publication Name: Class and Democracy in the Making of Global Capitalism] more. Die Frage stellt sich: SAGE, , America Confronts Modern Times, s to s. Zeithistorische Forschungen 9 Oxford Handbook of Postwar European History , ed. Das Ende des Atomzeitalters. Konzepte und Methoden , ed. Ereignisse, Wirkungen und Kontroversen in der Bundesrepublik. Changing the World, Changing Oneself: Berghahn Books, paperback edition.

Wissenschaftsatlas of Heidelberg University: Spatio-temporal Relations of Academic Knowledge Production.

Die großen Western 51: Raue Weide (German Edition)

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Publications - Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA)

Performing Migration New York and London: Zweiter Kalter Krieg und Friedensbewegung. Oldenbourg, , Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte 46 Atlantic, Euratlantic, or Europe-America? Soleb, , Bezinning op het buitenland. Het Nederlands buitenlands beleid in een onzekere wereld. Tribal Observer 22 The University of Georgia Press, August Willich, Peter H.

Germans and African Americans: Two Centuries of Exchange. Greene and Anke Ortlepp Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, , Opposition and Revolt in Europe, New York: European Perceptions of the U.

Die großen Western 21: Die Jesse-Farwick-Legende (German Edition)

Images of American and European Culture February , available at www. Neue Perspektiven auf Konsum, Kultur und Kunst. Suhrkamp, , Civilizing and Decivilizing Processes: Figurational Approaches to American Culture. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, , Zweiter Kalter Krieg und Friedensbewegung: The Geographical Point of View.

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Cambridge and New York: African and Black Diaspora: An International Journal 3 An International Journal 3. Journal of the Historians of American Communism 9 Continuum International Publishing Group, New Orleans in the Atlantic World: Between Land and Sea. Docupedia Zeitgeschichte, February 16, HSoz-u-Kult, April 30, Image or Counter-Image of Europe?

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State and Market in a Globalized World. Franz Steiner Verlag, Angelos Chaniotis et al. Springer Verlag, , Oxford University Press, , Vol. Antrittsvorlesungen am Historischen Seminar Heidelberg Journal of Popular Music Studies 20 , Boston: Blackwell Publishing , Kippenberg and Astrid Reuter, eds. Juristenzeitung 64 , Hans Joas and Klaus Wiegandt, eds. Liverpool University Press, , Church History 78 , Continuum International Publishing Group, forthcoming in Manners and Civility in American Literature and Culture. English Today 25, no. Memories and Legacies of a Global Revolt.

GHI Bulletin Supplement, German Politics and Society 27, , Laid-in photocopy of track map, dated , of the Phila. Many black and white reproductions of archival photos. A very informative compilation of this often dramatic and violent history. Unmarked with average wear. Fold-out map at title page. Black and white illustrations. First published in Dust jacket now preserved in archival-grade Brodart. Facsimile reprint of the first edition. The campaign too which preceded it was distinguished by a series of the most able manoeuvres, compelling the enemy to retreat from the frontiers of Portugal to a defensive position behind the Ebro, without being able to oppose the allies in any general action.

Thus, in the short space of one month, the influence which the French had held over the Peninsula, during several years, was brought to a fatal crisis. Clean, bright and unmarked with negligible wear. Published on the occasion of Saskatchewan's Golden Jubilee Author was born in Iceland and moved with his family to Western Canada where he trained as a lawyer and became a prominent Manitiba judge. Modest undulations and some faint discolouration to contents due to past moisture exposure. No odour or stuck pages.


All content clearly legible. Above-average wear to dust jacket which is now preserved in archival-grade Brodart. A worthy copy of this precious genealogical reference. Artibise , Amtmann Illustrated with colour and black and white reproductions of photos.

Clean and unmarked with light wear. Complete and unmarked with average wear. A sound copy of this excellent vintage issue. No jacket, as issued. Inscribed and signed by the author on the ffep. Published version of a sermon delivered on Christmas day at First Presbyterian Church in Asheville, North Carolina calling on the community to accountability for solving the social injustices caused by the "race problem," as well as calling on the North to share in the responsibility for the former slaves' plight: Light soiling and creasing to covers, contents clean with pencil correction on page 7.

Front and back covers separated 2" at bottom. Bien complet des 25 planches grav? Le second tome comprend le Suppl? Exemplaire bien complet de la planche repli? Le nom de Lamy figure toujours dans la pr?