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Vous devriez leur demander. Mais maintenant je trouvais quelque chose de choquant dans cette attitude de Swann en face des choses. Je trouvais tout cela contradictoire. Comme Swann, ils disaient de Bergotte: Ce que cela tombe! Eulalie ne viendra plus, soupirait ma tante; ce sera le temps qui lui aura fait peur. A quatre heures et demie! Huit jours avant les Rogations! Ces diverses corruptions de sanctus Hilarius ne sont pas du reste les plus curieuses de celles qui se sont produites dans les noms des bienheureux.

Certaines personnes affirment y avoir ressenti le froid de la mort. Tenez, dimanche prochain, si le temps se maintient, vous trouveriez certainement du monde, comme ce sont les Rogations. Et bien loin de nous plaindre de ses additions, elles ne nous suffisaient pas encore et nous disions: Comme nous y rencontrions parfois M. Nous causions un moment avec M. Et si je demandais: Et certes cela ne veut pas dire que M. Aussi est-ce une heure pour rentrer! Swann le jour de la mort de sa femme, et il saisit cette occasion pour raconter cette promenade une fois de plus. Aussi je vous aimerai toujours.

Moi je sais pas. Moi je ne suis pas pour contrarier les vocations artistiques des enfants. Il ne tenait pas sur ses jambes.

Du côté de chez Swann, by Marcel Proust : PremiÈRe Partie

Mais pour un homme comme M. Mais de ce que M.

Le volcan Kambalny au Kamchatka crache des nuages de cendre après 200 ans de sommeil

Un jour que nous marchions avec Swann dans une rue de Combray, M. En vain je le suppliais maintenant. On gagnait le mail entre les arbres duquel apparaissait le clocher de Saint-Hilaire. Au sortir de ce parc, la Vivonne redevient courante. Omelettes ou l'origine des Nouvelles Amazones. Par l'Auteur qui se soucie fort peu qu'on le connoisse. L'an de Grace et de disgrace A most amusing mock-heroic verse satire on contemporary sexual mores.

The saga recounts the tragic decline of amorous arts being foiled by the Goddess Discord by means of a treacherous omelette; and the final revenge of women in the formation of a new society of Amazons. Written out in a fine, flowing script with a hand-painted vignette on the title-page showing two men eating an omelette. This title is not listed in Gay-Lemonnyer and is probably unpublished.

To Monsieur, regarding Voltaire and Cramer. Addresses from address leaf. Writes to him about his discontent and his wish to leave for Paris; that the princes and Mademoiselle are no longer small children. Addressee given on integral leaf. Commonplace book of French verse recorded by an unknown writer. The date in reference to a verse is noted on page To Pierre Jean David d'Angers.

Hugo, Victor Marie comte, , novelist. Discusses matters of common interest and says his new address will be "rue du dragon, no. Top third of letter removed. With attached cover of addressee. To Monsieur Saint Olive, Jeune. Murger, Henri, , novelist. Six stanzas of 8 lines each. Dumas, Alexandre, , author. To "Monsieure Le Ministre. To [Denis Hippolyte] Souverain.

Concerns the preface of Une Tenebreuse affaire. Letter signed as from "de Bc. Sand, George, , author.

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To Monsieur Perrotin, rue de las fontaine Moliere, 41, Paris. Concerns references for M. Scribe and concludes "Chopin et Maurice vous donnet bon shake-hands. Puisque vous voila anglais, vous comprenez. Embossed with initials G. Hugo, Victor Marie, comte, , novelist. To Jean Pons Guillaume Viennet.

Solicits aid for "M. Barbier, Auguste, , poet. Renan, Ernest, , philosopher. Writes of criticisms on his book, Averroes…, of working at the library, and of taking a vacation in the near future. Musset, Louis Charels Alfred de, , poet. To Mon cher ami. Has spent the entire night rewriting his verses. Dumas, Alexandre, , playwright, novelist. Paper watermarked with shadow border, date and initials.

Goncourt, Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de, , author. Thanks him for the review of the book in Journal des Debats. Lamartine, Alphonse Marie Louis de, , poet. Will be in Paris in three weeks and will talk with him then. Cannes Hotel de la Poste. Flaubert, Gustave, , novelist. Bound in green morocco. From the library of Josiah Kirby Lilly, Jr. B67 B84 View item s.

Baudelaire, Charles Pierre, , poet. Formerly in the library of Victor Meric. Durand, Auguste, , publisher. Erckmann, Emile, and Chatrian, Alexandre, Asks to send him three or four copies of Langues se critiquer. Feuillet, Octave, , author. Massenet, Jules Emile Frederic, Qu'il me soit permis de remercier M41 E72 View item s. On embossed, E L, paper.

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A67 View item s. Richepin, Jean, , writer. To "mon cher ami. Asks whether he has any of Gautier, Balzac, or George Sand. To "Mon cher confrere. Indianapolis, Indiana View item s. Bourget, Paul Charles Joseph, , novelist, critic. Expresses his appreciation for the review of Cruelle Enigme in Figaro. Verne, Jules, , author. France, Anatole, , author. Leaf from Nos Enfants. The initials SM in blue crayon are located in the center of the leaf. Rollinat, Maurice, , poet. Tipped in following title page. R N4 View item s. Date taken from postmark.

B4 M62 View item s.

French Literature mss., ca. 1750-1977

Bergson, Henri Louis, , philosopher. Writes of staying at Clermont to work on his thesis and he wants to know all the news. Cherrier, Henri, , bibliographer. Discusses promotion of his latest book in newspapers where reviews or advertisements could appear. O6A35 View item s. Amiens, France To [? La Lobbe par Wasigny, Ardennes. Accepts the invitation to collaborate with Albert Mockel in editing the review Wallonie. Rue Pierre-Guerin, Paris, France. To Madame Sichel Dulong. Hopes to see Khnopff at the Taverne du Globe in Brussels about the portrait. Stationary bordered in black. Accompanied by envelope bordered in black with blue wax seal.

Date taken from envelope. Gourmont, Remy de, , critic. To Octave Henri Marie Mirbeau. Maurras, Charles Marie Photius, , critic, author. Goudeau, Emile, , writer. Bibliophilie and Notes Cyclistes, [poems]. Barbusse, Henri, , author. To Alexandre Louis Marie Charpentier. Paper is watermarked Paris Louvre Superieur. D93 T37 View item s. Les Bijoux de Marguerite. Some poems with corrections. Published in Paris, Edition du Mercure de France, Formerly in the collection of Jules Marsan.

G86 View item s. B33 View item s. Jammes, Francis, , poet, novelist. Zola, Emile, , author. Toulet, Paul Jean, , author. With the best wishes of Paul to all the family. Claudel, Paul Louis Charles Marie, , diplomat, poet, dramatist. Understands that he is back from Spain: Meunier, Charles, , bookbinder. Identification is tentative; signed with the last name. Volume was bound by Meunier and bears the signature of Romagnol.

Proust, Marcel, , author. Comments on some of his own works, nationalism, and mentions Paul Dubois. Berger, Philippe, , scholar. Writes that he is enclosing with letter a check for 18,F to settle the balance on publishing Monsieur et Madame Moloch. Postscripts mentions he will be found in office next Wednesday, Oct. Enclosure is not present. Philippe, Charles Louis, , novelist.

Hopes to see him in October. Tharaud, Jerome, , novelist, essayist. Delisle, Leopold Victor, , author. To Edouard Jean Marie Champion. Does not wish to be a candidate for academy; praises work of Sturel. Strowski, Fortunat Joseph, , author. To Edouard Jean Marie Champion?. Volume 2 of Montaigne and Volume 3 of Pascal almost finished; volume 3 of Montaigne will be quickly done; religious opinions; mention of works of literary criticism.

Henry Fernard, , translator. F5 H4 View item s. Writes of profiting from the leave of absence from Peguy and argues that this friend has criticised George Sand, whom he admired in his youth, too severely. To Albert Auguste Gabriel Hanotaux. Asks for help concerning the problem of the identity of the son of Louis XVII and what happened to him. Henry, Fernand, , translator. Having been introduced to the recipient by D. Larbaud is about to begin his own book on Landor.

Romains, Jules, , novelist, poet. Offers four Odes for Vers et Prose. Carco, Francis, , novelist, poet. Hopes to see him in Paris this week. Morand, Paul, , author, diplomat. T carbon , D. Bound in three-quarter morocco and marbled paper cover. Heavily corrected in black ink, red and lead pencil. Fort, Paul, , poet. Paris, France To Michael Sadleir.

Postcard with picture of French soldiers on verso. The seven leaves are hinged together to unfold to a length of cm. Enclosed in blue boards with white and gold lining. To Madame la Barrone de Fleury. Letter concerning an appointment. Addressee written in another hand in blue pencil. Jusserand, Jean Adrien Antoine Jules, , author, diplomat. Written on vellum, torn into two pieces. Grasset, Bernard, , publisher.

In ink on blue paper. Aumont par Senlia Oise , France. Cocteau, Jean, , author. Offers comment on the life and work of the unidentifed recipient. In ink with penciled comment in margin. Delteil, Joseph, , author. Encloses last chapter of his Cinq Sens. Would like to discuss the financial settlement. Place de la Concorde, Concorde Square, Paris. Gourmont, Jean de, , critic.

Written on fold-over note paper. Mercure de France, 26, Rue de Conde, 26, Paris. Concerns the problem of obtaining a place to live near his office. Auriol, Jean Georges Huyot, , novelist. The letter may be directed to Paul Fort. Stationery bears stylized initial in rust device. Mortier, Alfred, , drama critic. Drawing in ink and red pencil. Aveline, Claude, , author, publisher. States that all but 43 of the copies he published were destroyed.

Lyautey, Louis Hubert Gonzalve, , author, military officer. Is pleased to be remembered from Madagascar and thanks him for the Joan of Arc material. Pieusse Aude , France. Possibly to Louis Brun, editor at Grasset Paris. Breton, Andre, , poet. R35 R45 View item s. The poet inscribed the accompanying volume to the recipient with pleasure.

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Jouhandeau, Marcel, , author. Asking aid in securing the cross of a chevalier of the Legion of honor. Letter bordered in black. Crommelynck, Fernand, , playwright. Victor Hugo, Neuilly sur Seine, France. Would like to discuss an important and urgent matter with him. Requests that he call as soon as possible.

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  4. Du côté de chez Swann, by Marcel Proust.
  5. To Mon cher Poupet. Asks him to decide on the subject of restricted revision of the manuscript which he had given to Poupet. Written in an unidentified hand. Thanking him for his letter, a catalogue of an exposition, and information concerning Nicolas Beaujon. Gaulle, Charles de, , pres. To [Sir Harold George] Nicolson. Accompanied by typed transcription and translation. Postcard to Monsieur L Dieudonne concerning " Postcard in response to Diedonne's request of last November, not signed. Verso bears printed drawing of Charles Louis Philippe by Charles Guerin in with facsimile signature. H5 Q2 View item s.

    La Tour du Pin, Patrice de, , poet. Le Bignon-Mirabeau, Loiret, France. To Jacques Collin Delavaud. Accompanied by envelope from which date and place are noted. To [Pierre de Lanux]. Giono, Jean, , novelist. Concerned about the malady of leprosy. Giono, Jean, , author. He speaks with deep affection of Adrienne Monnier and Sylvia Beach, about his farm, and about working on his books and poems. In black ink on yellow paper. Sartre, Jean-Paul, , author. The respectful prostitute… Translated and adapted by Eva Wolas. Book Department, Lilly Library.

    Encloses a letter of Perruchot. Written on fold-over stationary of Librairie Robert Cayla. Giono, Jean, , author, et al. Manosque, Basses Alpes, France. Series of questions beginning: Addressee in pencil on picture side of card. To [Paul Charles Jules] Robert. Writes of coming to visit the next day and staying overnight. Meissner, Pension Briechle, Moorweidenstrasse 34, Hamburg Accompanied by cover and three photographs.

    Cauda, Patrice, , poet. Les deux scandales de Panama [by Jean Bouvier: Ribemont-Dessaignes, Georges, , author. Saint Jeannet Alpes-Martines, France. In dark blue ink on one sheet of blue paper and one of white. In blue ink on white paper. Mentions letter sent with two books, bound in morocco leather; writes of binding some books with photographic montage and learning restoration of old books. In blue ink on blue paper. Refers to the self-portrait of Cocteau. Paper watermarked with fleur-de-lis surrounded by St. Berger, Anne, , poet. Fair copy of poem published on p.

    Brindeau, Serge, , poet, editor. Poem of 18 lines in blue ink. Date and signature on verso. Ackermann, Louise Victorine Choquet, , poet. In red ink with corrections. Oriental Paper with emblematic device. On black-bordered calling card of Augier. Badin, Georges, , poet. Seven lines of poetry in ink. Three lines of poetry in ink. Regrets that he is unable to accept her kind invitation.

    Paper watermarked Original Andward Mill. He is concerned about the health of his friend. Mentions Anatole Claveau and Victorien Sardou. Paper watermarked Original Debils Mills. Bernard, Tristan, , dramatist. In pencil on verso: To mon cher ami. Bernstein, Henri, , dramatist. Complimentary remarks and an invitation to lunch at the hotel. Berthollet, Claude Louis, comte, Refers to a small volume on bleaching. Bloy, Ernest Henri Marc, , author. Accompanied by three pages of notes, A. Poem of 12 lines in ink.

    Claretie, Jules, , author. Written in ink across two contiguous pages. Le gros Monsieur en deuil. Cover page illustrated with figure of obese man drawn in ink. Cast of characters given on verso of title page. First 12 pages of text in ink appear to be in the hand of Paysan. Colette, Sidonie Gabrielle, , novelist. Accompanied by cover, postmarked from the Department of Isere. Several phrases are blacked out. Poem of 14 lines written in blue ink. Courteline, Georges, , dramatist, author. Daudet, Alphonse, , author.

    Feels obliged to address the second volume of theater to him. Delille, Jacques Montanier, , poet. Apologizes for not writing more frequently. Discusses a letter Bertin wrote to Voltaire. Will not be returning to Paris. Delzant, Alidor, , literary critic.